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I was 16 when I first met him. He was a year older than me back then, 17 to be exact. I never told anyone about him, except of course, all of those who were this us too at the time.


"Hey guys, you know what today is?" Maka said excitedly.


"It's the anniversary of when we all decided to live together!" Maka beamed a smile at all of them.

Maka (16), Tsubaki (18), Liz (18), and Patty (17) were all sitting around a table at a nearby café, having their lunch. Two years ago, they all decided to leave their homes, getting fed up with their parents, and live together all in the same apartment. Well apartments because one was for Maka and Tsubaki and the other was for Liz and Patty. They all had well paying jobs, enough to let them get by with rent and other necessities and a few goodies now and then. Maka was a waitress at the café they were eating in, Tsubaki was a chef at the café, Liz and Patty both worked as cashiers at a nearby store which doesn't pay much but their dad supports them by sending them money every now and then. They are a rich family after all, the two sisters were just kicked out when they were young by their mom and forced to live on the streets. Their dad didn't like that and by the time they finally got divorced, the Thompson sisters had already grown accustomed to the free life. In the end, all 4 of them turned out to be a real bunch of rebels who happened to live next door with each other.

"That's right." Tsubaki agreed with a sweet smile.

"Let's celebrate!" Liz shouted as all 4 of them clanked their glasses together and downed it all in one gulp.

"Ahhh~" They all sighed.

"Hey sissy, what should we do?" Patty asked, tugging on her sister's shirt.

"Hmmm, we could go to a club." Liz suggested.

"Seriously…?" Maka said nervously. Out of all of them she was the least party-girl, but she was usually up for anything.

"But, aren't you guys tired of always going to those?" Tsubaki asked. She was the reasonable one and always worried about every little thing, but like Maka she was also up for anything.

"Nah they're a lot of fun!" Liz exclaimed, downing another gulp.

A waitress came up to them and handed them their food. It was a waitress Maka and Tsubaki knew of course, since they worked there.

"Here's your food." She said happily.

"Thanks Kim." Maka replied.

"Hey, sorry to eavesdrop but I overheard you guys needed something to do tonight?" Kim asked.

"Yeah, got any ideas?" Liz asked.

"Hmmm, well I hear there's this really fancy gala at the plaza down the street." She said. "Maybe you guys could go there."

"Please Kim, you have to be invited to one of those things." Maka said sadly.

Liz and Patty looked at each other and showed off an impressive evil grin. Liz looked back at Maka. "Who said we needed to get invited?" She said in a mysterious tone.

"Well it's high end stuff like people were stuff fancier than prom dresses so I guess she assumed-" Tsubaki defended Maka,

Liz laughed. "How about we bust into that place and do a little party crashing."

"WHAT?" Tsubaki and Maka screamed simultaneously, attracting a few faces. The people that looked at them quickly shrugged and went back to their own business, eating their own food.

"Come on! Come on! Come on!" Patty said excitedly.

"I…I don't know about this. I mean breaking in, we can get arrested for it can't we?" Maka asked.

Liz took another sip. "Whatever, dad will just bail us out." She set her Coke on the table and smiled. "Besides, it's perfect. Patty and I've got dresses for the both of you back when we were your age."

"What do you mean?" Tsubaki asked.

Liz sighed. "We've told you this before remember? How our parents used to make us go to those things before, we 'left'." She put quotes around the word, reminding them of how they'd been kicked out for a while.

"But Maka-!" Patty said, pointing to the green-eyed girl's chest.

"Ugh Patty!" She complained. She didn't really like it when they brought up their chest because she was the only one who was, underdeveloped.

"Well get it hemmed or something." Liz said carelessly.

Tsubaki thought about it for a while. "Actually it doesn't sound that bad to be honest." She confessed.

"T-Tsubaki?" Maka exclaimed, surprised at her usually quiet friend's decision.

"Come on Maka, live a little." Liz taunted.

She thought about it for a while. She concluded that the pros outweighed the cons, in her eyes. "O-Okay…" She hesitantly agreed. "I mean, the worst that could happen is jail right?"

