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Falling For You

~Chapter 2~

Carlisle's POV:

A century of marriage deserved something special. I wholeheartedly agreed with that, and Esme and I had enjoyed every minute of the anniversary party that the family had thrown for us. It had actually been Nessie and Jacob's idea, and they had brought all the great-grandchildren to the party as well.

We had had guests for the past week, and today, after they had verified that the Romanians were long gone from the premises, Aro had shown up with Jane, Alec, Renata, and Felix in tow. Aro stayed only long enough to visit for a bit, but I found it strangely touching that he had made the effort to come.

Following the hostile situation resulting from Nessie's birth, the Volturi had cut off contact with us for a while, driving poor Alice crazy and worrying Jasper to no end. But a few years later, an email had arrived from Aro and before long, we were conversing like there had never been a difference of opinion between us. Jasper was still suspicious, but I was delighted to renew my friendship with Aro, and, since the wives had finally learned how to use email, Sulpicia and Athenodora regularly traded messages with Esme and even Carmen Denali.

Aro was still the same old Aro, teasing me as always about my ongoing refusal to indulge even once in human blood, even the donated kind that no human could use anyway. He laughed as he left, his red eyes gleaming as he tossed over his shoulder that he hoped Esme and I enjoyed our present.

Neither Esme nor I was privy to just what manner of anniversary gift Aro had left for us as Alice and Jasper felt the need to immediately spirit it away. By then, it was night, and Nessie and Jacob had left to see to getting their family home. Once Nessie and Jacob had married, they had moved out. Their home was about ten miles down the road, allowing for some degree of privacy for their growing family. They had three children so far, and Nessie was pregnant with number four.

We saw them off and then helped Alice clean up the great room in our huge, sprawling house in Canada. We owned acres of the surrounding forest as well. In this house, each couple had an entire wing to themselves which helped alleviate the crowding that had occurred when Nessie had arrived and Jacob had all but moved in.

After cleaning, we all gathered in the great room again. Esme and I had received our gifts earlier, but I had seen Esme and Alice conversing and Esme had caught my arm and told me that the family wanted us to stay a bit before we took off for some well deserved love-making. I shot Alice a look of annoyance; I really wanted my wife. Alice had bought her the purple dress she was wearing, knowing full well just how I felt about Esme in purple. I was more than ready to rip it off her.

"Before you do that, Carlisle, you need to help us all enjoy Aro's gift. He's been a very busy man today, all to make sure that you and Esme had a happy anniversary." Edward nodded to Alice and Jasper who went out and brought in a large container with a dispensing spout. I came to my feet, recognizing the smell immediately. Human blood.

"Aro," I muttered. Of course he would do this. Now, his comment to Esme and me as he left made sense. I sat back down, already shaking my head as I felt the goading start before anyone had even opened their mouth.

"No. Absolutely not. You know my position on this. I have never, and I will never drink human blood." To my surprise, no one said a word as Alice began to hand around filled glasses. I was somewhat surprised when I saw Bella take one. But I was in for an even greater shock when Rosalie took another.

"Rosalie?" I asked. She'd always been so adamantly against drinking it, though her reasons were quite different than mine. Had she had a change of heart?

Apparently, she had. And then, she reached out and put a second glass into my hand. I stared at her, uncomprehending. She sighed, glancing at Emmett, who was grinning.

"Carlisle, I think it's long past time we both gave in. There's no reason to have moral scruples over this. No humans were harmed. The blood is not needed. So why keep resisting it?"

I felt everyone's eyes on me as I tried to form a response. "It's the principle of the thing, Rosalie. It's what it symbolizes…"

And then Rosalie interrupted me, throwing words at me that cut me to the bone. "Perhaps. But I love Emmett enough to give him what he wants…my morality be damned." She paused just a moment, glass in hand. "The question is, Carlisle, how much do you love Esme?"

Without another word, she tipped her head back and drained the glass.

I was aware of Esme beside me, her hand covering mine as she watched Rosalie. She tugged on the hand she held and turned to face me. I heard again Rosalie's question in my mind.

How much do you love Esme?

I looked into the red eyes of the love of my life.

And I drank.

No one said a word as I lowered the glass. But when I opened my eyes, Esme had already refilled it. Again, I drank. By the time I finished the third glass, Rosalie was matching me drink for drink. I smirked at her as we both finished our seventh.

My hands were shaking too badly to hold the glass by that point. Esme pried it from my fingers, and I wasted no time lifting her onto my lap, straddling me. Her dress was up around her hips now, exposing her to everyone. I could tell she didn't care as I drove my tongue into her mouth. The blood felt like lightning coursing through me, and I knew that this could end only one way. A cleared throat only marginally captured my attention.

"Dad, unless you want this to go down here and now, we need to separate." I glanced at Jasper. He was shifting uncomfortably, Alice in his lap, obviously doing his best to keep his power under control…if he let go, there would be no stopping what would happen next…plain and simple…an orgy.

Could I handle that? My blood-crazed body decided for me. I reached across the table, taking Jasper's hand. I knew that his power intensified with contact. Rosalie caught his other hand. He swallowed hard. We were all goners, and we knew it. I smiled at Jasper, nodding to him.

"It's alright, Jasper. How do people say it, in for a penny, in for a pound? If we're doing this, then we're doing it all the way." I took a breath and looked him full in the face, my red eyes gleaming in the mirror behind his head. "Jasper, please…let go."

And he did.

I had shredded my clothes and Esme's before we even hit the hardwood floor, gouging it from the impact of our bodies. She impaled herself on me hungrily, scraping her nails down my thighs as she rocked hard against my body. I roared back at her, my nails digging into her hips. I fought the urge to bite as she drove us both over the edge, but the blood overwhelmed any hope of resistance. I grabbed her as we came, burying my teeth and my venom into her shoulder with a roar of triumph…and I felt her teeth in my own smooth shoulder and the burn of her venom as we collapsed on the carpet.

She was purring when I opened my eyes, purring and licking the mark she'd given me. I returned the favor, my rough tongue helping to close the wound which was already beginning to scar. I spared a glance for the rest of my family, all within feet of us, all twined with their mates before turning my attention back to Esme. She turned her back to me, rising to all fours and wiggling her ass invitingly. I pounced.

The night and the next day continued like that. We finished all the blood and took full advantage of the frenzy to which it drove us. It was late the next evening before I was coherent enough to grab someone's cell phone, but Alice had to dial Aro's number for me. My brain was still too blood fucked to remember it.

When he answered, all I said was, "Thank you, Aro."

He chuckled and said, "Glad you enjoyed it. But tell me, just how much did you enjoy it?"

I was never going to live this down, nor did I really want to. So I took advantage of the phone's camera to snap several pictures of myself, my family, and the devastation surrounding us…as well as my red eyes. I sent them to him before I could stop myself.

He gasped. And I impaled Esme even as I hung up on him, laughing all the while.



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