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"You tells you the smart thing to do. You tells you what you're going to do anyways."

"Sometimes we build walls up not to keep people out, but to see who cares enough to knock them down."

"Eight out of ten people think that the first kiss indicates how the rest of the relationship will be."

"So this is the real you."

"You know, I'm not the kind of person who will tell people how I feel most of the time. But for some reason, it comes so easily when it's you."

I really did change him for the worst. Worst fear, realized. I guess this was goodbye.

"It's not like that with you!"

And then…

…he kissed me.

Maka POV

I can't react. How could a girl possibly react to something like that? I mean, I should have seen this coming… it's the most cliché thing in a summer romance. In the middle of fighting when I'm about to break all ties with him, he brings me back in with a kiss. Yeah, I should have predicted he'd pull something like this. A guy like him? Wow, I feel idiotic.

Then again, I was also experiencing a high on ecstasy which gladly overpowered my insecure feelings.

And that's saying something. It's not like I haven't kissed before, I dated Hiro for a freaking long time for crying out loud! It'd be a social crime to not have kissed in that period of time. But honestly, Hiro couldn't even reach the level of this kiss.

It was the best I ever had.

I guess the kisses in heated moments usually are.

This wasn't one of those kisses where the two people look into each others' eyes and they slowly lean in and get closer, and I didn't care one bit. This is the kind of relationship we have, if there is a relationship between us.

He had me by the waist when he pulled me closer to crash his lips to mine, and his arms were secured around said body part and escape from his grasp was beyond the bounds of possibility; not that I had any plans of leaving his arms. For the split second when my brain managed to process what he did my eyes were wide open and I wanted to punch him and kick him every way possible to put him into a coma. But then a second passed since he closed the gap between our lips and my heart skipped a beat when I fully realized what had happened.

I can't explain it, but my eyes naturally closed and I kissed back, pushing my lips more on him than the vice versa. In what little room he gave me, I managed to wrap my arms around his neck only to quickly move them to grab the collars of his suit jacket.

The kiss put us both in a stand still together. We stayed like this for a few more seconds until we both broke it and slowly moved our faces a few centimeters apart. My hands fell down and wrapped themselves around his waist and he brought both palms of his hands up to cup my cheeks before he spoke.

"Maka, I'm not bullshitting you. I just don't want to not see you again." He whispered. "I like you too much."

It was in that moment, I fell in love with Soul Evans.

I hate to admit defeat, but I've given in to my emotions. I once read a quote somewhere, about the difference between the mind and the heart. Your mind tells you the right thing to do and your heart tells you what you're going to do anyways. I never thought it'd actually apply to my life.

It wasn't just a summer romance.

And even if it was, it'd be the best damn summer I'd ever have. Ever.

But of course, my insecurities got in the way, as did my conscience, my mind, and either impulse or habit. I put my walls back up.

"Soul, you can do so much better than me. Look at everything you have, and I'm just a regular worker who lives in an apartment the size of your bathroom and I live a delinquent life and…" I sighed and leaned my forehead to his chest, as he let his hands fall away from my cheeks and slowly wrapped his arms around my shoulders, pulling me closer into a huge. His arms were loose around my shoulders, giving me space but I still felt like if anything happened, I was protected. "…I'm scared."

We stood there, frozen in a comfortable silence as he let me have a short pause to gather my thoughts.

"Scared of what?" He asked me.

I sighed again, frustrated from being confused with my own thoughts. "I don't know. Worried about being in love or something like that, disapproval, maybe I'm actually terrified this might not work-don't laugh at me!"

He continued to laugh loudly but quietly so no one else could hear and I pulled my head and upper body a few inches away from him, because that's as far as he would allow me to distance myself from him, and gave myself enough room to lightly punch his torso with my fists.

"Seriously this isn't funny!" I complained as I tried to push him away from me and I couldn't help but start to laugh with him because his was just too freaking adorable.

