Meta Knight is sitting next to a dried out log on a hill. It's the dead of night and the only light source he has right now is the stars. That's just fine with him. He doesn't want to be around anyone right now anyways.

It's getting colder as the moon gets higher in the sky. Meta Knight might have dozed off a few times, but he kept waking up; hearing noises in the dark most likely. But Meta Knight can live with that if it's the only distraction he'll deal with tonight. His reaction time is possibly the best in this platoon, and then at least within the top ten of the entire GSA.

As he sits watching the night sky, he huddles his cape around himself. He really had to stop getting himself into situations like this.

His thoughts flowed easily in and out as he began to doze off once again.

The sound of a twig snapping jolted Meta Knight awake. How long had he been asleep this time? It didn't matter. Meta Knight looked around his immediate surroundings. Nothing but trees and grass, just the same as always.

I'm getting senile, he tells himself. There is nothing out here. I've checked and double checked before. Besides, the camp isn't that far off.

Meta Knight brings himself to look in front of him. If it weren't for the moon, he'd not be able to see twenty feet in front of his own face.

As he sits in the dark trying to fall back asleep, he hears another twig snap. Now it's getting annoying how much he keeps waking up, so he decides to have a look around. But when he gets ready to jump over the log, he sees a shape in the shadows move.

His hands go instinctively to the hilt of his sword. "Who is there?"

The shadow lifts its hands up as it walks out towards him. "Sorry for sneaking around you Meta Knight."



"So what are you doing out here?"

Meta Knight relaxes some. He sits back down where he was and Jecra follows him. They both sit there in silence, not needing words. They have been teamed together so much they no longer really need words. Words slow you down on the battle field and there is no way that anyone can afford a slip up.

So there they sit, watching the stars like they have so many other nights. Not the same exact circumstances every time, of course. But they've both had long nights of lying down on their backs, limbs (what limbs Meta Knight even has) throbbing from exercises and battles alike.

The more the night drags on the colder it gets. Both of them have dozed off. The cold is getting to Meta Knight though and when he tries to wrap his cape tighter around himself for warmth he falls over onto his side.


Meta Knight sits himself up. Jecra starts to wake up as well and shivers a bit as he sits himself up straight. Looking to Jecra then forwards, out towards a black sea of tree tops, Meta Knight suggests, "Why don't we build a fire."