Hello everyone. This is the next chapter of, A Second Chance. Now, the I know that the first chapter was in first person, but the rest of the story will be in third person. I do enjoy writing in first person, but a third person point of view makes it easier. Anyway, the poll was closed, and the pairing will be Naruto/Yoruichi. I may have another girl in the paring if you guys really want me to. Well, here's the next chapter!

A Second Chance

Chapter 1,Plans

The rain pelted down onto the darkened city street as a shadowed figure stood above a heavily bleeding teen, who was lying on the ground with a broken sword in hand. The standing figure, Kisuke Uruhara, held a soaked umbrella to shield himself from the offending water droplets, as he stared down at the pain stricken teen. He had hid himself and watched the previous battle, unseen by the participants. Ichigo had to learn; he had to learn how much more powerful others were than him. It would make his drive all the more stronger.

A sudden voice surprised him, breaking his train of thought.

"You're quite the manipulator aren't you, Kisuke?" The voice sounded calm and patient, with no hurry, as if it had all the time in the world. The shopkeeper calmly turned his head to the side to look at the owner of the voice. A young man, by the looks of it, was crouched on the raised edge of the sidewalk with his arms rested on his knees. He was currently wearing black cargo pants and a sleeveless orange zip up hoodie. The hood was down though, as if he didn't care if he was getting drenched by the rain. His frame was packed with muscle, but not enough for it to slow him down. His long, blond spiky hair fell around his face, plastered to the skin by water. His face was sharp, with little fat present on it, and on each of his cheek, there were three birth like whisker marks. His eyes were the most noticeable thing about face though; his eyes were of a violet hue, and his pupils were slanted vertically. Except for the eye color, he looked very much like a fox. He was looking at Kisuke with a smirk on his face.

"Oh, and what might you be doing this fine night? Perhaps, you decided to take a stroll and just happened to find something interesting? Although….That would be quite the coincidence, now wouldn't it?" Kisuke spoke in a happy tone, showing his cheery façade.

The crouched figure's smirk grew into a smile, clearly amused by what the shopkeeper said. "Yes, that would be quite the coincidence."

"So…" Kisuke paused, taking out his fan and putting it before his face. "Why are really here…Naruto? It's been quite a while since I last saw you."

The figure, now known as Naruto, looked to the sky in though. "Hmm….I was just curious, that's all. Curious as to what you plan to do with that young man there." Naruto said while pointing to Ichigo. "And of course, I was extremely bored; and whatever you plan to do will probably be exciting, no?" Naruto looked back to Kisuke with a large smile on his face, showing his teeth along with his canines, which look more like fangs than actual human teeth.

Kisuke smiled behind his fan; Naruto was always one for fun. "Is that so? Well, you might be in luck then. I plan to prepare this young Ichigo here for entering the Soul Society, and then enter the Seireitei to save Rukia Kuchiki from her execution. Does that sound fun to you, Naruto?"

Naruto closed his eyes in thought. "Well…Infiltrating Seireitei does sound very exciting. Doing this would mean many confrontations with the Captains class opponents." Naruto paused. "I'm in!" He exclaimed after a few seconds of thought.

"Are you sure can handle yourself? You've never shown any of your, unique as you call them, powers of yours to me."

Naruto's large smile returned. "I'm sure I can take care of myself. You don't need to worry yourself over something like that. You do know that even if I haven't showed you my unique powers, I'm still quite capable with what I have shown you." Naruto said.

"Yes, you have said that many times. And yet I'm still unsure as to whether you're right or not. And I've never seen the true extent of what you've shown me either."

"Look at this way. You and I are very similar in the way that neither of us show our power unless absolutely needed. Since I've met you, there hasn't been a time where my powers, or yours, were needed. However, with this Aizen guy coming into play, I know that your powers will be needed, so mine will be too."

"Yes, my powers will be needed once he makes his move. And you will be forced to use yours also. I look forward to seeing these unique powers of yours."

"Soon my friend, very soon. I have no intention of letting a power hungry fool become something he shouldn't be. You and I are on the same boat with this. And remember, I know little about you too, so it's only fair if you know little about me. Right?"

Kisuke gained a thoughtful look on his face. "Yes, I suppose your right. Anyway…if you're looking to do something exciting, you could be a guard of sorts for Ichigo and his friends. What do you say?"

Naruto closed his eyes in thought. "His friends you say? Do you think their prepared for this? I know that they have also acquired special powers due to Ichigo's utter lack of control, but they are not in the same league as Ichigo here. They would be torn apart if they entered the Seireitei."

