I had absolutely no plans of writing anything tonight, but then In Plain Sight came on and I was watching the interaction between Mary and Marshall (shocker, I'm a huge Mary/Marshall shipper, obviously I have nothing else better to do) and I decided to write something in particular about these two lines that struck me.

This is barely anything, it's so short, but I guess we could sort of qualify this as something along the lines of a drabble because it's short and contains nothing even close to a real plot. XD

Some pretty minor poilers for Love's Faber Lost, most specifically those first two sentences.


She laughs at my dreams and I dream about her laughter
Strange as it seems, she's the one I'm after

- "Just the Girl," by The Click Five

"Well, this is where normal people say, 'Goodbye, I'll call you, be careful.'"

"You owe me nine dollars for lunch last week so don't get shot and die."

They weren't normal.

This wasn't exactly news to anyone, but every once in a while Marshall was reminded of it with almost heartbreaking clarity. They weren't even capable of saying goodbye like normal people.

It was no surprise they weren't capable of saying anything else like normal people.

"Did you know-"

"Before you even start whatever little brain fart you're about to go spouting off, let me to take this moment to remind you that I hate you."

Another witness, another ratty hotel room. He really wondered sometimes if he would ever be as comfortable sharing a room with someone as he was with Mary.

Which was a terrifying thought in and of itself.

"Did you know that the word 'hate' comes from the original Proto-Germanic word, khatis, which was later translated into hete in Old English, roughly meaning to feel strongly?"

"No, I did not know that, numbnuts, nor did I want to. Just… focus. What do you wanna watch- Genital Hospital or Armagetiton?"

Marshall heaved a long-worn sigh, glancing up from his laptop long enough to glance at Mary, sprawled on her stomach on the bed, remote in hand and Pay-Per-View ready to go.

"The production values for Genital Hospital were shoddy at best, and the interactions were hardly believable. Armagetiton has a nice ring, I think."

She snickered but complied, pressing the 'OK' button on the remote and beginning their ritual 'movie night.'

For most people, this would seem like a disturbing situation, more than likely something to be avoided at all costs. But not to Marshall.

To Marshall, this was similar to their not-so-normal way of saying goodbye.

Only this was more rare, and always more significant.

"I love you, Mare."

"Oh, Christ, would you stop getting sappy every time we start watching porn? It's such a turn off."

One Second. Two Seconds. Three Seconds. Four-

Sigh. "Love you, too, numbnuts."

They weren't normal. Marshall knew this, Mary knew this, and any person they ever came into contact with for more than 5 seconds knew this.

They weren't capable of saying hello, goodbye, or even holding a normal conversation. But some things didn't need to be said to be understood.


Very short, very drabble-y, and very, very pointless.

But I totally loved it. :)