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AU for both, especially HP as I am moving it back a hundred years, i.e., HP born 1880. Eventual Slash.

Chapter 1

Emerald eyes watched curiously from the shadows as the tall young man hunched over a shovel, slowly digging a grave. He sighed sadly and then emerald flashed silver for a second and the man he'd been watching slowly collapsed to the ground, shovel falling away. He stepped from the shadows and walked over, staring down at the young man and then at the crude coffin before sighing. With a flick of his wrist both began floating and he headed back towards his house. What were the odds of his back yard being randomly picked by the person who he had been asked to keep an eye out for? Angels were a pain in the arse! He'd spent a century staying away from this type of human and now he was going to have two in his house! Well, one living and one corpse but still...He was grumbling and muttering under his breath as his home came into sight and he passed the final level of wards. He dumped the coffin in the basement and then laid the living one in an upstairs bedroom. Still muttering to himself he stripped off and threw himself face down on his own bed to sleep for the next twelve hours, minimum.

When he woke he found he'd managed to sleep for fourteen hours, a new record. He got up and staggered into the shower, letting the hot water soak into his muscles for as long as it lasted. He was stalling and he knew it but he really didn't want to have to wake the guy up. What was he going to say? 'Hi, I found you passed out over a partially dug grave and dragged you and the coffin back to mine since it looked like you wanted to bury it yourself.'? Yeah, that'd go over well with a paranoid hunter. Why had he agreed to this? Oh yeah, he owed the angel his life, that's why. Then again he hadn't actually wanted to live at the time so did it count?

A sudden scream had him rushing to the room he'd placed the hunter in only to collapse against the doorframe in laughter.

"Who are you? Where am I?" The hunter demanded, looking between the ghost that had woken him and the man that had appeared in the doorway.

"Relax, you're perfectly safe here. Hermione did you really have to scare the guy?" He asked and the ghost smiled at him.

"If you'd told me we had a guest Harry I would have been more cautious." Hermione Weasley nee Granger answered and Harry smiled.

"What?" The hunter had backed up against a wall and Harry stepped further into the room, hands raised.

"Take it easy, no one's going to hurt you." Harry told him.
"My name's Harry, you've apparently already met Hermione." Harry continued and the hunter looked between them, licking his lips nervously.

"Sam." He told them and Harry smiled.

"Nice to meet you Sam. The um, coffin you were attempting to bury is in the basement. Seemed like it was important so I dragged it along." Harry explained and Sam's eyes went wide.

"Dean." He whispered and Harry felt a pang of sympathy for the hunter.
"What happened? How did I get here?"

"Found you on the border of my property passed out over a partially dug grave. Figured I shouldn't just leave you there." Harry shrugged.

"You have a ghost!" Sam pointed at Hermione who huffed.

"Harry does not have me thank you very much! I chose to stay with him so he doesn't do something monumentally stupid, again."

"Oh come on, when was the last time I did that?" Harry asked, crossing his arms.

"Hmmm....last week when you taunted that werewolf while unarmed?" She asked and he shrugged.

"Hey, it worked!" He shot back and Sam found himself watching the two argue with wide eyes. This Hermione was nothing like any ghost he'd ever seen before and Harry....something about him set Sam on edge while at the same time feeling safe. It was weird and Sam was too tired to deal with it, actually he was too tired to even stay standing. He frowned as he slowly sank to the floor, fighting to keep his eyes open. He groaned as he felt someone catch him. Sam blinked sleepily up at harry who smiled at him.
"Sleep Sam." Harry whispered and Sam lost the battle against sleep, going limp in Harry's arms.

"Great. Will you please tell me what's going on?" Hermione demanded as Harry gently laid Sam back on the bed.

"A certain angel called in his debt. Keep an eye out for this one, wondering if he knew Sam would pick my back lot to bury his brother in. Why did you wake him up anyway?"

"I was curious." Hermione told him with a smile and Harry shook his head, amused.
"Is it true we have a coffin in the basement?"

"Yeah, his big brother. The other part of my paying him back is dragging the guy's soul out of hell."

"Harry you can't!" Hermione yelled in fear and he smiled at her, resting a hand against her translucent cheek.

"I'll be fine. Not like demons can hurt me Mione."

"But....but they'll know you exist! Harry...." She tried but he just stared at her.
"Fine, but you better come back alive and in one piece."

"Yes ma'am."

Harry pulled the lid off the coffin and wrinkled his nose. It was obvious Sam had tried to clean Dean up but it was still a several day's dead body and with his beyond human sense of smell....he was rather rank. He lifted away the jacket and shirt to find that while the wounds had been cleaned up they hadn't been stitched. Groaning he set about sealing the wounds and fixing the internal damage. Once that was done he started marking out the floor with Sumerian and cuneiform symbols before moving Dean's body to lay over them. He then painted matching symbols onto parts of the body in his own blood. He then marked out another area with different symbols before stepping into the middle and taking a deep breath. He slammed a bloody hand down on the one symbol on the floor that was also permanently marked into the base of his own spine. When the red light faded he was no longer in his basement.

Harry took a deep breath and then opened silver eyes, searching for one specific soul. He didn't know a lot about Hell, his ancestor's underworld was bad enough the one time he went, but he had a basic idea of what a soul went through there. Knowing time moved faster in Hell it meant Dean had been there for several months so he'd be in at least the second stage by now, the torture racks. As he made his way through hell the demons fled before him and he smirked slightly. Oh yeah, his family reputation still existed. He reached the racks eventually and began searching, ignoring the cries for help that came to him. He finally found his target only to snarl as he saw the demon personally torturing the man.

"You must be Alistair." Harry purred and the demon turned, its eyes going wide as it realised exactly what it was facing. Harry simply punched the demon and it collapsed, leaving Harry to shake his hand out.
"Huh, glass jaw, who'd have guessed." He muttered as he approached the man pinned to the rack. Fearful yet defiant green eyes met his silver and he smiled.
"Dean Winchester I presume?"

"Bite me you demonic son of a bitch!" Dean snarled and Harry laughed.

"Good to see you haven't broken yet. Hold still while I get these chains of would you?" Harry asked and Dean frowned.


"Oh, sorry 'bout that. I'm the rescue party." Harry answered cheerfully as he removed the chains from Dean's body.

"What are you?" Dean asked as he slowly sat up.

"Bit of this and that. Now grab my hand and whatever you do, don't let go."


"What part of I'm the rescue party are you failing to understand? Look, I currently have your corpse in my basement and your knocked out brother in a guestroom being looked after by the ghost of an old friend. Frankly I'd like to get your soul back in the corpse sometime this century so take my hand!" Harry yelled and Dean automatically took his hand. Siler eyes flashed brilliantly for a few seconds and then Harry was kneeling in his basement, breathing hard while nearby Dean's body was convulsing as it was brought back to life. Harry watched as Dean shot upright, staring around wildly.
"Welcome back. If you need to throw up please do so away from the symbols on the floor." Harry stated, eyes once again green.

Okay so this is weird but it wouldn't leave me alone.