Kisuke's cheerful grin only grew. "Ah, but that's why you're going to go with them. Oh, and did I mention that Yoruichi is also going?"

Naruto's eyebrows rose and a small smirk appeared on his face. "You drive a hard bargain there Kisuke. But, I think I'll accept your proposal. This should be very fun indeed. Oh, and by the way…can I, by any chance, stay at your shop?" At the last part Naruto started to scratch the back of his head in a sheepish manner.

Kisuke sighed in an over exasperated manner. "Well, I suppose. Yoruichi will be happy to see you again, even if she'll be extremely angry at first." At this Naruto chuckled nervously. "Even so, let us further discuss this at my shop. I think Ichigo here is about to bleed out. Oh dear, that would be bad now would it?"

"Ah…you're right. We should probably take care of that shouldn't we?"


Ichigo stirred in his sleep. He was troubled; he was so very cold, thinking he was about to die. But then he began to grow warmer and warmer, as if life was being forced back into him. Shifting a little, he finally began to wake up. He slowly opened his eyes to look at his surroundings.

"AHHHHHHH!" Yelled Ichigo.

"Hey your awake. Kisuke, he's awake." Naruto was crouched right beside Ichigo, bending his head so he was right above Ichigo's face.

"What the hell!" Ichigo screamed before scrambling away from Naruto towards the wall. After said action, Ichigo gasped in pain and held his aching wound while leaning against the wall.

"Yeah, you probably shouldn't move around that much. Your wounds might open up again, and that would be a pain in the ass for you and me." Naruto said before standing up to his full high. He was quite tall; he was a couple of inches taller than Kisuke at least.

"Ah, It seems you are up. How you feeling Ichigo?" Kisuke said as he walked into the doorway of the room.

Ichigo looked at the shopkeeper, and then looked at his surroundings. "So this is your house I presume?"

"Correct." Kisuke confirmed, taking his trusty fan out and waving it in front of his face

Ichigo shifted his eyes to Naruto, who was now was leaning against the doorway near Kisuke. "And who is that?" He asked motioning toward Naruto.

Kisuke looked at Naruto with a contemplative look. "Him? He's…a friend. Let me introduce you do Uzumaki Naruto. He'll be staying with here for a while." Naruto just waved a hand at Ichigo, not bothering to say anything.

Ichigo nodded his head and looked back to Kisuke. "So…you saved me?" Ichigo asked in sulky tone.

"Oh. Did you not want to be saved. Because if I didn't save you, you wouldn't be able to save Rukia." Seeing Ichigo's reaction, he continued. "Or have you already given up on that idea. If so, then maybe I shouldn't have saved you and Rukia could just die. Is that what you want, Ichigo?" Kisuke asked in a serious voice.

Ichigo grew angry at this. "Even I could rescue Rukia, how the hell do expect me do it? She's already back in the Soul Society! How can I follow her there?" Ichigo was breathing heavily as he looked down at the ground, helpless. "I can't do anything." He whispered.

"Do you honestly believe that? Or have you already given up? You know, there is more than one way to enter the soul society."

"Wha? You mean there is way to get into Soul Society?" Ichigo exclaimed as he stood up. "How? Tell Me!"

"I'll tell you…but, only on one condition." Kisuke said while putting one finger up to emphasize. "For the next 10 days I will teach you how to fight properly."

"10 days? We don't have time for that! We have to save Rukia as soon as possible!" Ichigo immediately found himself on his back, once he finished speaking.

"Don't be stupid." Kisuke said dangerously as he held his cane right above Ichigo's face. "You should have learned form you fight earlier, that they easily over power you. If you go into Soul Society in your current condition, you will die. Attacking those who obviously over power you, is nothing short of suicide." Kisuke pause and stood up while taking his cane away from Ichigo's face, allowing Ichigo to sit up also. "Usually, Soul Society wait's a full month before executions. That means I have 10 days to teach you. Then it will take another 7 days to get you into Soul Society. That gives you 13 days to save Rukia."

Ichigo looked away with a far away expression. "10 days. Will I be strong enough to save Rukia after 10 days?"

"If you're truly determined, yes. Your will has to be stronger than steel though."

The room fell in a silence. Ichigo finally sighed before speaking. "I don't really have a choice in this do I? Lets do this!"

"You know, I can help you train him too?" Kisuke and Ichigo looked to Naruto, who looked bored. "I won't be doing anything for a while, and I might as well do something useful."

"Hmm. Yes you could help also. Anyway…" Kisuke paused and pulled out a bottle of pills that had a skull label on it. "Your going to have to take one of these pill once every hour. These should help you recover much faster."

