~Bella's POV~

"Bella can you come help me set up the booth?" Vinny asked popping his head into mine and Edward's bunk. I was currently reading and Edward was passed out next to me snoring loudly. I smiled and nodded.

"Sure be right out." I whispered. He smiled before leaving. I marked my book page and put it under the pillow carefully before petting Edward's hair and kissing his forehead gently. I got out of the bunk slowly so the movement wouldn't wake Edward up and I grabbed my ID pass, hooking it and the rest of my keys onto my back pocket and checking for my cell phone before walking out of the bus. It's sunset, the show starts at seven. I find Vinny and see he is already at work getting the booth set up so I skip over and help him some more.

"Sorry to cut your break short, I wouldn't have asked if I didn't need it." Vinny apologized as I grabbed the table with him and set one up. I waved it off and adjusted the huge tent.

"It's ok really, I understand. We're in this together, I don't mind. I was just reading anyways." I replied laughing. Vinny chuckled too. I grabbed some shirts, hoodies, stickers and other merch neatly placing the piles across the large table cloth. Vinny hung up the different merch to expose what the customers can buy and I set up the chairs for me and him and if any of the guys decide to pop in. They usually do meet and greet here anyways unless it gets too crowded, then they do it somewhere else. Either way they always make sure the fans know, that way no one goes home disappointed. My cell phone started vibrating in my pocket and ringing, playing Edward's ringtone. I grab it and click accept.

"Yes Edward?"

"Baby where are you? I woke up and you weren't lying next to me?" He sounded sleepy so I figured he had just woken up. He sounded adorable. I smiled to myself.

"I'm outside helping Vinny set up the booth, I didn't want to wake you up, you need as much rest as you can before the set."

"No, it's fine, I'll be down in a few." I giggled.

"Ok if you say so."

"I love you."

"I love you too Eddie." I hang up and Vinny shakes his head laughing too.

"I swear he is such a spaz, if he doesn't see you he instantly freaks out. It's actually kind of cute how attached he is to you, none of us have ever seen Edward like that with a girl before." He explained. I sighed.

"Yeah definitely, I know he never acted like this with Tanya, he's more clingy with me, but in a good way. I like that he gets jealous and I like that he's so protective and wants to know where I am because honestly I don't feel smothered at all. I love being around him." I said. He smiled at me.

"You guys are definitely in love, I don't think I've ever seen anything like it before." I shrugged with a blush and I heard Edward coming because he was jingling due to his keys and ID badge.

"Hello sexy people! I have arrived to make this tent go 100 degrees hotter." Edward greeted us with a smirk and leaning his elbows on the table. I placed my hands on either side of him and looked down.

"Hello sir can I help you?" He smirked wider.

"Yes, yes you can young lady. You can give poppa bear a sweet kiss right here." He pouted his lips our indicating he wanted his lips kissed. I giggled. I leaned down and pecked them.

"Yes! Success! Are you guys done yet? The show is supposed to start soon." He asked. I looked at Vinny and he nodded.

"Yeah we're done so we can watch the show from backstage. Well your guys set anyways. You go get set up since your on soon we'll be right there." I stated.

"Promise?" Edward questioned. I smiled and hooked my pinkie with his before kissing them both.

"Pinkie promise, now go, rock the stage. I'll be watching." He kissed me softly and hugged me before skipping away. I laughed at my boyfriend, he can be such a retard sometimes but that's ok. He's a goof and I love him dearly. He is my exact match, he's someone I want to spend the rest of my life with.


The guys were rocking that stage. Harder than ever before. Maybe because it was the first show of a fucking rocking tour? Maybe because they were just so excited and needed to un-leash the energy? Maybe it's because they each had two red bulls before coming on stage? Yeah, that's why. I laughed listening to Edward and Emmett's dialogue in-between each song, it gets funnier and funnier every time.

"So Emmett, what do you think of me and Bella dating? She is your baby sister after all?" Edward asked with a smirk. The crowd cheered when they heard my name. Emmett scrunched his face up.