"Alright alright, stop hitting me!" He said through chuckles as I finally managed to push him away from me. I had already stopped laughing but I had this stupid smile plastered onto my face and I honestly could not help but have that smile.

His arms fell to his side as I pushed him a few feet away and he watched, smirking from afar as I fixed my dress and turned my body away from him. My smile turned into a blank expression as I pretended to sound more upper class. "I'm going back to the party."

"Aw come on Maka I was kidding!" He tried holding in another smile but he couldn't help and I saw his lips quivering as he also tried to suppress another round of laughing.

"Nope, I'm mad now." I said jokingly and had my own troubles trying to hold in laughter. I began to walk away with my back to him and fake anger, as I intended to rejoin my friends in the ballroom.

Before I could even get a few feet farther away from him he wrapped one strong arm around my waist from behind me and pulled me back into him. He placed his other arm around me too and had me trapped in a tight hug, laughing mercilessly as he made sure I wouldn't be able to leave him.

I began to laugh too, I mean how could I possibly hold it in? My back was to his chest and he leaned his head over my shoulder as I laughed with him and put my hands on his arms to bring them tighter around me. I was sure. Our relationship was very comfortable and it definitely felt that way since all we needed was laughter and I felt just fine. I didn't tell him that I liked him, but I had this strange feeling that he already knows I feel the same way, kind of like silent telepathy.

However, I believe it's too early to say I'm completely in love with him, even though I'm convinced I already fell in love with him.

It's only been a few days since we first met, I have to admit I feel a little whoreish even though I know I'm not. If we got along this well in such a short amount of time, surely it has to be something good. Maybe we're actually rushing things, I would like to have known the guy longer before we kissed, I mean that's the rational thing to do. Not that I cared about others opinions on our situation, and even though my friends are one hundred percent behind me no matter what I do, but I couldn't help but feel that maybe this is all impulse and that it's just some small one week thing because we're both convincing ourselves we need someone and that for the first person who comes up to us with even the slightest bit of possible attraction to us, we'd take that chance on them; and that's what happened.

I've been cheating myself all this time, persuading myself that I like him. I'm a million percent sure that I'm attracted to him, but have I just been using him to fill a void that Hiro left to me? I've been telling myself no, that's not what I've been subconsciously doing. I've been convincing myself it's just a small summer romance, and that I should just go with it since this'll only last for a small time. But there's another feeling tugging inside of me, and I don't know what it is, but it's contradicting everything I've been seducing myself into believing.

"Here, come with me." He whispered into my ear and took my hand.

He started walking away with me before I could say anything.

Yay, another trip through the maze.

He had his back to me as he pulled me around his mansion. I watched from behind as he turned his head left and right, looking down hallways for something and trying to maneuver around his house. It was amazing to see that someone was actually smart enough to remember the entire floorplan of this mansion. I guess in one sense, I'd rather live in my small apartment. It was easy to move around and I didn't have to unwillingly get a workout from just walking around my house whenever I want to go from my bedroom to my kitchen.

We stopped somewhere on the highest floor of the mansion. At least I think it's the highest floor, because we climbed a shitload of stairs. Are there elevators in this house? We were faced in front of a double door. There wasn't anything particular about this door, I mean, it's a door. Should it be anymore special? He let go of my hand to use his own two hands and open both doors inwardly together. He casually strolled on into the enormous room and began untying his tie, walking towards something I though to be like a huge desk.

I slowly walked into the room, and took in a huge breathe.

The ceiling had to be about twenty feet high at least. There was so much open space I could run laps around this room. I saw a bed that was about two times bigger than a king bed and a TV with a sound system I'm sure was more advance than movie theaters. There wasn't a whole lot to see, so I was surprised about that. What I did notice, as it stuck out like a sore thumb, was the biggest, glossiest, blackest grand piano I've ever seen. It was shoved into a small corner of the room. I'm honestly surprised I even noticed it at all, it kind of looked like he was trying to hide it. Again, I'm not surprised.

