Even Gods Need Angels

A/N: I hate little side notes, but I want to make a few things clear. This story is based from the manga; Post-Rescue Death the Kid arc. So manga spoilers beware! Ages of the characters are unknown, so I estimate the possible ages for the characters.

Tsubaki & Liz-20; Patti, Black Star, Kid, Soul, Havard and Kilik-17; Maka, Ox, Jacqueline and Kim-16

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Chapter One - What You Will

He returned to Shibusen. His home. His family.

Death the Kid was brought back from his imprisonment with the sinister mage, Noah. All of his thoughts on how to escape from his captor were simply forgotten when he suddenly woke up in the infirmary of his father's school. Kid was surrounded by his long awaited partners, both of them asleep on each side of him. Liz and Patti sat beside Kid, their arms settled on the bed, using them as a pillow. A reassuring smile appeared on his face, but only for a brief moment. Soon, his mind was engulfed by madness again, having thoughts of control, order and other lingering notions of when he was possessed. It left the girls to waking up to insanity filled screaming.

He hasn't returned completely.

The girls tried their best to keep him sane, doing the same routine, but with much more care. Liz and Patti let him take control of his surroundings, which wasn't much different from before. However, the way he controlled things at home, at school, training with the group, on missions, seemed more of a hassle than a chore. The remaining darkness in his soul was soon coming back, and the chaotic outbursts at the most random times were feared by, not only Kid's partners, but the others, as well as his father.

The girls tried their best to keep him calm and collected. Unfortunately, their efforts were thrown back, as they were soon affected by Kid's insanity. A simple statement about his problem soon became their problem, of whether or not they were safe with Kid. His desire to take control of the girls got the best of the two. Luckily for them, Black Star and Tsubaki were nearby when they heard the vicious screams of the young and troubled Shinigami. Even for the overzealous assassin, Black Star couldn't believe the guy who helped smack some sense back into him, was being tossed around by the small remnants of the sinister soul that almost devoured him completely. At the same time, Black Star was somewhat disgusted at his friend.

With a few hits from Black Star's wavelength, and a long, unnecessary speech, he came to reason and apologized to his partners over and over again. Those words were not enough to bring relief to the tough demon sisters of Brooklyn. The only person who mattered the most to the sisters, almost hurt them both.

Death the Kid's father tried to come up with a solution to his problem, and the only thing he could think of was to put his son with the person who helped him get out of his sour predicament in the first place. Maka Albarn.

It wasn't a surprise that Maka's Grigori wavelength helped Kid reason with the enveloping insanity within his already dark soul. And it wasn't that difficult to conclude that having Maka around Kid would be the best therapeutic solution to his problem. And so, Maka Albarn, along with Soul and Blair as back up, moved into Gallows Mansion.

-An hour, before moving into Gallows Mansion-

"I don't like this one bit!" Death Scythe raised his voice at the small group of people in the Death Room. "Not at all! There must be a better way to solve your son's problem." He paced backed and forth, giving a glance at the Shinigami now and then.

"Papa," Maka sighed. "It's the only way to help Kiddo-kun." It was no use, Spirit didn't budge. Even without her father's decision, she was still going to do it. It'll just be difficult if he isn't up for it. How was she supposed to make him calm down? "He's my friend. I want to do whatever I can to help Kiddo-kun and the girls." She stated her feelings, because it was true. Maka never wanted the pistol trio to experience that again.

"I'm with Death Scythe." Soul spoke up, glancing at his meister and then at her father. "I don't like this idea as much as you, but if it's the only way." He paused and quickly glanced at Maka. "Kid is one of our good friends. I am willing to go with the idea as long Maka and Kid are not alone." Soul's ruby eyes went from Death Scythe to Shinigami-sama, hoping that they would approve of his proposition.

"I, too, will watch for the girls." Blair added with a more upbeat attitude. "Is that okay, Papa-san?" She asked with a cute little wink at the end. A faint blush of red appeared on his face, and he coughed to focus on the situation.

"Okay," Papa faced his daughter. "As long as Soul and/or Blair are in the same building, I will support the decision." Maka wanted to retort, because she doesn't need to be protected by the two. She's strong enough to handle one of her friends, and everybody knows that. However, Spirit's argument that Kid even attacked his own partners was a good statement to even scare Soul and Blair.

"Count on us, Papa-san!" Blair wrapped her arm around Soul's, pulling it out of his pant pocket.

They decided to stay at Gallows Mansion, and left as soon as that was cleared. Death Scythe and Shinigami-sama stared at the three as they left the Death Room. Both fathers were not assured by this, but there was no other way to help a troubled soul.

