His warm breath fluttered my cheek, his shaky hands holding my face gently. His head leaned down towards me, my chin tilted up. Our noses bumped and our breathing mixed into one smooth river. His soft lips skimmed my cheeks, my nose, my mouth kept trying to capture his within, it was too difficult, he was teasing me. Making me wait for something I'd wanted all along. A real kiss.

"Edward..." I whispered, his lips getting closer to the destination. He smiled slightly, my hands reached up and held either side of his face. My thumbs skimmed his soft cheeks, the stubble scratching slightly.

"Let me work my magic." His words left butterflies in my tummy, his melodic voice giving me chills. Our lips came to close contact, my fingers teasing his hair. Edward's forehead pressed to mine and I leaned up on my tippy toes.

"Edward please kiss me." I begged. I sounded totally pathetic but I couldn't bare to be rejected at this point. He told me he loved me. He told me he wanted me. All for himself, to be his girlfriend. Those words I had waited to hear since the eighth fucking grade we're now coming true.

"My pleasure." His warm, amazingly gentle touch was enough to comfort me as his lips met with mine. Experimental. Testing the waters. He pressed his lips harder into mine, begging me to kiss him back. I gladly obliged, finally giving into my heart.

"That should have been our first kiss." He whispered completely breathless, I couldn't agree more Edward.

Isabella Maria Swan is the sister of Emmett Swan. He loves her more than anything and is way over protective. Edward Anthony Cullen. The love interest. The wantee. Bella has been in love with him since as long as she could remember, but what happens when he finally begins to show an interest in her? Will what they're feeling be locked away forever, or will wings grow and love spark between the two?