Ichigo looked a little concerned once he saw the skull label. "Eh…Why is there a skull label on the bottle?"

Kisuke continued, completely ignoring Ichigo's question. "By dinner time, you should be fully recovered. That is when you will begin your training. Until then, go to school. Today is your last day, right?" Ichigo nodded and began collecting his clothes, before heading home to get ready for school.

Soon, only Kisuke and Naruto remained in the room. "So…You'll help train him too? This should be easier then."

Naruto smiled, pushing off the wall and waling towards the previously used futon in the middle of the room. "Everything will be fine. I'm sure Ichigo will…"

"Meow" Naruto froze. He slowly looked behind his should at the doorway. A black house cat sat in the doorway, looking directly at Naruto with narrowed eyes.

"Hmm…Should I leave you two alone?" Kisuke said, looking back and forth between the two.

Naruto was about to reply, but was interrupted. "Yes. You should leave the two of us alone." The cat spoke in what sounded like a deep man's voice. Kisuke nodded and left the room with a smile on his face.

The cat continued to stare at Naruto, and vice versa. The two stared at each other for a while, before the cat spoke. "You left me." Was all it said, causing Naruto to wince.

Naruto sighed, before sitting down on the futon. "I had to, Yoruichi." Naruto said seriously, after a few moments.

This only caused the cat's eyes to narrow further. "No, you didn't have to. And you sure as hell didn't have to by yourself. What could have possibly made you think that?" The cat, Yoruichi, said in a angry voice.

Naruto looked the cat dead I the eyes. "Yoruichi, you say that, but you know it's not true. I did have to go alone, and bringing you would have only made things harder. Trust me, I did not want to. If I had a choice, I would have stayed. You should understand that. I didn't want to hurt you." Naruto said, only making the cat more angry.

"You could have died damn it! How in the hell should I have know if you would live or not? If you didn't want to hurt me, you shouldn't have disappeared like that without telling me! Do you have any idea how worried I was? Damn it Naruto." By now tears were streaming down the cat's face. "You're such an idiot." The cat whispered. Yoruichi's eyes widened in surprise, as she found herself being cradled in Naruto's arms when she finished speaking.

"I'm sorry Yoruichi. I really am." Naruto whispered, as he held the cat to his chest. Once he had the cat in his arms, he walked back to the futon and sat down, placing the cat in his lap. "How about you come out Yoruichi?" The next thing Naruto knew, he was on his back with a very naked Yoruichi on top of him.

"I'm still mad at you, so don't get any idea." Yoruichi whispered, her voice still full with emotion, as she rested her head on Naruto's shoulder.

This only caused Naruto to lightly chuckle and wrap his arms around Yoruichi's bare back. "I wouldn't think of it." He whispered into her ear. He began to rub his hands up and down her back. Neither spoke, both comfortable with just lying there with each other.

Eventually Naruto broke the silence, causing Yoruichi's closed eyes to open partly. "Can you forgive me, Yoruichi?" Naruto spoke in a calm voice, even though he was nervous, and anxious as hell.

Yoruichi didn't answer at first, instead closing her eyes again. After a few moments she finally answered. "How could I not?" She said. "Even if you're the reason I was hurt, you're still the person that brought happiness into my life. Not forgiving you would only hurt me more."

Naruto's arms tightened around her back. "I'll make up for it, I promise." Naruto said before leaning his head down and kissing Yoruichi on the forehead.

"I'll keep you to that promise." She paused to light hit Naruto in the chest. "You better fulfill it." She weakly threatened, only causing Naruto to chuckle some more, which brought a small smile to her face. "I really missed you, you know?" Naruto stopped chuckling, her words ringing in his ears.

"Me too, Yoruichi. Me too." Naruto whispered. "But…look on the bright side; I wont be disappearing anymore so suddenly. Or at all for that matter. I'm going to say here with you."

"Is that a promise too?" Yoruichi asked quietly. "If so, then you better fulfill that one also."

Naruto smiled down at her. "I promise, Yoruichi." Naruto sighed tiredly. "But, right now, I think it's time I get some rest. You too. You going to sleep here, or…"

Yoruichi didn't bother answering with words, instead she just snuggled deeper into Naruto's chest.

Naruto smiled, before reaching for the discarded blanket, and covering the both of them. "Alright then. Sleep well, Yoruichi. And…once more, I'm sorry." With that, Naruto wrapped his arms around her again, and closed his eyes.

Yoruichi, lied there in silence, content with listening to Naruto's steady breath. "Apology accepted, Naruto." She whispered, even though Naruto couldn't here her, before closing her eyes and falling into the embrace of sleep.