"I can't believe I caved." Spirit shook his head. "This better work."

"It's like Marie and Stein." Shinigami-sama explained. "Marie's wavelength helps Stein. You should know that. Luckily, your daughter's wavelength is far more stronger than hers and it's needed to help Kiddo, a Shinigami soul." His amusing tone was not so funny, as he gave off a serious and stable sound to his voice. Smoother sounding than his joking nature. Along with a strong hold on hope, there was a sound of doubt in his voice, which was not making this decision easy for Spirit at all.

-That night-

"Itadaki—" Maka stared at the food presented to her. Several utensils lined up on each side of the plate, even the top of it. A fresh salad was arranged beautifully, like a symmetrical bouquet. "—masu?" She was confused at the arrangement. She remembered reading in books about the character's experience with fine dining, but she wasn't familiar with it herself.

"You use the outside most utensil and work yourself in as the courses come." Soul leaned in and whispered to Maka. She forgot, he comes from a wealthy family.

"Haha, don't worry about it, Maka-chan." Liz laughed. "Patti and I were oblivious ourselves. Besides, it's only us anyway. Kiddo is the only one who follows it."

"Yeah!" Patti giggled. "We only eat like this once in awhile." Liz nodded and continued for Patti as she stuffed her face. "The chef comes in once a week and cooks us something special. But, since Kid's return, he's coming in more often." She picked up her fork and stabbed some of the romaine leaves.

"I'm guessing Kiddo-kun cooked?" Maka said between small bites. Liz and Patti nodded, and it was all that needed to be said. It was obvious why Kid hadn't been cooking lately.

"Where is Kid?" Soul asked. The girls looked uneasy again, but they kept eating the salad in front of them.

"He's still upstairs in his room." Liz muttered. "Ever since that incident, he tries to avoid us as much as possible. The servants take the food to his room after we eat." An awkward silence showered upon the dining room. The only sound was Soul's salad fork hitting the fine china.

"Don't worry." Maka broke the ice. "We're here to help, okay? Don't worry about it. Everything will be back to normal soon." She smiled at the two sisters and they smiled back, bringing light back into their faces.

Maka, with no doubt, was worried about Kid. Along with that, she had to worry about finding Crona. However, Shinigami-sama requested for her to help his son and the Thompson Sisters. Finding Crona could wait, and she could investigate her location while she was on missions. Plus, Black Star had promised that he would look for Crona while she helped Kid, since he and the other members of Spartoi were in charge of looking for Medusa and Co. All she could do now was rely on her other friends, and focus on what needed to be done. Besides, after Kid's return, that same sinister wavelength was still lingering.

"Maka," A low, mellow voice echoed through the large, symmetrical living room. Maka broke her mindless stare at her opened book and looked up. Her eyes met the eyes of the Shinigami, who soon broke it off to gaze at his partners sleeping on the couch. "It's late, why are you still up?" Death the Kid asked her, while he pulled up the blanket on Liz to cover her bare shoulder.

"Well," Maka sighed, and closed her book. "Soul, Liz-chan, and Patti-chan wanted to watch a movie, but they fell asleep. Soul went up to take a bath and talk to Shinigami-sama about an upcoming mission." She paused and smiled at Kid, who took a seat on the loveseat next to the big couch, where the girls and Maka were sitting. "What about you?" She asked. Maka was somewhat embarrassed to have Kid see her like this. She was the first to take a bath, before the movie started, and she was in her Capri sweats and an extra large t-shirt, too big that it kept slipping from her shoulders.

"You didn't really answer my question?" Kid chuckled. "But, I'm guessing you didn't want to leave them alone." Maka glanced at the girls and then back at Kid. Kid knew about the arrangement, and he liked the idea of having Maka, Soul and Blair here on his father's orders. They were there for him, and he wouldn't have it any other way. Despite his soft grin, Maka saw that his eyes were filled with much uncertainty. It brought a weird feeling in her stomach, like she wanted to cheer him up, or have him talk to her about what was going on. However, she didn't feel like this was the best time to do so, considering the girls were here, and Soul would be joining them soon.

"N—no, it's not like that—!" Maka screeched, stuttering aimlessly. "I wanted to keep reading until Soul was finished with the Death Scythe meeting." She giggled, "Besides, the movie was still going, so I didn't want to stop it." She kind of lied, since she wasn't into watching television or movies. Though, she was surprised at the current movie playing. She never knew how this movie was tied to a classic book and with Liz (even Soul liked it a little) enjoying it so much, that it was considered a favorite.

"Twelfth Night." Kid interrupted her deep thoughts about the movie.

"Huh?" Maka looked at Kid, who was staring at the large plasma television on the wall.

