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Chapter One: What the Hell, Man?

Beat was having one of the worst days of his life. Probably THE worst.

During a race with Combo, the slowest of the GG's, he tripped and face planted right before placing first, and ended up being skated over from top to bottom by two hundred plus pounds on dead weight skates carrying a boom box, which was apparently very, very heavy.

As Beat got up with a bloody nose and tire tracks on his body and head, Combo merely replied with a "Sorry, didn't see you lyin' there, man." Before skating off to the nearest water fountain to rinse Beat's blood off his wheels. Such a KIND AND GENTLE individual… He grumbled to himself sarcastically; his sour mood apparent on his face.

But Beat broke his boom box countless times before, so he let it slide.

Yet to make things worse, as he clutched his nosebleed and started to skate limp to the garage, he spied a recently put up billboard. Beat had a vandal's high. A dire one at that.

Oh, all the beautiful art he could spray over that ad, his spray can was dying for it anyway. He gazed longingly at the billboard as his hand twitched toward his spray can. He heard police sirens nearby. Beat gulped and decided he could do this all under a minute; it could be a challenge for him. He shook the can violently and sprayed over the movie ad, his hand tightly clutched on the spray can as police sirens neared. He grinned before grinding down the billboard; he had finished it all under a minute. He couldn't wait to brag it to everyone else, then they could shut up about him losing a race to Combo, which he'd no doubt probably spit out by today. Before he knew it, he started to get too cocky as he spied an empty wall. A pure white, perfectly empty wall that cried out to him like the billboard earlier. He thought if he rushed, he could get this masterpiece finished too before the cops arrived. He readied himself to spray, his finger on the nozzle, but froze dead on. A gun's cold tip was pointed to his head. The cop cocked the gun, the cold metal twitching slightly as the motion ensued.

"Damn it." He grumbled under his breath.

"Arms on the wall." The cop said. He did as the cop said, dropping the can, and putting his hands on the wall. Then when the cop least expected it, Beat pushed off the wall, rolling backwards with his skates, the cop immediately falling on his back. Other cops shot at him as he speeded away. His heart was thumping, who the hell shoots at kids for tagging? Only hardcore Rokkaku cops for sure.

He laughed as he outraced them, turning his head to stick his tongue out, immediately skating off a ramp and plummeting into the lake ahead as he did. Who puts a FRICKIN' RAMP in front of a lake?

"Fuck, this starts off as the worst day of my life, and just when it gets better, I get soaked." He cursed as he drooled out water, insinuating each curse word loudly whilst trying to keep afloat with his skates weighing him down. They were pulling him down as fast as an anchor into the depths below.

To make this day at its absolute worst, as soon as he stepped out of the lake drenched, miserably wringing out of his clothes of water, it began to rain. "Oh for fuck's sake! This is utter shit… Why the fuck am I being so royally ass-fucked today!" He started to skate by soaked and cranky, not bothering to censor himself in front of the public's ears. Civilians nearby screamed and ran in sheer terror at the mere sight of him. Geez, he wasn't that ugly, was he?

After two minutes of civilians screaming circles around him, he decided he just couldn't take it anymore: "You think I'm going to rape you or something! Your grandmamas have more sex appeal!" That terrified them even more. He soon got to the point where he wanted to kill them. He started to charge at them in his skates, running everyone in sight over like bowling pins.

A smile spread across. That made him feel a little better, they now actually had a reason to scream at the mere sight of him, and a new lesson was learned in the process, nothing helps a bad mood than spreading it around as much as you can.

As he made it into the garage, he realized everyone was asleep and snoring. He seriously needed a watch. He threw off his skates unto the sofa and walked over to his room, clothes sagging. Beat stripped off his clothes and took a shower using up all the hot water he could. Whoever uses the shower first in the morning was going to get a cold surprise.

He first groaned at the sight of the bulge in his bed, it was probably Gum. He put on black sweatpants that dragged on the floor and a roomy orange T-shirt, and jumped into bed. Gum felt unusually warm, toasty, and soft. He hugged the bulge tightly. "Hey babe, ain't Corn going to get pissed if you keep coming to my bed?" No reply. "Why you being so cold?" No reply again. He held her even tighter. He could smell her hair. It smelled like vanilla or pistachio ice cream, his two favorite flavors. He usually hated her scent of that rancid perfume of dying cats she always wore. Today though, he was really comfortable with her. He actually wanted to give her a kiss. "Hey, you smell really nice. Makes me want you in my bed for once." He grumbled. There was no response again. He knew she wasn't asleep until she snored.

