A/N: Hello, welcome to my new fanfic! This is a story about the other side of Kim. And, well, about life, I guess. I'm pretty sure all of have lived. And been a plaything to fate. So enjoy! I think this should be about 1 - 1 ½ years after breaking dawn. Tell me if you like. Please R&R! (Also, I've seen many fanfics use songs as titles, and I figured this would be good. Song, "Are You Happy Now?" by Michelle Branch)

Chapter one - Are you happy now?

Weddings suck. Everyone cries. The receptions are boring. And, you get to see two people throw their lives away; I mean the words are so meaningless after so many people have thrown them away.

It's even worse when you're forced into a wedding.

My sister, Kim, is getting married tomorrow. To her wonderful fiancé Jared. Gag me. I mean, at first I liked him, he's an okay guy, but when he took Kim away from me, slowly pulling her away inch-by-inch, and made her start to hate our mom, I knew he was no good for her.

In the last five months, I've changed myself completely, did everything Kim didn't want me to. I went out to parties while she stayed in to study. I wore tight clothes to show off my small figure, while Kim wore loose fitting clothes to hide hers. She listened to classic rock and generic soft rock, while I listened to a mix of techno, pop, rap, R&B, pianists, alternative, and even a little bit of ska. Everything she hated.

This all has happened since my mom died five months ago. I came home to see my sister and all of Jared's friends staring at her body. I fell to my knees and started to perform rapid CPR, trying to force her to breathe. Jared dragged me away from her body, and I fought violently for him to release his grip.

And there laid my mother, at the bottom of the stairs, her new favorite bottle of tequila gripped in her left hand, a pool of blood at the back of her head.

"You did this!" I shrieked at Kim. Jared dropped me in a lump and ran to his girlfriend. She wasn't even crying.

And she didn't even come to the funeral. She hated our mother, calling her a trashy whore and a slut everyday. Saying she couldn't keep a man. Kim's father died just weeks after she was born, and then along came me to a new daddy. My father left four years after I was born.

Another thing to say to my closest friend, my mom, "Your such a whore, you cant even keep a man for more than a few years,"

After my mom died, I took my father's last name, so now I'm Venus Zi Chen. My father was a very short Chinese man, so I was 5'2, about 100 pounds, and small boned. My eyes were slightly slanted and my hair was midnight black. My skin was a light golden brown color - it was lovely and unique.

I was now living with Kim and Jared, and I was so happy that they were going to be in California for a week while I was home by myself during summer vacation. Most of my time would be spent at the beach and at my job at the grocery store.

I looked at the clock. I had forty five minutes before I had to be at the community center for rehearsal dinner. I quickly jumped up and started to get ready. My black hair was long and straight. I had not cut it since mom died (other than a few light trims to keep off split ends) and for every month gone by, I would add a red streak. My new red streak stood out right behind my left ear. I knew Kim would kill me. Yay!

I let it hang straight and flat down my back, and put on my makeup. I just used some light foundation, eyeliner and mascara, but it made me look great. I pulled on a $30 dress from forever 21, but it still looked amazing on me. I added black flats and headed out the door.

Jumping onto my not-so-practical motorcycle, I put on my leather jacket and my helmet, praying I didn't get helmet hair. When I got there I saw everyone stare at me, seeing a short girl get off a motorcycle in a dress, but after I took my helmet off they realized it was me, and looked away.

The bike was my moms, she was part of some motorcycle gang in La Push, but after she died I claimed it as mine before the leader could take it. He, of course invited me to join but I said no. A gang was not what I needed right now.

As I walked in I took my place beside my sister. I put on a fake smile and remembered what my mother said to me the day before she died.

"Be nice to her sweetie, her judgment is just clouded," she smile at me, shook her head, and continued cooking.

The rehearsal was boring, as usual. The guy that was across from me, like my partner in the ceremony, he kept staring at me! It was so creepy. I looked out to the audience for my moral support, my best friend. But he wasn't there. I was going to kill him later.

Ah, speak of the devil. He walked in, and took a seat. I smiled at him in relief. As I turned back to whatever the priest was saying, I saw Embry glaring at Aaron. I glared at him, and when he saw me, he looked down.

The rest if the night went on like that, a glaring contest as I tried to keep the peace between the guys. But then, as we were filing out of our lines across from each other, Embry caught my eyes full on. He gasped as they made contact, and I then noticed how beautiful his golden brown (with little white webs) eyes were.

"V!" Aaron called out as he walked up the aisle through the small crowd. "Hey, sorry I was late, Sap wanted me to help her pick out her outfit for tomorrow, and I got caught up in all those clothes!" he seemed truly scared.

"Well, let's go over there. I'm sure you left her in shambles. I'll follow behind on my bike, k?" I asked as we walked towards the door with his arm casually around me. We've been friends for years, so I was used to it. It was comforting.

"Venus!" I heard a deep voice boomed from behind us. Embry jogged to catch up with us.

"What do you want?" I sneered.

"Be nice!" Aaron elbowed me in the boob.

"Thanks for hitting my boob!" I said loudly, covering it with my hands.

"Crap, sorry. I'll just… wait outside." he backed away from Embry.

"Thanks for scaring my friend off." I looked up at him.

"Yeah, well, your boyfriend has a staring problem." I busted out into hysterical laughter at that one.

"Aaron… my…? Boyfriend…?" I laughed out between giggles. Kim and Jared walked up behind him as I leaned over holding my ribs.

"I told you they were just friends." she rolled her eyes.

"Whatever," he glared at her, earning two glares, one back from her and one from Jared. "What I was going to tell you was to be careful."

"Yeah, road rash would look bad in the wedding pictures." I called over my shoulder as I made my exit.