"This movie was based off of Twelfth Night." Kid said to her. Maka's eyes continued to stare at Kid, speechless. Soon his golden eyes met hers, "You don't know? The romance comedy by William Shakespeare? Twelfth Night. And I thought you were an active reader?" Kid pointed at the medium size hardcover on Maka's lap.

"Oh, I am! I knew it was based off of the Twelfth Night, when Liz was pointing out the characters in the movie." Maka spoke softly. "What surprised me was that you figured it out, too." She explained. Maka remembered reading that book a while ago. It was from a five piece Shakespeare set that she had received from her good-for-nothing father, as a birthday present.

"Hm," Kid smiled. "You're not the only active reader of the group. I enjoy reading books as much as you do. It's the only form of escape I have, other than symmetry."

"Same here!" Maka beamed, but quickly clasped her hand over her mouth because of the sleeping sisters next to her. "I could get lost in a book so easily. Putting yourself in the shoes of the main character. It's like a short vacation for me when I read. A break from my reality." She quietly stated her thoughts about her favorite past-time.

At this point, Kid was shocked, yet pleased, at her explanation. How she was so open to sharing her reasons for reading to someone who can relate. He, too, loved to read for the same reasons she did, and it was astonishing to hear a different side of her that he hasn't seen yet—

A victim.

"Oh, I'm sorry. I'm talking nonsense." Maka broke his trance, but soon, she realized Kid was dozing off. "What's wrong Kiddo-kun?" She asked curiously.

"Oh, nothing, just checking off the list of books you read on my reading list. If you would like, would you like some suggestions from my list, and maybe you could suggest a few from your list?" Kid smiled at his fellow meister.

"I would like that!" Maka sat at the edge of the couch. "How about you—" Kid raised his hand and ceased Maka from going on further more.

"I would love to continue this conversation, but if you don't mind, I'd like to excuse myself for the night." He got up, and looked down on Maka, who smiled back.

"Oh, sure." Maka looked at the Grandfather clock. "It is late. We can talk about it…"

"How about tomorrow before dinner?" Kid suggested, hoping she would agree to it.

"Sounds great!" Maka beamed once more as Kid walked toward the threshold to meet face to face with Soul.

"Kid," Soul entered the room, rubbing his wet hair with a towel. "You heading up, already?"

"Yes, Chichiue has a personal assignment early tomorrow, and I need to prepare for it." He explained. "I hope Chichiue isn't overworking you, Soul." Soul nodded with a friendly smile.

"It's cool, I knew what was coming when I became one." Soul sat down where Kid had sat not too long ago

"When you finish the movie, wake the girls and tell them to go to their room. Patti is hard to wake up, so you might need to carry her." Kid started to walk out of the room. "Good night." He waved, still walking away.

"Good night," Maka and Soul said simultaneously. After a few minutes of silence and staring at the television, Soul finally spoke. "He's doing okay today, huh?" He grabbed the remote from the ottoman drawer and rewound the movie to where he left off.

Maka read his soul perfectly, and she believed Kid knew she was too. The small dark ring around his soul slowly fluctuated. The Shinigami soul was slowly being devoured by the Great Old Ones. In spite of this, Kid's strong soul was fighting back.

"Yeah," Maka turned to her book and opened it to the bookmarked page.

At the other side of the mansion, Kid broke down in the hallway, several feet from his room, and clenched his chest. He was heavily panting, the room became stifling incredibly fast, causing him to sweat. The darkness was slowly consuming him and he was fighting it off.

"Fragment." The soul within him called out to him. "What an interesting girl!"

"Don't—" Kid clenched his teeth. "Don't you think about it!" He hissed at the soul pouring menacing thoughts into his head.

"You would love to see that delicious, cute soul cry out your name, wouldn't you?" He chuckled menacingly. "Just like how we tried with your partners, right?"

"I will not allow it! I forbid it!" Kid hissed back, digging his nails into the middle of his chest, leaving deep welts. His panting slowed down, and his quivering ceased.

"I won't."

A/N: Holy Crap! This story was supposed to be a one shot, but I guess it's going to be a multi-chapter story.

Anyways, I wasn't too happy with my first KidXMaka fanfic, so I decided to make another one. More close to the original manga storyline. The plot was based off of a story a friend of mine wrote for his creative writing class and I asked if I could use it for a SE fanfic and he totally insisted for me to use his story as a base.

Fact #1: The title of the chapter is the second name to Twelfth Night.

Fact #2: I love reading Twelfth Night. My sister hates reading, however, put a movie based on a classic (like She's the Man, based off of Twelfth Night), and it becomes an instant favorite.