"This is my room."

Yeah, I figured. It definitely had his scented aura all over the place. In a very good way.

I instantly became flushed. "W-Wait! Look, we practically just met, I don't think we should-"

He smirked, trying to hold in another chuckle. "Relax, I'm just getting a new shirt." He slid his tie off from around his neck. "You wrinkled mine." And as if to prove his point he began unbuttoning his shirt, which in my opinion actually backs up what I just said in some sort of way, but whatever.

"Oh please, don't be a wuss. It's not that noticeable." I commented as I finally made it to the bed and sat down, trying to test how comfortable it was. I jumped up and down, hmm, slightly bouncy.

"Tough parents. Tough crowd." He shrugged off his dress shirt, threw it on a nearby chair, and headed towards a closet. "I might as well be wearing a tattoo on my forehead saying 'just kissed the girl I love.'"

I slightly cringed as he disappeared into the closet room. "Well, I wouldn't say love…"

He walked backwards and stuck his head out from his closet, laughing at me. Again. "Chill, I'm just playing." He went back into the closet and his voice sounded muffled now. "You really need to learn to embrace my humor."

"Ha-ha. You're hilarious." I said sarcastically, having to shout due to our surprisingly great distance apart.

He came back out, already clad in a new upper body wardrobe. He was finishing tying his tie back on when he came back out. He shoved his hands in his pockets as he walked out. I stood up from the bed and we started walking towards each other. It looked like he was getting impatient at how long it took for us to reach each other, so he leaned forward as far as he could, grabbed my wrist, and pulled me too him. Not that I was against it or anything.

I moved my hands to his tie and tried to flatten it a little more. "So, will I get to hear you play?" I asked and turned my head to the piano.

He groaned and put one hand behind his head. "Maka, you can ask anything of me. Anything, but that."

I raised an eyebrow. Wow, I didn't know that. "Okay then. Can you sing for me?" I smiled.

He groaned again. "That too."

I pouted. "Geez you're no fun."

"If it makes you feel any better, I'd do jumping jacks in a bikini if you asked." He laughed.

"Ew I can't believe you put that picture in my mind!" I laughed with him. "And for the record, no. It doesn't make it any better."

"Worth a shot."

He hugged me for a second and then tried to escort me out of his room. I stopped him before we could even take a step further. "What? No grand tour of your room?" I asked with fake offense.

He sighed and rubbed the back of his head. He pointed. "Bed." He pointed. "Desk." He pointed. "Closet." He pointed. "Door to bathroom." He pointed. "TV. There, now let's go back."

I reluctantly went back with him out of his bedroom. I thought the experience of walking into his famous huge bedroom would have been, a little more epic. I took one last look before we completely exited. It was definitely about twice as big as my apartment, so I could only imagine the size of the bathroom that lies behind the door he pointed out to me. I was a little disappointed at how his room looked. It seemed like either his family or his maids slash butlers decided how his room looked. I expected it to be decked out in all things Soul, not Soul Evans. But I guess, since it was a part of the Evans Mansion, he didn't have a say in how his bedroom should be while he slept.

I guess that was proof enough of hisrestricted lifestyle he's tried ever so hard to explain to me. Note the sarcasm; guy's too vague to ever give me a straight forward explanation. I felt kind of bad for him. I couldn't imagine not being able to decorate my own room to mirror my personality. It wouldn't feel like my room. It'd feel like I was in some luxury hotel room, and that I wouldn't be there long enough to make it my own.

And so, we returned to the party.

As much as I would have liked to, we separated our hands when we entered back into the ballroom. It was the same as when we had left it. Most of the young wealth of our society were either dancing together on the sacred wooden floor where the amazing tango had taken place or standing all about the place holding up glasses of alcohol no matter the age and conversing about who knows what. The older aristocrats were seated at tables and laughing obnoxiously as the smoked cigars and toasted each other on how great their lives were every minute with their glasses of stronger alcohol.

