A/N: This is a continuation from #10 "Why in the world would you do that?"

He found her exactly where he expected to, the library.

"You realize if you're trying to hide you're not fooling anyone, don't you?" Harry asked.

Hermione jerked her head up in surprise, "oh, Harry I didn't hear you, sorry."

Harry chuckled and sat in a chair opposite of her, "You never hear anyone when you're reading."

"I'm concentrating, if I don't I might miss a vital piece of information." She told him seriously.

"Hermione, I was teasing you."

"Oh," she said a hint of a smile playing at her lips.

"So-how are you?"

"Fine, trying to get this extra credit essay done for Professor McGonagall," she said glancing back down at her book.

Harry ran a hand through his hair, "um, about earlier-"

"I need to finish this research tonight Harry, I'm not going to be much for conversation," she said quickly.

Harry looked around the silent stacks of books, "well, do you need any more books?" He asked. "I could grab them for you so you're not wasting time searching them out."

"No I can find them," she said, glancing down at the sheets of parchment around her. "-actually, if you don't mind I could use another reference or two."

"No problem, one condition though?" He asked cautiously.

In the brightness of the candle her eyes met his and he saw a mix of fear, hesitation and hope. "-what's the condition?"

Harry took a deep breath and found it harder to say what he wanted than it had been to swallow the fear when he faced Voldemort in the graveyard. "We-we talk about what you said today in Potions after you're done."

Hermione's eyes widened, "I didn't mean it like it-"

Harry raised his hand, "just promise me we'll talk about it later, ok?"

She nodded and looked back down at her book, "ok, later."

They sat a moment in awkward silence thinking wary, scared and hopeful thoughts.

"Um, could you find A History of Lesser Known Second Class Spells and the Witches who Developed them?" She asked quietly.

"Oh! Yeah, give me a minute." Harry turned and ventured into the tall isles, pointedly ignoring the pounding of his heart in his chest.