KPX: The First Class

Chapter 4: The Mutant School

Middleton, Colorado… two years ago…

Josh Mankey was terrified. His parents didn't take the news even half as well as he was hoping. But at least they just kicked him out.

There was only one hope left he could think of and he was on his way there now.

He ran up the driveway to his girlfriend Tara's driveway and ran on around to the back of the house. He couldn't see any small rocks in the darkness of the new moon night so he focused the air in his palm till it formed into small ice pebbles. After a few throws against the second story window, he saw the light come on and the window open.

"Josh?" Tara looked down at the boy. "What's going on?"

"Can I come up?" he asked trying to keep from being too loud.

"I guess, c'mon!" she waved him up.

Once Josh had climbed into Tara's bedroom window he sat down on her bed and ran his hand through his hair. "What's wrong, Josh?" she asked, looking deeply concerned at her boyfriend.

"This is bad, Tara…" Josh shook his head, "Very bad…"

He finally glanced up at the blonde. "I need a place to stay, think I can crash here till I can figure out what to do?"

"Josh, you're starting to scare me…" the cheerleader bit her lip. "What's wrong? Talk to me…" She said, taking his hand.

"I didn't think it would go down as bad as it did… well I did but hoped it wouldn't…" Josh lowered his head, tears leaking from the corners of his eyes. "I never thought my parents would buy into all that … crap…"

"Josh, what crap? Tell me what's wrong!" She demanded.

"Tar… I'm a mutant…" He said, and his heart broke when he heard her horrified gasp.

"Tara?" He asked looking up in confusion when she pulled him to his feet.

"You have to run, run far away from here," She said, pushing him toward the window. "If my dad ever found out… You can't look back, Josh, you can't ever look back. Don't ever call me, don't write me, don't email, don't contact at all!"

"Tara… Tara, please…" Josh begged, as she continued to force him toward the window. "Tara, you're all I have left, don't shut me out too… Tara, I need you… please…"

"You can't know me, Josh, for your own sake, please…" Tara shook her head, her own tears flowing. "You have to forget about me…"

"Tara! Please…" Josh cried as she pushed him out of the window on the overhang.

"I'm so sorry, Josh… maybe you'll forgive me one day…" She said, closing the window and the blind.

Josh climbed down and ran as fast as he could. He didn't know where he was going, or why. He just had to run away from everything.

He ran till he couldn't run anymore before he finally collapsed against the side of a building. You can stop running now, Joshua…

Josh looked up to see a bald-headed man in a wheelchair directly in front of him. "Who are you?"

"A friend, one who's been where you are and knows the way out," the man smiled. "My name's Charles Xavier and I am a mutant too."

I can help you if you'll let me, my young friend. Josh heard Xavier's voice in his head as the man extended a hand.

"Where else can I go?" He said, accepting the gesture.


"I wondered why you just disappeared," Kim stated as Josh finished his story. The group was all gathered in one of the large living rooms of the mansion.

"Granted my reveal wasn't as news worthy as yours," Josh smiled slightly, "but it was just about as welcomed. Professor Xavier and this place is a godsend for people like us." His smile turned into a grin. "These guys are great, but it is awesome to see some familiar AND friendly faces again."

"Is cool to actually know someone here," Ron smiled back, but Kim noticed how he had a firm grip on her hand, and kept lifting it in view of their old friend.

"So what's your nickname here? Everyone else seems to have one…" Kim asked, scooting closer to Ron.

"Iceman," Josh said proudly.

"Did you rip off Top Gun?" Ron blinked rapidly. Kim elbowed him in the side, "Oh, right you make ice… cool… um… I mean… that was a bad pun wasn't it?"

Kim rolled her eyes. "Excuse the boyfriend," Kim smiled, squeezing Ron's hand back.

"It's all good," Josh said, and before either could react, Josh threw his arms around both of them. "You don't know how good it is to see you both… really…"

"Iceman, you're already late for your training," Professor Xavier spoke up, "Don't think Cyclops will give you any leeway even for this." He added with a smile.

"Oh crap… thanks, Professor," Josh jumped to his feet. "We'll catch up more later! Bye guys!"

"Kimberly, Ronald, come with me," Xavier said, turning his wheelchair and going toward the hall. Kim and Ron looked to her father who nodded with a smile.

James and Anne watched the two teenagers follow the Professor out and Anne smiled softly. "Not every student here becomes X-Men, James."

"Do you honestly expect them NOT to, Annie?" James gave a small laugh.

"The upper levels of the mansion is the basic school where you will learn as you would in any other college or university," Xavier explained as they moved through the hall, passing a few other students, some looking like normal young adults, others…not so much. "I teach most of the courses here but there are some other teachers you will meet soon enough. Your parents, Kimberly, have signed up to teach here as well. Your father science and your mother will be taking humanities from me. We also have two kitchens one larger for the students' lunch and dinner preparations as well as a smaller one for more personal or less sociable dining options." The professor smiled at Ron, "Forge says you are quite the cook. I look forward to seeing what you can do in either of the kitchens, my young friend."

