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Chapter One

Overcoming Fears

She left home soon after Hanabi took over. Neji followed suit, and they ended up renting a place together- her father's idea of a sick joke. But Neji didn't seem to mind at all. Among the village people, it was said that they had a relationship and a flourishing relationship outside of the compound would create a thicker bond between the two. It was unsettling thought for Hinata. How she saw him, she never imagined a union like that ever happening.

She shifted her mug onto a thick fabric square. Neji appreciated if she used coasters. Most of the furniture in their home had come from the Branch House. Everyone in the Main House thought it strange of her to be leaving, and most had voted against it. She cared little of this matter and did what she wanted for once.

She looked around the room, the apartment fairly pleasant. Better than she expected, but that was all thanks to her cousin. Ever since the arrangement he's been on missions. He insisted on paying the rent for the first few months. It was an apology for leaving her there with all the moving and unpacking. She didn't mind though.

Casually she glanced over at the clock. It was about time she were to meet her teammates. Getting her sandals on, she saw the door swing open.

Neji only nodded as he stepped in.

Hinata nodded back, a small smile having been sent his way. She scooted to the side, and let him pass. It was rare to see him home so early.

About to leave, she paused momentarily. She felt tension rising. Looking back slowly, she saw him watching her. "How was your mission?" she asked.

"Successful…" He said plainly.

Hinata nodded in acknowledgment, "Good," she said, and off she went, the door clicking shut behind her.

Back inside Neji all but collapsed. He sunk into the couch, feeling his muscles protest the odd position. He was beyond angered. The mission went on longer than needed. He would have come home later last night if he just did what he wanted.

It wasn't like he was inefficient; it was that his team kept getting distracted. Basically it was Naruto. Naruto wasn't someone you wanted on a team at least – yeah; you just didn't want him on a team. He was too attention-deficient to even carry out a mission.

Sighing, he hoped Hinata wouldn't return home to see him passed out on the couch.

"Do you hate him as much as I do?" Kiba asked, throwing a stick for Akamaru.

Hinata continued rummaging through her pack, "O-of course not… but then again, I don't have to follow his orders like you."

"It's such a drag. He's so freaking uptight."

Hinata plucked a flower from the ground and began rolling the stem between her fingers.

"How can you live with him? Just the thought of it makes me cringe!" Kiba shivered dramatically in effect.

"Well, he hasn't been home – at all really. And, although we lived in the same compound we didn't live in the same house." Hinata suddenly paused, "I feel bad even mentioning it." She whispered to herself. The division of the clan still stung her.

"Shino's not so happy with you living with him either." Kiba had to mention.

Hinata dropped the flower in surprise, "Really? I-"

"Yeah, he doesn't think its appropriate…or some bullshit like that." He threw the stick again.

Hinata picked the flower up again and began roughly plucking off the thin, yellow, petals. "Well, I don't think Neji is going to hurt me or anything. Like I said, he's not even there half the time." She took a quick breath, "To tell you the truth…" she glanced over towards Kiba, "It's kind of lonely."

"In that case, you should come live with me." He affirmed, giving her a grin that spread miles. "You'd never be lonely."

Hinata shook her head, "Don't be silly, Kiba. You're gone as much as he is, if not more."

"How else do you think I'm supposed to pay for my place?" Kiba asked, sounding almost offended that she even asked.

"You have such a large apartment and you don't even live there most of the time. It seems like a waste."

Akamaru came padding on over, drool dripping from the stick he had trapped between his canines. "Have you met my roommate?"

Hinata stood up and dusted off her bottom. "Right," that immediately quieted her futile protests. "Anyways, where's Shino, isn't he supposed to be meeting us here?"

Kiba stretched his arm, keeping a sturdy grip on is shoulder as he began rotating "He had to go to the Kage tower before meeting us." he wiggled his limbs and then finally hopped onto Akamaru's back, "Sorry, I forgot to tell you. He might bring Naruto with him too. I think we're all going for lunch, or dinner –whatever."

