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Naruto look at the Shadowkhan with a big smile. "So you guys are part of my bloodline" ask Naruto. The Shadowkhan's in front of him look at each other and then at him and nodded. "Yes we are" said the lead Shadowkhan.

Naruto was about to say something else when the door flew open. "WHERE IS HE, WHERE'S NARUTO" yelled a pair of feminine voices. The ANBU and Shadowkhan was about to attack the women but the Hokage and Naruto calmed them down. At the door were two beautiful women.

One had on a tan trench coat and under it was a fish net shirt that showed here bust, she also wore a tan skirt and armored ninja sandals and her hair was purple and was tied to look like a peacock.

The next woman was a civilian, she had on a light white shirt on and light brown skirt that goes down to her ankles and she had on a white cook cap and apron.

Their names are Anko Matarashi and Ayame. They look at Naruto as he sat on the bed with bandages on his head and around his waist. "Hi big sister's" said Naruto with a big smile. Anko and Ayame just ran at Naruto and hug the liven snot out of him.

"Naruto we just heard what happen" cried Ayame. "I can't believe Kurenai would do this I am so sorry" sobbed out Anko. "Um girls I think he can't breathe" said Dog. The look down and saw that his face turned blue. When they saw that they let go with a loud "EEP" and all of the girls started to fuss seeing if he ok.

Then Anko felt that she was being watch and saw the Shadowkhan and they spooked her. "WHAT ARE THOSE" yelled out a freaked out Anko. The Shadowkhan sweatdrop at her loud outburst. The Third sighed and told the story again. At the end Anko and Ayame looked the Shadowkhan then at Naruto. The just squealed and glomp Naruto. "That so great Naruto you have a Bloodline" said Ayame.

Anko in the other hand was thinking what Naruto would look like in the future. You see she had a huge crush on the Fourth Hokage like any other girl but her love now belong to Naruto. Because when he was six he saves her from some Jonin because they wanted to have "fun" with her (AN Ya never going to write anything like that). Then one of them was hit in the head by a rock.

When they saw it was Naruto who threw the rock they all chase after him. A day later she found out he was found tied to a tree and was used as a pincushion for different sharp object.

When she asks him why he saved her he said "No woman should be used or seen by how they look but what inside them". After that she never left his side.

Now she was thinking what he would look like. "If he look like his father he would be the most hottest and sexiest man in the whole village and if that happens I would totally take him to my apartment and…" Thought Anko as she giggled perversely as she had naughty thought's going through her head as blood run down her nose.

"How come Anko have a bloody nose" ask Naruto cutely. All the girls looked at him and Kagome, Anko, and Ayame squealed loudly that the whole building shook. They glomp him and hold him tightly as they kept calling him "Naru-chan" or "Foxy-Kun" that made him blush and pout, that just made them squeal louder.

Then they look at each other then lighting came out from their eyes as they glared at each other then they started to have a brawl on the floor as a medium cloud of dust as the others saw fists and faces pop out of the cloud on some occasions. Dog look at Cat and was kind of surprised that she wasn't in the fight as well.

"Umm Cat, How come your not in that fight" ask Dog. Cat look at him and Said "Because I'm from ANBU and I have to stay in control of my emotions at all time and also…" Cat was interrupted by Dog who said "But your swift was over 3 minutes ago". Cat look at Dog then she look at the clock.

"Oh" said Cat as she looks at Dog

"NARU-CHAN IS MINE!" yelled out Cat as she jumped into the fray. Naruto look on in fear thinking that they might hurt themselves. He looks at the Shadowkhan. "Umm…Can you break them up please" ask Naruto

The Shadowkhan nodded and four of them walk to the cloud and each reach into it and grab a girl and drag them from each other then slap them in the back of the head. "EEPP" yelp the girls." Why you do that for" growled out Ayame (A/N never saw her mad like that huh). The Shadowkhan point at the bed and the girls look at the bed and what they saw stop their hearts and broke it. Naruto was looking at them and had small tears come down his eyes.

"How come you were fighting" sniffed Naruto as the tears started to fall on his blanket. Kagome, Cat, Anko, and Ayame hearts completely shattered as they all gave Naruto a big hug. "We're so sorry Naruto" said Kagome as she stroked his hair. "We we're just fighting to see who going to be your wife when you get older" said Cat.

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Naruto looked confused and ask "What is a wife". All of the girls were going to explain but the Hokage interrupted. "I'll tell you when you're older" said the Hokage. "Awe" said Naruto with a pout. All of the girls squealed load but did it again when he yawned. "Ok I think Naruto needs some more sleep so let's go" said Dog, "I agree let's let him sleep" said the Hokage. All of the girls pouted (if cat was pouting) but agreed as they each kiss Naruto on the forehead (Cat move her mask for the kiss) as he fell asleep with a smile.