"That's the spirit!" Liz exclaimed. "Now let's get outta this dump, it's time to dress fit you guys." They all stood up to leave, leaving the money on the table.

"Makeover! Makeover!" Patty screamed all the way out of the café.


"Hold still please, I'm almost done."

A white-haired boy grumbled and finally stopped fiddling long enough for the tailor to finish fitting his suit.

"There, all done. I'll go tell the Madam." And with that, the tailor left.

He stared at himself in the mirror with those crimson eyes, then used the mirror to see his blue-haired friend standing behind him.

"Sorry for bringing you into this Black Star." He apologized and turned to face his friend.

"Geez man don't sound so gloomy!" He yelled. "We're gonna be the life of the party! They should feel lucky we're even going to liven this stupid gala up!" He laughed loud and obnoxiously.

The other boy smiled, showing off sharp teeth, at his friend's usual behavior, complimenting himself or both of them together.

Black Star walked next to him and put his arm around his neck and put his friend in a headlock.

"Stop being so depressed Soul! All the ladies are gonna love ya!" He laughed obnoxiously again.

"Black Star, please let go of my son." A demanding voice came out from nowhere.

"Yeah yeah! I was about to get changed anyways!" He shouted. Leaving the room so it was just Soul and….

"Mother." He glared at her. "Did you need something?"

"Now now Soul, behave for once and show a nicer face." She teased, walking over to him. "This tux looks like it fits you well, the tailor did a good job."

Soul looked down at his black pants, black coat, red dress shirt, and black tie.

"Though those colors look a little depressing…" His mom said with fake sadness.

"I like these colors." He shot back.

"Anyways Soul…" She began to walk out of the room. "You better make sure Black Star stays under control this time. And Wes is performing so try not to bug him too much."

Of course, she's always favored Wes over me. He thought. "Whatever." He said sternly and faced his back to her, a sign she understood to mean 'leave', and so she exited the room.

"Man, what's wrong with that woman. She doesn't seem to understand you can't keep Black Star under control!" Black Star said, pointing to himself as he entered the room.

Soul sighed, walked over to the couch and plopped right down on it.

"I need to escape this life…." He groaned.

Black Star walked over to him and put one hand on his shoulder. "Dude, you need to get a girl!"

Soul smirked. "Shut up."


"Fancy girl transformation, complete!" Liz exclaimed, taking one last look in the mirror. She was wearing a long, skinny cream colored dress.

"Wow sis you look so high class!" Patty complimented. Patty was wearing the same thing, but in yellow.

Liz turned around. "Maka! Tsubaki! Get out here! I wanna see those dresses!"

From behind a curtain, the two emerged together slowly, a little uncomfortable. They both had never worn something this fancy before.

"Wow guys you look so high class!" Patty complimented.

Maka was wearing a long black dress that stopped right at her ankles. Tsubaki was wearing a long navy blue dress that went a little past her knee.

"Well, I didn't expect it but they fit you guys perfectly! Even Maka!" Liz said happily.

"Do you think they'll let us in?" Maka asked nervously.

"Why wouldn't they, look at us!" Tsubaki exclaimed. Maka stared at her surprisingly, she had never seen her friend so excited to do something this bad before.

Liz grabbed her purse, the others following her lead, and she showed them out of the door. Once they were on the first floor of the apartment building, they exited out the entrance doors and waiting for them, was a black stretch limo.

"Liz, Patty, you ordered a limo, just for this…?" Maka asked.

"You should know by now Maka, when we break in, we go all out." Liz answered as if it was second nature.

"Let's get in!" Tsubaki said, smiling from ear to ear.

The chauffeur opened the doors for them, letting them each get inside. So this is what a limousine looks like on the inside Maka thought amazing!

"Where to miss?" The chauffeur asked.

"The Plaza somewhere down this street." Liz replied.

"All right."

The car began its way to the Plaza.


"Oh, it looks like we arrived a little late." Tsubaki said, looking at the clock on the wall.

"Hmmm, at this point if we walk in others will probably notice us a little more." Liz stated, sounding a little troubled.