"You wouldn't be too pleased if I brought Neji along, would you?" Hinata stressed.

Kiba cocked his eyebrow in annoyance, "Don't even kid about it."

Neji woke up to see the sun go down outside. He was soar and still a little tired from the mission. It had been awhile since the last time he slept. Ever since he had become squad leader, alongside Nara, simple pleasures like sleeping were extinguished from his mind.

Rolling off the couch and onto his feet, he walked deeper into the apartment to find the bathroom. The smell of bleach tickled his nose as he began to disarm himself. Layers upon layers of endless weaponry sat on the sink, looking more out of place then he felt. Neji took a shuttering breath, feeling his muscles scream as he struggled to fit everything on the counter. He continued once his gear lay scattered beneath him, and finally began uncoiling bandage after bandage until he stood bear. Taking his time, he stepped into the bath and closed his eyes. He would enjoy this moment.

Shino sat quietly next to Naruto who looked all but comfortable. His arms splayed out on the table as he complained about a certain squad leader. His hair was disarrayed, like his frantic personality, a sight to behold for the young Hyuga.

She could see them from the window, feeling her stomach begin to twist and turn. "Kiba, I'm not sure I can g-go in there." She touched his shoulder hoping he would stop to hear her out.

Kiba turned, grabbing a hold of her hand, "Hinata," he said expectedly, giving her a fanged smile. "You don't even like him anymore."

Hinata's eyes grew wide as her cheeks turned pink. Giving a quick pout Hinata began a rebuttal, "K-Kiba! That's not what I'm –"

Shino waved stiffly from inside once he spotted the pair. His jacket halted simple gestures like waving, or just any excessive movement. It reminded him that he'd have to be gentle with himself for the sake of the army of bugs that lay dormant inside him.

Next to him Naruto still babbled, neglecting the two absent guests.

"They've seen us." Kiba declared. Still having Hinata's hand, he began dragging her into the restaurant. She struggled, trying to pull back. "No!" She whispered loud enough for Kiba to hear. "N-No!" she whined.

"Hinata, you are acting like a child - " Kiba turned slightly, and was swung towards the bathroom.

Out of sight, Hinata breathed. "I…I-I feel so awkward. I don't like being around him, Kiba. It's just not right!"

Kiba let go of Hinata's hand, "You can't be like this forever. You just have to get over it. He's in there and it would be rude of you to just bale on Shino." He pointed out, getting annoyed with Hinata's sudden fright.

Hinata stared at her feet, feeling worse. She contemplated for a while longer and finally with an extra shove from overwhelming guilt she gave in, "I don't think I'll be able to eat much."

Sympathetically, Kiba only smiled.

Although the bath was much needed, it did nothing to help his unending fatigue. He would go back to sleep, but he was beginning to feel antsy with the idea of idleness. For the passed few weeks it's been nothing but missions. And to have a space in time just to pamper him self, felt very foreign. He hoped, guiltily, for another chaos to ensue. He had no plan to delve into the luxuries of rest. It just wasn't him.

It wasn't Neji.

Standing in the kitchen he scanned the contents of the fridge. He noted Hinata had a hobby of cooking, and from the sights of it, baking was also a pastime of hers.

His jaw clenched as a thought erupted from deep down. If he weren't on a mission he would have to be here. And if he were here, he was to be here with her. And as much as he'd want to deny that it would make a difference. He couldn't.

Missions began acting ambiguously as soon as Hinata had decided to depart from the clan's compound. Neji never spoke to Hinata. He kept her at a distance and only spoke to her when it was most necessary. He thought a relationship would only hinder him and halt his goals. The distance was good. And if it were an option to leave, he would only get farther and farther away.

Family members already thought of the two strangely. The relationship that failed to exist between them somehow became a love affair to people among the village and even within the properties of his home. The thought didn't disgust him and this resulted in his decision to go.

But Hiashi was a cruel man.

Although Hinata was relieved of her duty as heir, it didn't mean she wasn't a Hyuga. If she wanted to claim independence, Hiashi decided it would be limited, thus the placement of Neji.

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