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Chapter Six: Damn Cramps

"Are… We… There… Yet?" Yoyo grumbled, soaking in way too many UV rays that he wanted. Moments before, Clutch had attempted to hit Yoyo while clutching unto the steering wheel with his free hand. That hadn't worked out well, and he had visibly cooled down since then, choosing to ignore Yoyo's whines as the better man of the two. Soda had awakened from his sleep not too long ago.

"Hey, the lil' pipsqueak is right, Clutch. It's been three hours since we've begun driving out. I know you lost track of Combo's Jeep, but don't tell me you've lost the directions he printed out for us too." Soda murmured, his voice still groggy from sleep.

"Hm, you're taking too long, dude, just admit that you're lost AGAIN and we'll help you out." Beat added.

"No, no need for that! Because we – are – HERE!" Clutch yelled triumphantly, before pulling in at a parking spot.

"W-what?" Yoyo stumbled to his feet before grinning madly. "Damn, we're here!" But Yoyo's happiness was quickly fleeting. "Whoa, whoa, whoa, hold on a second, why didn't you say anything? You didn't even give us any hints that we were near..."

Corn grumbled. "C'mon, we're finally here, let's not pick a fight –"

"Dude, beachside parking is a nasty bitch." Clutch grumbled.

Corn's eyebrow perked into an arch at that statement. Now, it was his turn to be frustrated. "Wait… You wasted a fucking hour circling around the area until a beachside parking spot opened up? We have rocket skates in case you didn't notice, we could'a just skated toward the beach in zero time no matter how crappy the parking spot was!"

"My truck, my rules, dude, and by the way, it's a helluva' hot day, I ain't putting those thousand pound skates on, leader-man!"

"You asshole, you steal our graffiti souls when we first encounter you at our hangout, now you kill an hour of our time circling around for a measly parking spot?" Corn started to jab fingers violently.

"Oh-ho-ho! You could have gotten off early if you just looked around instead of smoking pot everyday, hippie!" Clutch fought back, jabbing with equal amounts of force with his fingers.

Yoyo watched with an amused expression before Beat dragged him away. "C'mon, let's just go…"

Yoyo's head snapped back at him eagerly. "Dude, let's boogie board!"

"Boogie board? What happened to surfing?"

"Dude, surfing's suicide, no thanks." He answered abruptly before giving Beat a friendly pat on the back.

"Oy, Moss Head, what took so long?" Rhyth approached him, tugging at his gangly limbs. Before he had time to respond, she pulled him over to the rest of the impatient looking gang.

"Whoa, Rhyth has sixth sense or something." Combo grumbled to himself while barbecuing a prime rib. "How else could she have known they were here?"

"Maybe the smell of burning rubber and rust on Clutch's shit-truck." Jazz sneered, bumping an elbow on the equally amused looking Cube laying beside her.

"What were you guys doing until we came?" Beat asked them. "Everyone looks so… Dry."

Garam approached them, trunks drenched, and freshly out of the water from surfing. "I'm the only one who actually went into the ocean, who actually did something. Everyone's still complaining about how hot it is to play volleyball or how cold it is to swim."

"Now that's no attitude for the ocean!" Boogie yelled. "Yoyo, Beat, surf with us!"

"Err… But it's suic-" Yoyo was interrupted to an equally eager Beat and Boogie clutching him at both sides. "Damn."

Rhyth sat criss cross, making a fancy sand castle, whilst watching Yoyo getting washed up on shore over and over again. She had a grin plastered on her face as she approached the coughing Yoyo. "Haha, no skills, boy!"

"Argh… Yo' Rhyth? I don't think surfing is for me. Wait – NOooooo!" He screamed as he was promptly dragged away by Beat and Boogie who were attempting to have him learn. After the twenty-fifth wash up, Boogie seemed done, and waved Beat and Yoyo off with a small goodbye before going with Garam and Rhyth for another surf run. "I don't know how you guys do it, man."

Beat gave him an easygoing grin. Yoyo was lying flat on his back as he huffed and puffed in pain as salt water was forced down in gallons to his little lungs. Beat couldn't help but think that he looked… Kind of cute. His thoughts went dangerously down to the perverted side and Yoyo caught the sudden change of atmosphere and looked up at Beat warily. Yoyo's green bangs were softly swept back and Beat placed a small kiss on his lips. The rest of the GG gang was preoccupied with their things and didn't notice… Much. Rhyth and Boogie were ensured to continue giggling for quite a while today.

"H-hey?" Yoyo's eyes looked up curiously as he formed his trademark sneer and gave a small laugh at the sudden intrusion of lips. Beat smiled back before placing his lips there once more with no protest from Yoyo, who instead, kissed back. Beat was encouraged to continue, placing a hot, ungloved hand over Yoyo's torso, moving his palms and his fingers up and down as he traced soft skin. Yoyo's eyes shot open at that. "Beat?" he called, breaking the kiss. Beat took his tongue and trailed it along his own lips, one of his little seduction methods that he utilized for past relationships. Yoyo's head sunk deeper into the sand in shock as he blushed, from this close a view of Beat, Yoyo could count all the faint outlines of bruises from skating incidents as well as his individual eyelashes if he wanted. Snapping Yoyo out his thoughts, Beat gave him one more kiss, this one turning immediately naughty, filled with adrenaline from the surfing as well as some pent up emotions, as he pried open clenched teeth with a slippery tongue. Tasting the roof of Yoyo's soft mouth as well as rubbing it up amongst his tongue gave him a big reaction from the younger. Yoyo was in shock and pulled away from Beat, who didn't fight it and let go calmly. Small drops of saliva slid out from the side of their mouths. Beat sat up, hands supporting him as Yoyo lied in the same position as before. Yoyo smeared off the kiss with the back of his hand and gave a small "Pbbt" sound. "Man, you kiss perverted."

Beat raised an eyebrow curiously before giving a small chuckle himself, laughing openly into his hand. "Cht, you're not as innocent as I thought if that's all you're going to say." Beat gave him another sloppy kiss before getting up and walking away towards the nice smelling barbecue that Combo was cooking up.

Yoyo put on a small smile before trying to wrench himself up. Seconds after, he plopped back down. "Ah, damn it! Got cramps!" Up, then back down. "Great. Damn cramps." From the corner of his eye, Yoyo could see a smug Beat munching on some succulent, baby back ribs. Yoyo could do nothing but curse the damn cramped limbs that refused him the finer things in life, like Combo's baby back ribs. Damn.

The GG gang had a day of relaxation, away in a nice, secluded beach whilst Rokkaku cops festered over districts in chase of them. However, the day wouldn't last long and the moon was now shining down on the freezing gang. Soda and Corn gathered up firewood before Clutch lit it up with his lighter. Everyone set up small sleeping bags around the fire in a sloppy circle, a rough ellipse. Seated around nicely on their light source and temporary heater, the gang was feeling pretty energetic still, and the gentle waves were giving everyone a nice air of reminiscing.

"Hey… Combo got a shitload of booze, let's play a drinking game." Jazz suggested.

"Yeah! Yeah!" Rhyth perked up, hooting wildly with her arms in the air; she had already sneaked a bottle dry some time before.

"Oh, you've got to be kidding me." Cube grumbled.

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