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Chloe lounged gracefully on the branch of a tree. Being part human and part pixie had its perks every now and then. Chloe had a special bond with the trees in this region, sometimes she could even hear them whispering to her. Of course, she was never quite sure if she was going insane from being alone too long or if it really was the trees.

But the dense Austrian forest was quiet now. And growing more and more dark as the minutes waned on. Within two minutes the forest had gone from normal night dark -to- I can't see an inch in front of me- dark.

Chloe chewed on an acorn nervously, as a piercing wind blew through the trees. The small girl shivered intensely and wished she had a jacket.

"I'm going to freeze to death out here" Chloe thought as she curled into a ball.

A small sound to her left had the girl turning her gaze to the town. Chloe hopped from the tree easily and peered over the cliff that overlooked the small village.

What she saw she almost couldn't comprehend.

Men, women, and children were running frantically and aimlessly like frightened ants. Giant beasts were jumping out from the shadows and devouring the townspeople. Many of the humans had taken to the forest for shelter and protection, and some were climbing the cliff that Chloe stood upon.

Chloe's POV

What was going on? I couldn't see any reason why the giant wolves would choose to attack the village. A wolf had made its way up to the cliff I was on; the beast now stood twenty feet away from me. I pulled my invisibility glamour on before dashing off into the trees.

Bad idea.

The wolf must have heard me because soon it was tackling me to the ground and clawing at my back.

I must've been pretty scared, because the trees started to help me. Soon they were hurling branches and insects at the wolf. The wolf had to pause to sneeze out an ant that had climbed up its nose and I took the chance to run again.

Not that way, go right a tree whispered.

I followed its directions and tried to ignore the blood leaking down my back.

Turn left up here.

I weaved left. The trees led me out of the forest, but other than that, I had no idea where I was.

And then I saw it.

A giant baroque castle stood in all its beautiful glory 15 acres away. I stood at its wrought iron gates, and could see the large expanse of the front courtyard and the castle itself.

Everyone in town said that the Felling castle had been abandoned years ago. It looked very much lived in now…

I didn't dare touch the iron gates, instead I slumped on the ground before falling asleep.

I awoke to find I was no longer on the ground. The scent of earth no longer surrounded me, instead, it was the voices of two men; mumbling things I couldn't hear.

"We do not mumble" The deeper of the voices growled.

I looked around to see the two most beautiful men I had ever seen.

I stared up at them with wide blue eyes.

"I'm Gabriel. It's a pleasure to meet you" said the deeper voiced man.

He was beautiful. God-like. He had wavy black hair that reached his high cheekbones, a smooth nose, angular jaw, strange green eyes that almost looked gold and perfect, sensual lips.

Gabriel smirked and raised an eyebrow.

"An angular jaw- really?" He asked while rubbing both hands against his face.

My mouth bobbed open.

"You know, I never paid much attention to my lips but sensual isn't the word I'd have used to describe them. I do like the god-like part-"

"Gabriel" the other man interrupted "Stop"

This "man" was more boyish looking than Gabriel, but still resembled him in a way that they both had skin the color of alabaster and very angular faces. The boy was also shorter than Gabriel by quite a few inches, but wasn't any less beautiful.

His hair was light brown and hung in loose curls around his forehead. His eyes were a deep amber and he had a lean build to go with his compact size.

"I'm Nathaniel. I saw you laying outside last night. I brought you inside, dressed your wound, and washed you off" He said with an impish smile. I sat up and looked around.

"Where is inside exactly?" I asked.

Third person

The mix of surprise and terror on the girl's face almost amused Gabriel. Almost.

Gabriel watched the girl intently. She wasn't his type. He preferred his women tall, bleach-blonde, and big breasted. This tiny pixie was the exact opposite of those things.

There was just something about the way her long, wavy, gold-woven hair brushed against her small shoulders. And how her large, warm blue eyes reminded him of a doe in the headlights, and the way her perfect round face-

What was he saying?

Gabriel felt a surge of anger coarse through him.

He doesn't think like this. Gabriel Felling doesn't care about women. Especially human women. He scowled out the window, attempting to put on the cold, unreadable, mask his brother had mastered so many years ago, all the while listening meticulously to each word that left the girl's mouth…

"I'm in the Felling castle?" Chloe said, disbelievingly.

"Erm, yes. I didn't mention lastnames before- I'm Nathaniel Felling, you already know Gabriel, but I didn't catch your name…" Nathaniel continued.

"I'm Chloe-"

"Alcott, your mother was a pixie, your father was a human. Both died in a fire when you were ten. You've been traveling from forest to forest in search of "meaning" ever since, blah, blah, blah. We already know, Nathaniel is just being polite" Gabriel interrupted. He felt guilty when he saw tears brimming in her eyes but pushed that irrelevant emotion aside.

Chloe stood up, she took a shocked glance down at the silk chemise that didn't even reach her knees. She tried to shake the image of her being naked and unconscious while one of the guys bathed and dressed her.

"I'm just going to go. Thank-you for everything, but really, I should be leaving" Chloe said quietly.

"Going where? Where could you be going that would make you want to leave a place that you could have anything you want?" Gabriel asked

"Well, for your information, I tend to butt-heads with sarcastic, self-absorbed, assholes like yourself, and that is where I'm going. Away from you" Chloe replied, taking special care not to look him in the eyes. Or the face for that matter.