"It's fucking gross! You guys are like wild monkey's, always sexing each other up or making fucking Hallmark cards! I get no room to breathe!" Emmett exclaimed. Edward laughed and the rest of the crowd did too.

"Aww but she's just so wonderfully sexy! I can't even explain! She's doing weird things to my tummy." Edward patted his stomach for effect and pouted his lips, he had said that in a baby voice. Emmett smiled.

"Butterflies, she giving him butterflies. Better than giving Edward a funny, he's gone on stage with a boner before ya know? It was hilarious! His guitar bumped into him and he moaned!" Emmett pointed out. The crowd screamed, wooting Edward on.

"Oh yeah you know it, I accidently moaned Bella's name out which was pretty bad because her and I were not dating yet and I was still with my ex-girlfriend. But it was worth it!" I blushed and hid my face in my hands.

"Alright guys this is a song about Bella, I love that girl to pieces and I always have. She's always been my best friend. There were hard times, back in high school after my brother passed I had built up strong walls around me, I didn't let anyone in and I was always screaming at my friends claiming they were talking shit about me, I guess I was just paranoid. Bella, Bella was there for me. Even when I told her to leave me the fuck alone or to go jump off a cliff, she was there. I can never express my gratitude towards her because even then it wouldn't be enough. She broke down my walls, she's got this way...this way that she takes me. I love you baby, this is for you." The beginning of "Walls" began playing and I felt my eyes water.

"Hey there it's good to see you again,
It never felt right calling this "just friends".
I'm happy, if you're happy, with yourself.

Take off your shirt, your shoes,
those skinny jeans I bought for you.
We're diving in, there's nothing left to lose.

I'm gonna break down these walls, (down these walls) I built around myself.
I wanna fall so in love (so in love), with you, and no one else,
Could ever mean half as much, to me as you do now.
Together we'll move on, just don't turn around,
Let the walls break down.

I used to wear you like a ball and chain,
I'd run and hide at the call of my name.
It was obvious you were too much for me.
Oblivious, I was young and horny.

In retrospect, I wouldn't do it again.
Stop talking shit to every one of your friends
I'm not the same boy you knew back then...

'Cause I can break down these walls, I built around myself.
I wanna fall so in love, with you, and no one else,
Could ever mean half as much, to me as you do now.
Together we'll move on, just don't turn around,
Let the walls break

I can't breathe, my body's shaking.
You've got a way with the way you take me,
'Cause you break me down,
You know you break me down...

I'm gonna break down these walls, (down these walls) I built around myself.
I wanna fall so in love, (so in love) with you, and no one else,
Could ever mean half as much, to me as you do now.
Together we'll move on, just don't turn around,
Let the walls break down.

Break down these walls, I built around myself.
Let the walls break down. (break down these walls)
'Cause you break me down, (cause you break me down, cause you break me down)
Let the walls break down."

Edward looked at me several times throughout the song, he pointed at me sometimes and would smile or wink. I was so happy, my heart was racing and my butterflies were going wild. When they finished off with "Remembering Sunday" two songs later and they rushed off stage Edward ran towards me and picked me up in the biggest hug ever. I wrapped my legs around his waist and squeezed him. We kissed repeatedly, over and over, my hands on his face his on my ass steadying us.

"I love you so much Edward. I love you so fucking much, thank you for giving me the wildest, craziest time of my life. Through the good and bad, we've made it through and I am so happy to be a part of you life." I whispered. Edward was smiling wide.

"I love you more, you can't even imagine what you do to me. Ever since we first met, things just clicked. Fell into place when I met you. You've always been there for me and I love you for that. I'll always love you. Thank you for giving me a chance, you've completed me in ways you can't even imagine." He replied in a hushed tone. Our lips brushed as he spoke, I kissed him again. Bad times. Good times. Edward and I have been through them all. I can't even imagine my life without Edward Cullen. Because any time without Edward isn't worth imagining.

Edward Anthony've got a way with the way you take me.

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