Ai Enma. That was the name she was branded. The name that she would carry no matter how long time lasted. Enma Ai. The name her late parents had given her was still in effect, yet, she was given another name courtesy of the Master of Hell himself.

Hell Girl. Jigoku Shoujo. She was the Hell Girl, forever branded to send sinners to Hell at the request of the dammed. She ferried their souls, and watched others rejoice. She stood alone in the darkness, knowing this was her penance for committing the ultimate treason: revenge. She had sent her grievance to Hell the day she burnt down her village. The very village that executed her for being a devil.

She carried the world's fate in her hands, her cold, porcelain hands. Her creamy pale skin was marble on concrete. Her bloody eyes were as bright as berries' juices. Her lips were red as cherries. Her long, glossy black hair tumbled over her shoulders to the floor.

Her kimono, black with moving flowers and objects, clung tight to her body. She stood in Eternal Twilight, a princess against the sunset. She stared at the sky for a long time, sometimes wondering if this was really her fate. Her fate to be trapped here, doing the Devil's bidding while he hung out in the form of a spider. Perhaps it was. Not like it mattered now anyway; she couldn't escape her fate.

Her servants stood behind her, looking worriedly at their Miss. Hone-Onna whispered to Wanyuuduo, "Has the Miss been like that the entire day? The computer's going crazy." The old man merely shook his head in a firm fashion, "Let it alone."

Ichimoku Ren looked at the love of his existence with minor concern. He was positive she would be okay. She could carry any burden handed to her. As was her duty- her life sentence. He knew though, of the nightmares she had. Of souls coming back and dragging her down deeper with them, eating her flesh and rotting her bones. One time she had awoken screaming- something the Little Miss never did.

Kikuri watched Ai with little disgust. She was genuinely worried for the princess. It had been just a few days since she'd started doing this. Coming out dressed in her robes, her Sentencing attire. But then she would freeze and simply look up into the never ending sunset and just stand there. People in the mortal world were frantic-wondering why she never showed.

Yamawaro sighed, but stared silently at Ai as he stood next to Kikuri, ever the faithful servant. Wanyuuduo quickly drew him away as Hone-Onna turned into a straw doll. Wanyuuduo became the carriage, and Ren lead the Miss to it. Like Cinderella to the Ball. She wouldn't take her glassy red eyes off the sunset as he dragged her. She was a doll in his arms. A living dead doll.

She sat silently then, in the carriage as Wanyuuduo transported them to the mortal world. None spoke a word. She stared at the marbles she had left there the day before- she'd gotten bored on her way back. Hell Girl was not allowed to have emotions. She didn't need a heart, or things that made her wonder. So, why? Why did they come back now? In all her four hundred years, she did not need a heart.

Shouts of surprise and worry were heard as tears dripped to the floor of the carriage. Enma Ai was crying.

Yes. As she soon regained her emotions, she would soon see that this was her penance. To be the messenger of Hell, bringer of death, Princess of Darkness. The Angel of Darkness, if one would kindly tell. She brought darkness and death everywhere she traveled, and to everyone she came into contact with.

"-You must enter into a covenant with me."


This was her penance.

Her chain binding her to the Master of Hell.

Her forfeit.

"If you truly wish revenge, untie the scarlet thread around his neck."

Her damnation.