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Summary:  Obi-Wan gets one more chance to save the life of his dear Master.

Spoilers:    Yes for a few JA-books

Rating:       I'd say it is a PG13, for the violence, that will follow in the next part

Title:          Here and Now

Chapter 1: There is no Death, there is the force



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Here and Now


His throat hurt after that scream of desperation. He didn't want to believe what was just happening. His master was struck down by the hands of an evil, slimy Sith. Obi-Wan started to breath hard. In his eyes determination. The red colour of the laser-walls matched his burning hatred. If a look could kill someone, the Sith would have been dead by now. Suddenly a hum. The walls disappeared. Quickly he threw himself into the battle with this tattooed creature of the underworld. With every strike of his blue lightsaber he felt more hate and fear welling up. Hate for the Sith, he hated himself for being too slow and  feared that he couldn't save his master. But these unknown emotions made him clumsy, an easy target for a well-trained Sith. "Fear and hate are the allies of the dark side.", his Master always taught him. The Raging Hate of the Sith combined with Obi-Wan's own dark feelings made the evil man seem to be invincible. Obi-Wan was tired, so tired and far away from winning this never-ending fight. Beads of sweat were falling from his temple and burning in his eyes. But maybe the burning came from the tears that were forming in his normally so bright blue eyes.

His thoughts were distracting Kenobi. All what the Sith needed. The Monster drove the Jedi-Apprentice violently with hard parries near to the melting-pit. Then suddenly he gave the Padawan a powerful force-push, which he couldn't resist. He stumbled  and fell into the groundless hole, but with his last strength he was able to catch hold of something in the pit. He wondered how long he could hang on like that. Thousands  of thoughts running through his head. "…Master, forgive me I failed you!… I'm dying…!… What will my funeral look like without my body…?" He heard a strange sound. The small ledge loosened and he fell into oblivion…


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