Rory's Life

By: Abby

Disclaimer: I don't own Tristan, Rory, or any other Gilmore Girls characters, but I do own Callie, Matt, Lana, Cam, Drew, Mackie, T.J., Gracie, and Alex.

AN: I have no idea where this is going, just bare with me.

"What is taking so long?" 17-year-old Tristan had asked himself, running both hands through his hair.

"Tristan, it takes a long time for a baby to be born!" Luke had said, burying his hands in his head.

Rory had been in delivery room for about 7 hours then, and it had practically killed Tristan. He had never been through that before. When his sister had been born, he was only 5, so he hadn't even been at the hospital. He hadn't known why the delivery was taking so long.

"Mr. DuGray?" A nurse had been standing by the door of the delivery room with a bundle of blankets in her arms.

Tristan and Luke had both hopped up. Tristan had walked up to her eagerly. She had handed him the blankets. He had looked down, for the first time, into the face of his daughter. Lorelai Christina DuGray


13 years later--9:30 pm

"RORY!!!! Callie is in labor!" Tristan yelled, hanging up the phone. He ran up the steps to the bedroom he and Rory shared in their mansion. Rory was sitting on the bed, reading a book and rocking the newest member of their growing family, Grace Elizabeth DuGray. She sat up quickly and placed the sleeping baby in her basinet.

"You mean the real thing this time, not like the other false alarms?"

"The real thing. Matt just called. We have to pick up Cam and Drew," he said, scooping up the baby. Rory ran down the hall. "Lana, Mackie, T.J.? We have to go!"

Rory's oldest, Lorelai Christina DuGray, aka Lana, stuck her head out of her bedroom door. "Yeah mom? Where to?"

"Aunt Callie's in labor. Get your sister."

Rory continued down the hall to the next room, and Lana popped in on 8-year-old Mackenzie Diana DuGray, who was lying on her stomach reading a book on her plush comforter. "C'mon, Macaroni and Cheese--Aunt Callie's finally having that stubborn baby of hers, and we have to pick up Cami and Drew."

Mackie popped up, her eyes bright. "Oh, I just love babies!" She said, clasping her hands and twirling in a circle. Lana just rolled her eyes and pushed her sister out the door.

Down the hall, Rory ran into 3-year-old Tristan Janlen DuGray's room. She slid up to the sleeping form lying in the bed in the center of the room. She nudged the little blonde boy, and sat him up. Quickly, she put shoes on over his footie pajamas and slid a still sleeping little boy into the back of their Explorer. Mackie hopped in next to him, and Lana followed with her father, who had Gracie, in the Lexus. They all drove to the hospital, an excited energy running through the cars. Callie had already had two miscarriages, so everyone was nervous about this baby, Tristan especially, seeing as Callie was his cousin, and one of his best friends.

Rory got their first, and Tristan parked next to her. Rory ran into the hospital, and Tristan helped Mackie and Lana. Then he ran in. Rory was waiting for him when he walked in. She had a smile a mile wide.

"She's--Callie's ok? And the baby?" He said hopefully. She started to say something, when 6-year-old Drew ran forward and flung his arms around Tristan's neck.

"Mommy had a giwl, Uncle Twistan!" He cried into his uncle's shoulder. Tristan looked up at Rory with a joyful smile on his face, and welcomed 10-year-old Cam into his hug. Rory just stood with her daughters and her son, a content smile on her face.