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Prompt: Sushi

Written by: Lori

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Shindou was sitting in his apartment, reading the newspaper and eating his dinner when he heard a little knock on his door. He listened, not sure if he really heard it. There was another little knock. Uru stood behind the door, looking happy-go-lucky as usual when he opened it.

"Uru. Is something wrong?"

"Ah, Shindou-san! I need your help with something! Can you please come over? It's important…"

Shindou nodded. "Let's go," he said, following Uru next door to her apartment. He wondered what could be important enough that he needed to go over to fix. Did her water pipe sprout a leak? Clogged toilet? No…Uru could fix those things by herself. Unless her superhuman strength somehow made things worse. Shindou's mind began to consider outrageous possibilities as he seriously believed Uru could have caused serious damage to something. But she hadn't seemed too shaken…

Uru was just unpredictable. He would just leave it at that.

"Okay, Shindou-san. Ichirou-kun and I are making dinner together – "


Ichirou looked over lazily. A slow smile spread across his face, and he nodded off before saying anything.

They stared at him. Uru opened his mouth and tossed a cookie in there before continuing.

"…Anyways, Ichirou-kun and I needed help with making dinner. We both really want to make sushi, but I don't know how to and Ichirou keeps falling asleep in the rice! Can you help us?" Uru smiled sheepishly.

Now, Shindou stared at Uru. This was important enough to interrupt his own dinner?

He sighed and rolled his sleeves up. "Let's get to work."

Uru grinned. "Hooray! Shindou-san, let's work hard and have a good dinner to eat together!"

"Yeah, just get busy. Go prepare the ingredients."

When he turned around to wash his hands, he glanced over his shoulder at Uru, busily gathering the ingredients.

He turned back to the sink and smiled.

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