"What should we do~~?" Patty asked.

"M-Maybe we should just leave." Maka said, her mind completely filled with nervousness.

"But, we've gotten this far!" Patty yelled.

"Shh! We should be quiet in a place like this." Tsubaki covered Patty's mouth.

They all huddled together at the entrance of the plaza.

"All right plan B." Liz grabbed a nearby map of the ballroom. "It looks like there's a small sitting room somewhere in the ballroom, like a giant closet if you will." She studied the map more closely. "Patty and I are Thompsons, we should get in without any problems. Tsubaki, you go with Maka outside. It looks like there's a window on the side of the building here, so if you go through this window you should be in the ballroom's 'closet' then just enter through there. Call us when you're there so that once we're inside we can open the sitting room door and the window for you guys and let you guys in."

"Why don't you just tell them we're with you so they have to let us in?" Tsubaki asked, being the reasonable person.

"This is a high class party, they're really picky about who goes in or out." Liz exclaimed. "Besides, it's a lot more fun the way you and Tsubaki are going in! What an adrenaline rush! I want to break in through the window!" Liz began to complain.

"You're really something else Liz, I'll give you that." Maka complimented.

"Plan! Commence!" Patty shouted.

"Patty shut up!" Liz covered her mouth.


"No no no I can't do this!" Maka pleaded.

"Maka, it's not that bad." Tsubaki encouraged, smiling. "It's us four's anniversary, let's enjoy it!"

They were walking outside, Maka covering her bare arms with her hands to keep warm. Tsubaki looked at the map, turning it clockwise and counter-clockwise to find out where they were outside.

"Hey! I think we found it!" She exclaimed. "We have to sneak through these trees though."

"Oh great." Just then Maka's phone beeped and she picked up. "Hello? Oh, okay, just wait for us in there we're almost at the window. Kay, bye."

"Was that Liz?"

"Yeah, they're in the sitting room."

"In that case we should hurry." And they quickened their pace.

Not too far from the window, Maka was suddenly stopped, her body wouldn't move forward. Tsubaki, free to walk forward, turned around, curious to see what had stopped her friend.

"Crap! My shoe got stuck on a branch!" Maka was trying to pull her leg out of the crumbles of wood that had fallen down and grabbed her heels.

"Here, let me help." Tsubaki walked over to her.

Another call, this time Tsubaki picked up. "Hello?"

"Hurry guys, people are starting to suspect us!" Liz whispered.

"Maka's shoe is stuck, she can't move!" Tsubaki said.

"Alright, I'm just going to leave the window open for you guys. Call me when you're in."

"Kay, bye."

Tsubaki hung up and resumed helping her friend.

"I'm sorry Tsubaki, I'm holding you back. Just go on ahead I'll meet you later."

"But your shoe!"

"I'll get it out eventually, I don't want to keep you from having fun so just go meet up and tell them what happened kay?"

Tsubaki pouted, but she got up and turned around. "Okay…you sure?"

Maka smiled. "Yeah, just go."

"Alright. Be careful!" Tsubaki waved bye as she headed for the window.

Maka looked back at her leg. "Damn shoe." She told it.



The snow-haired boy turned around, holding a glass of wine, seeing his blue haired friend running towards him, clothes completely ignored. The tie was barely tight and his shirt was untucked, his jacket only partially buttoned.

"What?" He asked.

"I've been looking everywhere for you! Where've you been?"

He sighed. "Just around."

Black Star raised an eyebrow. "Is something bothering you?"

Soul took a sip of his wine. "Hey, you know what pisses me off?"

Black Star was surprised at his sudden angry tone, but it only spiked his curiosity. "What?"

"All these people here are talking and eating like there's nothing wrong just because they have money and fame." He took another sip. "They haven't even noticed I'm underage drinking, and you know why?" He pointed his wine at his friend. The question was rhetorical, he had not expected an answer anyways. "Because it's wrong, and they don't care about what's wrong, as long as it doesn't involve them. Just take my brother for example, he's up there working his ass off to please this crowd. They don't care how much he's worked, as long as the music he ends up playing for them is good they're pleased. That's what pisses me off."

