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Chapter 8

"Harry? What happened?" Hermione mumbled as she looked around in confusion. Where the hell was she? She sat up and frowned, something was really weird.

"Hermione?" A familiar voice called and she looked over to see Dean Winchester staring at her in shock.

"Dean? Where are we?" She asked even as the hunter walked towards her. He reached out to her hesitantly and then his hand was gently cupping her cheek. She gasped as she felt warm, solid flesh against her.
"Are you dead?" She asked and Dean laughed unsteadily, shaking his head.

"You're alive. Gabriel brought you back." Harry told her even as he stood up; cradling Sam in his arms which looked rather silly considering Sam was several inches taller than Harry. Sam just rolled his eyes but he was smiling softly.

"I…alive?" She whispered and Dean nodded. Hermione stared at him and then threw herself into his arms, kissing him. Dean fell back, wrapping his arms around her to protect her in the fall.

Bobby watched it all in shock, not really sure what was going on.

"Bobby? You okay?" Sam called out and he nodded. Harry looked at him and then flicked his wrist, instantly repairing all of the damage to the house and increasing the wards.

"I think we should head back to my place, let Bobby adjust to things." Harry suggested, smirking at Dean and Hermione since they still hadn't come up for air. Bobby just nodded so Harry apparated them all back to his place. Sam gasped as he was gently tossed onto a very familiar bed.

"Dean and Hermione?" he asked and Harry grinned.

"The bedroom you two used last time." Harry answered before leaning in to kiss him.
"Almost lost you." Harry whispered, running his hands through Sam's hair.

"But you will one day, I'm mortal." Sam whispered and Harry's eyes flashed.

"Not if I have any say in it. We'll all go live in the Netherworld if that's what it takes." Harry told him before their clothing vanished.

Dean jumped a little as he felt a mattress beneath him. A quick glance showed a familiar bedroom and he pulled back to breath. Hermione lay on top of him, skin flushed and her hair falling from its neat braid. He grabbed the ribbon and pulled it free, releasing her hair for the first time since she'd died. Dean gently ran his hands through the curls, smiling at her. Hermione blushed slightly and Dean kissed her.

"With that hello you gave me you're suddenly shy? We don't have to do anything you don't want to." He assured her and Hermione smiled.

"I want to Dean. I was married before, to Ron, Harry and min best friend, they called us the golden trio. But we…..it was war and we married barely half an hour before the final battle where we both died. I'm not…I've never." She stumbled and Dean kissed her gently.

"You never got your wedding night?" He offered and she nodded.
"Hermione there's no rush. You've only been alive for what, fifteen minutes, we can go slow." Dean promised despite what his body wanted. She shook her head.

"No, I know better than most just how short life can be. I want this I…..I love you Dean Winchester, have since about your third day here." She admitted and Dean stared at her. The only other woman to say that to him and mean it had been Cassie and in the end she hadn't been able t handle his life.
"I know you're a hunter and I can help Dean. Fully trained witch even if I am a little out of practice." She told him and Dean kissed her again.

"Never thought I'd fall in love with a ghost but…..when we left I realised it. I ignored it, how could we be together? Hermione I….I'm not, that is…I've been around, a lot. Only one other really meant anything to me but when I told her the truth…..she couldn't accept it." Dean tried to explain; a bit worried she'd leave him now that she knew how 'experienced' he was.

"No more of that? I mean, we do this, then."

"Only you." He whispered and Hermione smiled at him before getting a rather mischievous look that up till then had meant she was going to slip through something to tease him. Her expression changed to one of concentration and Dean felt something wash over him and then…their clothes were gone and he was staring at her in shock and then appreciation.
"That is very handy." He told her, kissing her again, his hands gently moving to explore her skin.

"I'm happy for you Hermione but if he ever hurts you…." Harry trailed off and she kissed his cheek.

"Thank you Harry now eat your breakfast." She told him and Harry grinned.

"Yes Mum." He teased.

"If Sam ever hurts you I'll turn him into a newt." She added and Harry laughed.

The End.