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Years ago when the Ninja world was still young there was a clan of warriors called The Clan of Galten. The clan was powerful and feared for the power to change into elemental dragons and the power to summon warriors from the elements themselves and because of this power they are unbeatable .Then one day a old man came and told them of a power called The Orb Of Salkan.

The old man said that once the orb is in their hands their power well increase Hundred fold. But they were not the only one to hear it for an Uchiha also hear it as well. He went to Konohagakure and told the Shodai Hokage and Madara Uchiha about the orb. The Shodai Hokage and the Leader of the Uchiha clan argued about the orb. The Shodai Hokage wanted to make peace with the Galten clan but Madara wanted to attack to get the orb and so without permission to go Madara and 500 Uchiha went to the Valley of Zhan home of the Clan.

The battle was horrible for the Uchiha's they were outnumbered and outmanned because the Galten summon the warrior's to fight with them and the speed the Galten had was unheard of.

And all hope for the Uchiha's faded they let them go and the leader told them "for all the Galten you killed we will not make any treaty with Konohagakure until you know the true meaning of Honor and Respect". That day 310 Uchiha died and 190 wounded. The Galten found the orb but word got out about the find. All of the Ninja Villages attack Zhan but something happened that will be forever in their dreams forever. The Clan elders destroyed the Orb making a backlash that killed the clan and half of their enemies. When the Shodai found a scroll it had the last word of the leader of the clan it said "The Galten well never die for our decedents will look for the Four Fragments Of the Orb of Salkan and take their rightful place as the greatest clan in the world.

That day no one talk about them but the Galten are hard to kill because the leader sent his wife to Whirlpool to hide there also the she was pregnant. There she gave birth to a son from there he married and have children and they had children and so on. But the peace would not last because a great war destroyed Whirlpool and only one survived. Her named was Kushina Uzumaki but also known as Kushina Galten the last of the Galten Clan.

She went to Konohagakure and met Minato Namikaze and after going on dates they got married and she got pregnant after a few months in the marriage. Their going to name the baby Naruto. But then the Bijuu Kyuubi no Kitsune came to the village and started to kill anything in its path. Kushina gave birth during the assault but was dieing from bleeding. The only one to save her was Tsunada but she wouldn't do it because of past pain. Because of this Kushine died by birth complication. Minato Namikaze the famous Konoha no Kiiroi Senkō and Yondaime Hokage

Decided to seal the demon in side his son belly by using the Shiki Fūjin and sold his soul to the Shinigami. He wanted his son to be seen a hero but the village saw him as the demon itself.

But nobody could of known what will happen to Naruto on his 3rd birthday. The day that the Galten clan the strongest most feared clan in the Shinobi world would be inside a poor innocent boy like him. And this is where his story begins.

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