"This next area I will guide you through the basic students only have limited access. But I feel you both will quickly gain more access soon enough." He said with a knowing smile. He stopped at a large ivory carved elevator door at the base of the stairs at the front hallway of the mansion. Kim and Watched as the Professor placed his hand on the panel.

Identity confirmed, Professor X. Full Access granted. A digital voice spoke as the elevator opened.

"Come along," Xavier said as he rolled into the elevator. Kim and Ron gave each other a look and followed.

When the elevator doors opened it looked more like a military operation with metallic walls, floors, and ceilings, with several of the circular X symbols of the school. "This area is off limits to most of the students without a teacher present until they make the Cut."

"The Cut?" Kim asked as she and Ron followed the professor, looking around curiously.

"What we do down here is the true reason for the school," Xavier said, "I believe there will come a day when Mutants and Humans WILL live together in peace and harmony. Your parents are pure evidence of it, Kimberly. But that day is not today, and I fear it may not come within my lifetime. Until that time, people will need defenders."

"In our world, Mutants are feared and hated just because of their genetic makeup," Xavier continued as he took a turn down a side hall. "Mutants are attacked, persecuted, beaten, tortured, and killed just for how they were born, and on that same token, some mutants lash back at all humanity, blaming the whole for what only a percentage does. That is what we stand for: we fight to defend those who cannot protect themselves." He said as they entered a control room over a large training hall with various weapons firing at a group of five in blue and yellow uniforms. The weapons were countered and destroyed effortlessly.

Kim and Ron instantly recognized them as Scott, Jean, Warren, Hank, and Josh. "These five are the first to make the Cut since the group I stood with many years ago. They have proven themselves able, both mentally and physically, to do what needs to be done: to defend a world that hates and fears them." Xavier smiled proudly at the practicing team. "They are… the X-Men."

"The X-Men…" Ron breathed, placing his hand against the glass. The team was working as one, their powers working in tandem against their obstacles. He and Kim were known for their teamwork, but this was several steps above. "So very cool…"

"Are you saying you want us to join the X-Men?" Kim asked, watching the training session.

"I'm saying I'm going to teach you to properly and safely use your gifts," Xavier said, tilting his head slightly toward the girl, "the rest, my dear, is up to you."


Later that evening after dinner, Kim walked with Jean to their shared room. "I am so excited to have a roommate," the bespectacled redhead smiled at Kim. "Just having another girl on the team would be a nice change."

"I don't even know what I can do yet, Jean," Kim smiled, "I don't know if I'll even make the team or not."

Jean turned and gave Kim an 'oh please' look. "You're Kim Possible. You're probably better than all of us put together already."

"I'm not that special," Kim brushed some hair behind her ear as the girls entered their dorm room. It was a typical two bed dorm, with everything either needed on both sides of the room. One was already customized out, with a bookshelf full of science books and several different boy band posters. On the other was rather barebones with Kim's suit cases laying on the made bed.

"I used to have my stuff spread out across the room, but I shifted it over when the Professor told me you'd be rooming with me," Jean explained. "Going to take some getting used to not having the room to myself…"

"I know the feeling, but it's not the first time I've shared sleeping space. On missions, Ron and I often have to share a bed or tight space…" Kim said, and Jean's eyes flashed as a smile crossed her face.

"I knew you two were a couple but I didn't think…" Jean grinned.

"What? Oh! No, no, we're not having… we haven't… we're not… intimate…" Kim blushed as brightly as the both girls' hair color.

"Not judging one way the other," Jean smiled comfortingly, "He is really cute though. You've got quite the catch. Josh talked about you two a bit when we found out about you guys coming. He said you two make me and Scott look like we hate each other."

"He started out my best friend when we were four… then in high school when I started helping people he became my partner, then last year he became my boyfriend… and finally, this week he became my Rock," Kim hugged herself a moment, "I can't… imagine being without him now." She shook her head and smiled at Jean, "So what's the story with you and Scott?"

Jean blinked a moment before sitting down. "Not really a story, he's my best friend… has been since the Professor brought me here. He's the only one that didn't try to get in my pants…" Jean added with a smirk. "Hank, Warren, and even Josh hit on me from the word go. But he was always so shy around me… and always treated me with respect. And… he actually understands me, knows how I think, and always does exactly what I need before I even know I need it. But, we're not a couple or anything."

"Ron and I were just like that," Kim sat down on her bed, "then, we became a couple…" Kim added with a wink.

"I appreciate the thought, Kim, but we're not you guys," Jean sat down on her own bed facing Kim. "He's brave, smart, loyal, and the greatest leader I've ever seen, he could get any girl he wants… why would he want a little mousy redhead who can move things with her mind?"

"You look rather good in that uniform in the training room today," Kim said, opening her suitcase and began looking for her sleeping clothes. "I'm sure with a makeover you'd wow those red glasses off his face."

