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-Swan's Catastrophe

No one said anything for a long time. We all just stood there, staring. It felt like a giant hole had been torn through my chest. Gabriel was dead, and it was my fault. If not for me, they would have never been lured here and into the control of Jonathan. My eyes locked with icy blue ones and Damon stared at me for a few short seconds before glancing back down at his hands and shaking his head.

I felt my anger surge to the surface, and its full force was directed towards Jonathan. When I turned to him though, he surprised me. He wore no smug, pleased smirk on his face. No look of accomplishment for finally exacting his revenge. Only a deep, confused frown.

I took pleasure in smacking the frown off his face.

He, in turn, slammed me face first into the wall before slapping me with enough force to send me flying.

I groaned, rolling over on the floor to face Jonathan as he stormed towards me. His eyes were an angry, glowing, red and his face was contorted in fury. I assumed that he had just realized that killing his brother was not what he really wanted to do, but since it was too late now, he was going to take his anger out on me.

I flinched as he took another step closer, backing me into a corner.

And then, his face changed. The anger left it completely and was replaced by a look of utter surprise; he froze in place.

I stared in confusion at Jonathan, when I felt his power over me fade and disappear completely. I was free of his control.

Still, completely freaking confused as to why he would release me, my eyes left his face to glance down. There, in the middle of his chest, was a bloody wooden stake; protruding obscenely. And just like that, Jonathan's appearance hardened until there was nothing left but stone. The stone crumbled into shattered pieces on the floor, and the only one left standing was the person who had ended Jonathan once and for all. Courtney.

My eyes widened in shock as the weight of our situation hit me full blast. Oh My God. We were free! And because of Courtney, no less.

I was up in a flash, and swept the lanky girl up in a powerful hug.

"Courtney, you killed him!" I cheered happily. She was laughing as I released her.

"I know" She said, giving a relieved sigh "It was awesome"

I smirked at her, letting my eyes wander to the two people Jonathan's death would affect the most.

Nathaniel, didn't look nearly as haggard as he did before, but the sadness was still in his eyes. And Damon, he just looked resigned. My thoughts traveled back to Gabriel, and I stared I fixed a hard stare on Damon.

"You did not kill him" I said sternly "Gabriel knew what he was doing. He knew Jonathan better than any of us- and he knew that the only way for Jonathan to be distracted enough to let down his guard, was for one of us to die."

"Yeah, so the son of a bitch let me bear the guilt of killing my own brother" Damon snapped.

"No, he would be grateful for what you did. You were brave, and did what he wished even though you didn't want to. He wasn't happy here, Damon, don't you understand that?" Nathaniel said softly. Damon got to his feet and took two threatening steps towards us, his eyes turning red.

"Stop. Just stop it now- both of you. I don't want your pity, and I don't want your sympathy. It's over and done with now, so lets just forget about it"

"Past stays in the past and all that jazz" Courtney muttered. Damon turned to her, raising an appreciative eyebrow, before turning hard, icy eyes back on me and Nathaniel.

"Exactly" He growled at us.

I raised my hands in surrender, giving a nonchalant shrug "Fine, whatever you say. But if you ever want to talk-"

"Chloe" Damon snarled, warning me to shut up. I smirked.

"That doesn't scare me now, idiot. I'm a vampire too"

"Vampires can still die. As you've witnessed tonight" Damon said darkly, a wicked grin on his face.

I narrowed my eyes, and turned to see Nathaniel helping Peter to his feet.

"Can we get out of here now?" Nathaniel asked.

"Sounds like a plan" I said, grinning as I pulled Damon into a kiss.

He pulled away, a mischievous look on his face.

"You know, maybe you and I could take a detour on the way back" He murmured against my ear. "You being a newborn and all could make the staff a little anxious."

I raised my eyebrows "What did you have in mind?" I asked curiously.

"A weekend in Venice, perhaps. The people of Italy taste delicious"

I rolled my eyes, but couldn't help the smile.

"We're in" Nathaniel said quickly, speaking for both Peter and him. Damon narrowed his eyes at his brother, as Courtney chimed in:

"I'm coming too"

Damon sighed, pinching the bridge of his nose and shaking his head.

"Fine" He growled. "We'll all go. But only Chloe and I will be staying permanently"

My eyebrows rose to my hairline "Is this you, trying to ask me to move in with you?"

"Why on earth would I do that? You're already living with me. This is me saying that we're moving. I'm sick of that blasted castle. I was thinking of a nice, humble, 22 bedroom mega-mansion along the Italian countryside"

I snorted.

"That doesn't sound half bad" Nathaniel muttered to himself.

"No copying" Damon snapped, wrapping an arm around my waist.

"Wouldn't dream of it" Nathaniel replied "Now can we go?"


"Let's get the hell out of here already"


As we ran from the cottage, Courtney opting to ride on Peter's back, I couldn't help but glance towards the north. I didn't want to stare at that place, where Jonathan had tortured me, and killed his own brother. I didn't want to remember how Gabriel died, but how he lived. I wanted to make the best of the new life I had, to preserve the good memories I had- and forget about the bad.

And, somehow, looking out at the glowing sun over the green valley, I had hope.

Hope that this time would be better. Yes, none of us would ever be the same after this experience, but there were also things that wouldn't change.

So, as we ran, I held on to that hope. I held onto the hope that Gabriel was happy wherever he was. And the hope that one day, I'd find that kind of happiness here on earth.

Right now, with my hand in Damon's, the odds of that happening were looking pretty good.

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- Swan's Catastrophe