A/N: Sorry if I offended anyone who's rich. I've been to a gala myself and even though no one was acting like that I felt like that's how everyone should have been acting, well based on what I saw in Titanic. Sorry!

"Oi what are you babbling about? That made absolutely no sense! There was no point in that!"

Soul placed his empty wine glass on the tray of a passing butler and grabbed another one off the tray.

"Don't have too much." Black Star nagged.

"To me it makes sense. These people know who I am, they know about my piano playing. They don't care how long it took me to get to the level I'm at now, as long as what I play for them is good. But that's just it, it isn't good. It sucks, A LOT. They're all just too blind to see that Wes and I are on completely different levels."

"I don't see how that would make you mad."

Soul took another sip. "I'm sick and tired of it all…" He muttered.

Black Star raised an eyebrow. "You know, there's this room over by that wall, you should go there to 'escape' or whatever you call it." He suggested. "But don't be in there for too long, who knows how long you'll last without seeing this shining face!" He gleamed another smile.

Soul smiled back. "Thanks." He put his hand on his shoulder. "And don't worry, I'll try to prevail." He teased.

After Soul left, Black Star noticed something from the corner of his eye. His vision had caught 2 blondes and a black haired girl, walking out of the room Soul was headed too.

"Well heellloooo." He taunted himself.


"Wahhh…." Maka groaned, now bare foot walking on the ground to the window, which was only a few feet away from her now. "I guess I had to take them off in the end…" She was sad, she liked wearing them.

She walked up to the window, it was wide open, but it was dark inside except for one light in the corner of the room. S-Scary… she thought to herself. Maybe I should have asked Tsubaki to stay with me. She sighed. Oh well, what's done is done.

She pulled out her cell phone and texted Liz to meet her at the room because she was there. Liz texted back with an 'okay, but it might take a while. We're completely on the other side.'

She put her phone in her purse and began climbing through the window. She started with her right foot, she slid it into the opening and leaned over to get the rest of her body in. She had her left leg still hanging halfway outside, her right hand was inside, holding the shoes, and her left hand was on the windowsill for balance. Her upper bpdy was flat against the windowsill as she was ducking her head down to get in, the space barely big enough for her to fit through. For once, I'm happy I'm flatchested. She thought to herself. It made it easier for her to squeeze into the opening. A disgusted look came across her face. Wait…no. Nevermind.

While she was getting her leg through the opening, her dress caught onto the window and flew up, an immediate breeze hitting under the dress. Crap, the back is stuck on the window! It was above her head, her underwear completely visible to anyone who would walk in. The only thing outside the window now was her head, her hands on the window's hook above her head so she could untangle her dress from it's stuck position, both legs standing inside.

"Oi, what are you doing."

It was an unfamiliar voice that she heard, it was a little low, but it didn't sound like an old guy. However, the voice definitely belonged to a boy. Her underwear was out in the open for everyone to see, her dress flown up like Marilyn Monroe if she had not held her white dress down over the vent.

Completely terrified of what she would find, her head slowly turned, to see a white-haired boy sitting on a couch right behind her. He was slouching, one arm over the back of the couch and the other arm holding a wine glass. His leg was on top of the other leg, like the guy version crossing legs. He looked tired, his eyelids half closing over his crimson eyes. The room was dark yes, but she could see him clearly due to the fact he was sitting right next to the only light source, a lamp on a small table next to the couch.

He was staring at her with those eyes, in the direction of her revealed undergarment. Maka blushed like crazy, Crap! He can see my underwear full on! Her fiddling increased. Come on! Unhook unhook! She begged.

"Plain white underwear? How uncool." He chuckled a little.

He got off of the couch, putting his wine on the table next to the lamp. He had one hand in his pocket as he walked over to her, the other hand on his head as he yawned, a sign of boredom.

"D-don't come near me!" Maka screamed, trying to kick him with her legs.

All he did was smirk, amused by how embarrassed she was, revealing his shark-tooth grin.

What's this guy thinking? Maka panicked.

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