"Ouch. Well, she's got the body and maturity of a sixteen year old- I say we keep her" Gabriel chuckled.

"Keep me?" Chloe shouted "I'm not some sort of- of- pet! I'm a person asshole!"

Gabriel mock cried and laughed at Chloe.

"You're a dick!" She stammered.

"Ooh, yeah. Talk dirty to me, baby" Gabriel growled a few octaves lower than normal.

"Gabriel, that is enough" Nathaniel hissed "Now go sit on the other side of the room and shut-up, so I can explain things to Chloe."

Gabriel rolled his eyes, looking annoyed that Nathaniel had ruined his fun, but did as his brother directed.

Chloe turned back to Nathaniel with skeptical eyes.

"Explain what things?" She asked.

Nathaniel motioned for Chloe to sit down on the bed while he pulled up a chair.

"My brother and I have been around for a very long time. And we've grown weary of each others company. We would like for you to be…a companion of sorts and stay here…with us" Nathaniel said in a serene voice.

Chloe cast a dark glance at Gabriel. She had grown weary of that boy's company in only a few minutes- she couldn't imagine what living with him would be like. She sucked in her lower lip and frowned at Nathaniel.

"I don't understand. Why me?"

"Circumstance, mostly" drawled Gabriel from the corner, unable to keep quiet. Nathaniel glared at his brother. "You don't smell as appetizing as humans do. Nate and I are able to control our hunger around you- which means you're free to roam the castle freely without having to fear that vampires will rip your throat out all the time" He smirked.

Chloe's POV

My eyebrows raised.

"You two are vampires?" I asked quietly. The boys nodded.

"But I don't smell as good to you as humans do?" I repeated in the same quiet voice.

"You smell better than humans do, actually. You just don't smell like something to eat…for the most part" Gabriel clarified "More like a bouquet of- Gabriel paused to sniff the air- jasmine, gardenias, freesias, and forget-me-nots. With a hint of lavender- but that could be the lavender farm we have out back.

I brightened. "Lavender farm?"

Nathaniel's lips twitched up.

"Yes, it's quite large actually. A little over a mile wide and a mile long"

I swooned at the thought of reading a nice book amongst the strong smell of lavender in the warm spring air.

"So you'll stay?" Gabriel asked. I bit my lip unsurely.

It wasn't like I had anywhere else to go. And living in a castle was a pretty sweet deal.

I sighed breathlessly "I guess…I'll stay"

Nathaniel rose gracefully with an angelic smile.

"excellent. I'll have the 'house help' make up your room" Nathaniel said as he walked to the door. He turned back to Gabriel with a solemn stare. "Make sure to give her a tour…and go over the rules"

Gabriel nodded and smiled down at me once Nathaniel left.

"Really, this bedroom is fine for me. I don't-"

"Hush" Gabriel commanded softly "You live here now. You get a room that has a bathroom" he said while offering his arm.

"Now come on, I promised you a tour"

I snorted as I intertwined my arm in Gabriel's and he lead me into the hall.

"Oh my god" I breathed as I looked around.

Even the hallways were beautiful. The ceiling was arched and had beautiful murals of German and Austrian folklore painted on them. Brilliant candle chandeliers hung from the marvelous ceiling every other two feet, while windows that made up the entire wall off to one side showed off a great view of the front courtyard. On the other side, the wall was made completely of mirrors, that reflected the magnificent view.

"Impressed?" Gabriel chuckled

I nodded.

Gabriel continued to pull me along as he told me about the castle.

"My great, great, great, grandfather had this place built in the very early thirteenth century. Then, it was passed down- and now belongs to us. There are around 2,000 windows, 700 rooms, 1,250 fireplaces, 67 staircases, 1,200 acres of courtyard. And, it has an opera house, 5 indoor pools, 3 grand ballrooms, an arms hall, a labryrinth out back, a dungeon, and all in all it's around 551,218 square feet of living space. So you could get lost quite easily" Gabriel smirked.

I pursed my lips, and swallowed. 67 staircases?

"yes, it's quite confusing, which brings me to rule number 1" Gabriel said as he stopped to face me.

"Listen carefully, Chloe. These rules are crucial if you wish to keep living here. I'll admit most of the rules are pretty mediocre but rule number one must never be breached- or you will suffer a slow and painful death…or quick, I suppose. It all depends on his mood at the time" Gabriel must have heard the question marks in my thoughts because he continued on quickly, pulling me back into a walking pace.

"Rule 1: never, never, under any circumstances, enter the east wing of the castle. Our other brother, Damon resides there. He isn't like us- Nathaniel and I- he has chosen to live on only his instincts. He keeps all of the doors to the east wing bolted and locked. There is no electricity on that side either. It's always kept dark, but, if you somehow find a way to get in, it will be the last thing you ever do. Damon will kill you- he doesn't care what you smell like. Understand?"

I nodded meekly and Gabriel smiled gloriously at me. I waited for him to continue with the other rules but he just shrugged and chuckled lightly.

"That's all I got"

I snickered softly and felt an electric jolt when Gabriel's hand curled around mine.

"Alright, lets start this tour up, I'll make you some lunch, and then I'll show you the backyard. Does that sound good?"

"Yeah" I breathed "It sounds great"

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