That irritated him.

He held her tightly, her body wincing a little. Beat gave her a lick on the ear, and started to trail down her neck with his lips. He sucked and bit into the frail, white skin, tasting the slight rusty tinge of blood as it left marks. He continued to kiss the back of her neck, his arms moving under the covers. The horny red head put a hot palm on her thigh and continued to move up from her shorts, tugging softly with his pinky as he did so, revealing sensitive skin. Her body trembled and he immediately grinned at the half response. "Scared, babe?" he whispered, breathing hotly into her ear, tickling it. He shifted his hand underneath her shirt, feeling up as much of the soft stomach as he could, when he started to move up towards the chest, Beat felt something fishy. She's… Kinda' flat…

That time, there was definitely a reply, an immediate one at that.

A horrified yell as the bulge shoved Beat off the bed and unto the cold floor. "Okay, sorry Gum, maybe I shouldn't have gone there, but you smell so pretty, and I had a bad day, so I'm sorry, baby." He apologized, his hands up at his sides in surrender. That was a strong shove for a girl who doesn't like to break nails.

"Who are you?" the voice in the dark screamed. Beat shuddered, that was definitely a boy's voice, and to make it even worse, he couldn't recognize it. Had he gotten drunk and snuck into someone else's house again? Never mind that Beat had just made it back from skating with no booze in his system. Never mind that Beat felt perfectly sane and sober right now, because all hell was going to break loose if there was a possibility he had just molested a stranger.

"I am so fucking sorry, man, I must have been drunk and wandered into the wrong house, I am so fucking sorry!" he yelled back, equally frantic as the other. As he ran for the door, the other reached for the light switch.

"Wait, wait a minute! Yo' man, you Beat?" he said, struggling in the dark, for the light switch. Beat's eyes widened and he stepped over to the stranger to turn on the switch. He could see his face now. He was a kid faced, kind of short boy with green hair and teal eyes. He had a mischievous smile that was practically a straight line with little indents at each end. Beat was taller than him by around four inches. He looked down at him, puzzled, mouth dry and agape.

"How do you know my name?" he asked.

"My name's Yoyo, man. I'm a newbie, just joined today, and Corn told me sumthin' bout a guy named Beat missing and stuff," he sneered.

Dang, he got over the molesting real quick… Was I that forgettable, THAT bad? , thought Beat. Wait, there was something off, he didn't have to be worrying his technique now. "Whoa, hold on! And he let you sleep in my bed!"

"Yeah, he decided to kick you out –" Yoyo replied until he got interrupted with a very cranky Clutch throwing a pillow at his face. He ruffled his red dreadlocks as he leaned unto the door's hinge.

"Hell, do you twinkies know what time it is?" he hissed, his voice groggy from sleep.

"What the hell, man, I'm gone for thirteen hours, and Corn's trying to kick me out!" Beat yelled. Clutch slapped a hand over his face annoyed.

"No, that Yoyo brat's just a big, fat liar. Just go to sleep, he didn't want to sleep on the sofa, because someone had apparently hidden pot and other crap underneath the seats. Brat didn't feel like getting high in his sleep." He grumbled, picking his eye for sand.

"Ugh, then why can't he sleep with you? Not only do you have a big room, you have a second bed!" Beat griped.

"Because I'm probably going to butt-rape the cute kid in my sleep. Haha, sleep-rape..." Clutch joked, no humor intended on his first statement. Yoyo stared wide eyed at him, and jumped into Beat's bed. Beat rolled his eyes. That's clearly the most perfect line you can pitch a kid when you don't want to be seen as a pervert. "On top of that, ha-ha, on top... I'm pretty sure most people would rather sleep with the drunk molester than a sleep rapist." He added, smirking madly. That sealed the deal for Yoyo; he was definitely staying in Beat's room.

"I really like this room, Beat. Peace and g'night." Yoyo said unclearly underneath the covers. Clutch's humor never caught on with kids.

"Ugh, alright, fine…" Beat gave up; he just wanted sleep now. He climbed under the covers and the smell of vanilla and pistachios still lingered in the air.

Wait until tomorrow when Yoyo and the others see the hickey on the noob's virgin neck, Beat thought. Soft, even breathing could be heard from Yoyo. Before he knew it, he was hugging Yoyo absent-mindedly.

Everything felt soothing and tranquil until a disturbing thought popped into the back of his head. Just how in the world had Clutch known that he had molested Yoyo just now?

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