My friends and I were the small percentage who decided to hang around each other's company on the large balcony outside of the ballroom. We stood rather close the fenced edge of the balcony and Liz, Patty, Tsubaki, and I were completely astounded by our view of the city.

"We're so high up~!" Patty sang with drunken happiness.

A smirk tugged at Soul's lips as he brought another glass of wine up to it. "Makes me feel like a king."

I rolled my eyes. "Whatever you say Your Hiney." I stuck my tongue out.

"I'd rather you didn't bring my charming ass into this conversation." He mocked and rubbed his butt jokingly.

Liz made a sly grin on her face. "Maka'd tap that." She teased and started to laugh as I gaped at her blunt statement.

Even I started to laugh. "Nothing's ever serious with you." I commented to Liz.

"Sweetheart, I'm barely drunk right now. Talk to me when I'm sober." She giggled at her own humor and took another sip of a questionable alcohol which could either be expensive wine or cheap beer, with the latter being the most likely possibility, surprisingly.

"Classy, Liz." Tsubaki sincerely nagged.

The rest of the night went on like that, the seven of us laughing and talking and jeering at each other. It was a shame to realize that while Soul and I were, er…busy, we missed Wes' violin performance. After all, the gala was to celebrate his name in honor. I wish I'd been able to see it, but getting one step closer to his younger brother and closer to listening to him play the piano, I'd say it was worth the sacrifice.

At the end, Soul was called up to the stage to stand along side his family, and so the rest of us went back inside to watch. We walked in and finally found a good spot to spectate, and I suddenly became more anxious than originally planned to see them all in one place, standing together. And so they appeared on the stage.

It was like I was looking at a full body family portrait.

His father, his mother, his brother, and him, all stood in an orderly fashion with such posture and class I had to blink to make sure that the boy I'd been hanging with was the same one on the stage with his family. Seems I'd had to do that a lot tonight, because the difference in his alter egos was grand.

His father had broad shoulders and looked to be of a great build. He looked as handsome as his sons, only he seemed much stricter despite his smile greeting his guests. Soul had his father's eyes that much I was sure of. Although on his father they were the kind of eyes that looked like they could see through every lie and look right through you down to your very core, which I'm sure helped him to ascend to his social and political power aside from musical talents. Whereas on his sons they were just a very conspicuous physical character. He was definitely an older version of his sons, and maybe about a decade or two earlier he could have been extraordinarily gorgeous, I mean if freaking Wes and Soul came from him, I could only imagine.

His mother looked perfect in every way. Soul had his mother's hair color, only it looked about a million times better on her, I hate to say. Don't get me wrong it looks absolutely stunning on her sons, so one can only imagine what it looks like on her. Of course she is a woman and her sons are men so, it isn't a very fair comparison. When she spoke into the microphone her voice was sweet and definitely had an educated tone about it, whilst her husband's voice was extremely low and more of a wise soothing kind of gruff tone. She looked young, but I could only wonder how old she truly was.

His brother, Wes Evans. I've known him for years, indirectly of course. He's the most famous one in his family, and clearly the most favored. He looked like a teenage version of his father and a young adult version of Soul. However, seeing him in person gave me sort of a chilling thrill I would never have experienced from watching him on the television. He was much more handsome in person and by the way he spoke, thanking all the guests and his family, I could tell he was certainly the most kindest one of the family, even more than Soul I daresay.


Standing up there as poised as he could muster, Wes offered him the microphone but he had nothing to say so he rejected the offer. I looked at his parents reaction, and they seem pleased that he had refused to speak to the crowd of the wealth of Death City.

I was bewildered.

I had no idea his parents treated him like that. Like some… trophy child. It's like they only had Soul to tell society 'look here our son is a musical prodigy on the piano!' I wouldn't go as far as to say that his parents' attitudes disgusted me because I couldn't judge them, I didn't know them. But hell, they do not give off a very good first impression.

And with that, their speeches brought an end to a humble celebrations.

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