"Or just make the other boys drool over me more…" Jean rolled her eyes, "Speaking of…" Jean pushed her glasses up on her nose and sighed. "Oh Kim… I don't know… I've never done this before!" She mouthed 'play along'. "But your lips are so soft… you're such a good kisser!" she said, slowly moving toward the door.

Kim looked confused before her eyes lit up in realization. "It's no big, Jean, I'm a cheerleader remember? We used to do all kinds of things like this when we'd have sleepovers… Oh my… What would the boys say if they knew you wore thongs?"

There was an audible squeak from the other side of the door as Kim and Jean took their places. "Oh, Kim… don't touch me…" She grabbed the door and jerked it open, "THERE!" Warren, Josh, and Hank tumbled into the room. "Boys!"

"I was trying to stop them!" Josh waved his hands as he crawled away from Kim and Jean.

"Don't worry, boys, we won't kill you," Kim smiled sweetly. "That's too good for you."

"You boys do know Kim starts training tomorrow, and she's already the master of several styles of Kung Fu. You three have just volunteered to spar with her!" Jean added excitedly.

"Oh sweet Jesus…" Josh whimpered as he and the other two turned white.

"And just wait till my boyfriend finds out you three were peeping on me…" Kim placed her arms across her chest, "He's a trained Ninja, you know?"

"NIGHT!" the three yelled as they ran for their rooms, leaving Kim and Jean giggling.

"You'd think they'd learn they can't sneak around and peep on a telepath…" Jean shook her head.

Jean closed the door and Kim began to take off her clothes. "Maybe Ron can teach them some manners being here," Kim said as she slid out of her pants then pulled Ron's football jersey over her head. "He never sneaks a peek."

"Never?" Jean quirked an eyebrow as she pulled some green pajamas from her dresser drawer.

"Well, once when we were thirteen," Kim smirked, "Ron learned his lesson." She added with a wink.

"Do I want to know how?" Jean asked changing.

"Probably not…" Kim smiled climbing into bed.

Jean gave a little giggle, "this is the start of a very interesting friendship…" She smiled as she climbed into her bed and cut off the light with her mind.


A Secret Global Justice Facility, somewhere in Northern Colorado…

Two agents stepped out from the secured gate as a black vehicle pulled toward them. "This is a secured area; please turn your vehicle around."

The window rolled down and Dr. Director glared at the agent. "Open the gate or I'll have you reassigned to Alaska, the part only occupied by penguins and polar bears."

"Ma'am!" The guard waved and the gate opened for the car. She pulled into the base, slide out of her can and walked with a slight slinkiness to her step.

"What do we owe this visit, Doctor?" the base commander asked as he walked up to the woman.

"May I have a list of the prisoners held in this base, please?" Dr. Director asked, holding out her hand.

The base commander handed a tablet and she scanned over it, smiling tightly. "Thank you, you will be greatly rewarded. Yet, now I need to see Prisoner 11432-A."

"Of course, ma'am, right this way." The commander turned and led Dr. Director into the base. They went several levels below before she found herself standing before a cryogenic chamber with a tall humanoid fish-monster seemingly frozen in mid float in a tank of water. "This is Prisoner 11432-A," the commander stated.

"Excellent…" Dr. Director touched her ear. "I have him."

"What?" the commander asked, and Betty snap kicked him in the face.

"D-Doctor?" The commander asked as he pulled himself up off the floor, looking up at the sadistically smiling Dr. Director.

His eyes widened as her skin, hair and clothing morphed. "Mystique!" he cried, reaching for his gun but was not fast enough. She dove forward, twisting his neck as she rolled over him.

"Too easy…" She smirked as the metal walls twisted and opened.

"What did you expect of humans, my dear?" Magneto asked as he floated into the chamber.

"So, this is young Mr. Stoppable's old friend," the Master of Magnetism said looking over the frozen creature. "The radioactive lake of the cursed Camp Wannaweep enhanced his mutation." Mystique shivered at the mention of the camp's name, "Most interesting indeed…" Magneto looked to her. "Release him from his bounding…"

"Place of evil…" She muttered.

"Mystique," Magneto said again, his voice raised slightly. "Release the child,"

"On it," Mystique nodded going to the controls, her golden eyes scanning the frozen tank. Ever so slowly the water began to melt and the beast inside began to move.

Suddenly he roared, and tore through the remaining ice and landed on the ground in front of Magneto and Mystique. "What is this … Halloween? Trick or treat?"

"My name is Magneto, brother, and I can help you if you so desire," Magneto replied, standing fearlessly before the fish-monster.

"I'm not your brother, chromedome," he growled before coughing up a wad of slime and spat it toward Magneto.

Gil's eyes widened when a sheet of metal deflected it. "Now, Gill, is it I you wish to attack, or Ronald Stoppable and his girlfriend?"

"I'm listening…" Gill growled.

"Then come with me and let us speak in more comforting surroundings…" Magneto offered his hand and Gill took it.

Gill leered at Mystique as they climbed on a metal platform Magneto was levitating. "This is the beginning of a beautiful friendship…" he said, licking his lips at her, earning only a scowl in reply.

To Be Continued…

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