They walk out of the room but the Hokage looked at the Shadowkhan. He nodded at them as they nodded back as they went into the shadows in the room. He looks at Naruto and smiled and said "See you later Naruto" then he closed the door


Naruto woke in a sewer and looked around and then saw he was sitting in a puddle. "Eww I'm sitting in a puddle" said Naruto in distaste. "You think that was bad try living in here for 8 years" said a demonic voice.

Naruto then look behind him and saw a big gate with nasty looking spikes and runes that glowed different colors. Then two large red silted eyes open at him and a same voice said "Boo". Naruto yelp and was going to run out of there and heard laughing come from the cage. He look back and saw a big fox with 9 tails behind the gate laughing at him.

He glared at the fox and yelled "WHAT THE HELL YOU STUBID FOX!". The Kyuubi glared at Naruto and Roared, Naruto fell on his ass and looked at the fox in fear. Kyuubi looked at Naruto with sadness in its eyes, when it was going to talk to him a reptilian tail smack it to the ground KO'ing it. Naruto look in shock as the tail was drag from the cage area and slid away through the dark hallway. Then he heard a voice coming from the hallways. "Come to Me" said the voice.

Naruto look at the fox who was still knocked out was and had swirls in its eye's. Naruto sighed "We'll it's the only way to find answers" thought Naruto. He walked down the hall until he saw a light at the end. When he got to the end he had to use his hands to stop the glare of the light. As he got his eyes to adjust what he say took his breath away, He walked to a spot on a cliff that showed a landscape that had the different elements.

To his left he saw mountains that were tall but different, One was plain but it had rocks jutting out of it and it looked like a dragon was sleeping, the other looked like it erupted as lava and fire was come out from a dragon head that with its mouth open as the lava came running out. The other mountain had ice and snow and it had a dragon coiled around it. To his right he saw a large sea as the wave's crash against a cliff side. It was very clean and clean as well.

In front of him he saw a massive landscape with large trees clustered together and a large grassy plain with very tall grass that goes up to your shoulders also a near the trees is a large jungle with the trees as big as the forest near them, nearby was a large desert with large dunes, also the strange thing that he felt at home here.

Then he heard a large boom looked up at the skies and his eyes widen, there is large storm above the ocean with thunder and lightning with high winds that help the waves hit the cliff harder. "Wow' said Naruto, and then he heard the voice again, "Come to me" said the voice as it bounced off the cliff walls and the mountains and valley. Naruto looked around until he saw roads that lead to the back of the mountains, he decide to take one of them.

He felt that he been walking for hours but also felt if someone was watching him, When he walked around the a cluster of boulders he stopped and looked in awe. In front of him was a Massive Castle/Fortress (A/N I leave what it look like to your imagination). Then he heard the voice coming from inside. "Come!" said the voice, "Alright I'm coming, Man this guy need's to lighten up" mumbles Naruto.

"I heard that" Growled the voice, Naruto eeped and ran to the large doors and slowly opened the doors, inside it look like a courtyard with vines and torches, as he walk to the end and saw a pool with a gem in it. "WOW it's so beautiful" said Naruto with awe.

"Well Brother what do we have here" Said a voice that sounded female, "It look like the owner of this mind finally came Sister" said a gruff voice. He turned around and saw to Chinese dragons that look like twins but one was white with light green hair with caring blue eyes but with the other dragon it was black with battle scars on it scales with red hair with red eyes that had annoyance.

"Well are you going to say something" Said the black Dragon with annoyance. Naruto gulped and back away in fear of getting eaten. Then the white dragon smack the black dragon in the head, "Ow, what was that for" He growled while rubbing his head in pain. "Baka your scaring him, am truly sorry for my brother's word's he just a little bit of a hot head" the white dragon in a peaceful voice.

"Who are you and where are we" ask Naruto as he looked around still had his eyes at the two dragons. The white dragon gave Naruto a draconic smile and said "I am Yang and the hot head is my brother Yin" she said as the now known Yin let out gruff hello as he still rubbed his head from the hit from Yang.

"So you guys were the ones calling me" ask Naruto. Both Yin and Yang look at each other and was going to tell him who called out to him, but a powerful voice stopped them from answering. "I did" said the voice, Naruto slowly turned his head to look and saw something that nearly stopped his heart.

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The Massive dragon stood a bigger then the Hokage Monument and the Kyuubi and it wing span can cover half of the village and it's had a light green under belly and it's head had horns that curves around its head under its lower jaw and had a average neck and a very long tail that had a mean looking spike and spikes that goes along its back and had a black mane that goes over its shoulders , it had sharp and deadly claws as it stand on its four legs and it had a scare on its left eye and it held it head up high. (A/N I hope this is a nice description of what it looks like)

"Y-y-you c-c-called m-m-me" strutted Naruto in fear, "Yes I did and you don't have to be afraid here" said the massive dragon.

"Why and who are you" Naruto still filling scared, the dragon chuckled as he said "This is your mind and I am….Ultimatum"

(T.E.D.E Jukebox Records" Over The Pass- Two Steps From Hell") end

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