A/N: This is dedicated to Jerry Orbach (RIP hon).

In the arms of the angels

Jack sat down at his desk. He looked up at his wall. There, was a picture of Lennie Briscoe. He had remembered Lennie. He was there when he slowly died of prostate cancer. He even heard his last words; they were "Tell everyone I love them…"

Jack knew what had meant. He knew that he had loved everyone equally. To Jack, Lennie was like a brother. He also knew that he was a guardian angel to him. He didn't know if he was out there or not, but he assumed it. "You're in the arms of angels now," Jack thought aloud. He felt an unknown wind come from somewhere – it wasn't a person walking past, it wasn't a window that was open and it wasn't the air conditioning. "Lennie…," he whispered. "You're out there, I know it."

Lennie looked at and smiled at Jack, even though Jack couldn't see it. "Never forget…," he smiled and disappeared.

"Bye Lennie," Jack nodded. "I know you're there, you're an angel."

Jack was silent the rest of the day. He had nothing to say. His silence was feelings that no one could understand.