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Once upon a time, there was a large and mighty kingdom called Kisyria. It was ruled by a kind, noble king named Lucas, and his wife, the fair Queen Roxanne. For many years the kingdom basked in glory and splendor, as the land was peaceful and prosperous, for the most part. But even then, the king and queen were still not happy...

For many years now, the two had longed for a child; not only to pass on their legacy, but also simply to share their love and ease their loneliness in older age. Time was quickly moving for both of them, and the king in particular grew more disheartened every year. His wife was fair and fragile, and many a doctor would say that she was utterly incapable of having children. Ifshe were not barren, then certainly she would not survive to see the child born. But this did not deter them in their efforts, and they continued to hope against hope that by some miracle or magic, they might yet be blessed with a child...

Finally, after a few more years, a miracle occurred. The queen finally bore a child. The aging monarchs hadn't looked so happy in years, and the kingdom eagerly awaited the promised day.

But the doctors had been right about the queen's health, and on All Hallows Eve, after enduring many hours of pained labor, she did not survive the night. The king mourned her greatly for quite a while, remaining in his chambers and refusing to speak to anyone, even his most trusted advisors. He had looked to Roxanne for strength and guidance, and now felt deeply alone at the loss of it...

But though her death was tragic and deeply mourned, a small ray of hope remained in the kingdom. The child had survived.

He was a beautiful boy with bright blue eyes that rivaled the bluest sky. The king would only look at him sadly at first, seeing Roxanne in everything about him. Lucas left the boy in the care of nursemaids, too burdened with his sorrow. He hid away in his study, or attended the court, pushing all thoughts of his beloved wife from his mind.

But it could not last. She was dead and gone, Lucas slowly realized. Dead, but she had left him a wonderful gift; one that he had so cruelly ignored for weeks. Their son was his miracle, and the only thing the king had left of Roxanne. So he forced aside the grief and focused on raising the boy with great love and care, as she would have wanted. Luckily, the king did not find this task to be very hard at all; the tiny baby melted his heart and charmed him easily.

And so, after a long span of isolation, the king smiled. He took the baby and presented him to the kingdom proudly as the crowds cheered and celebrated. It was as if a great shadow had lifted from the land, as the king smiled and waved and held the little prince up for all to see. In loving memory of his queen and the precious bond they had shared, King Lucas gave him the name 'Roxas'.

. . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . . .

"My dear Lucas, he's absolutely beautiful! He really is the spitting image of Roxanne!"

The king sat in his chair beside the grand fireplace, sipping his tea as he chatted with his childhood friend. Roxas dozed peacefully in his bed, completely undisturbed by occasional noise in the main ballroom outside. It had been a long night for everyone, socializing with the entire court and all of their close friends from all over, receiving many gifts and blessings on behalf of the young prince. He smiled at the foreign queen, watching as she sighed sweetly and gazed down into the cradle.

"Thank you, Ella. He is rather charming, isn't he? I believe earlier today, when the queen of Xiria came to present her gift, she reached out a hand to him and he grabbed it tightly with those little fingers. She looked so surprised at first, but then her eyes lit up with such delight." He chuckled a little, sitting back further in the chair. "I was afraid she would make off with him right then and there."

His guest laughed softly. "I would have to agree with you there; I was watching the whole thing! The whole court seems to be quite taken with him...You'd better be careful, or someone might just snatch him away!"

Lucas smiled again as Ella reached down slowly to stroke the boy's soft cheek. The baby shifted in his sleep, nestling deeper into his soft blankets.

"He looks so small. But it's remarkable; he never seems afraid, even in a world so much bigger than himself. Has he cried often since his mother passed?"

"Not much. I doubt he realizes, or even misses her much at all. He only knew her mere moments..." The blond king sighed a little sadly, taking another drink of his tea before placing it on the small table by his chair. "He reminds me of Roxanne so much, especially when she was young. Ah, the days we would spend together..." King Lucas lost the last words of his sentence, thinking back fondly on his childhood memories with a more contented sigh. The redheaded queen watched him quietly for a moment, smiling kindly as the old man coped with his loss...

"Oh, speaking of children," he said suddenly, his entire reverie broken. "How is your son doing these days, Ella? I heard he's been quite a handful."

Queen Ella gave a dramatic sigh as she walked back to the fire and settled into the armchair beside him.

"You have no idea, Lucas. I was actually a bit nervous about leaving him at home because of all the trouble he's gotten into recently. Really, I was expecting this sort of behavior from some crazed, hormonal teenager, but not from a four year old! It's too soon, even for this poor old woman to deal with!" She shook her head as her voice cracked slightly.

Lucas smiled. Ella had also been a friend of his and Roxanne's as children, and he laughed to see that even now, she was still as excitable and dramatic as always. While there was a tendency for her to come off as a bit controlling, she was a smart woman; well known for her many mad-capped pranks and frighteningly brilliant plans. And remembering what a handful she'd been back then, Lucas prayed hopelessly that she hadn't passed the genes on to her son...

Dear Lord! A male version of Ella? He shuddered slightly at the thought of it, though not completely without humor...

Meanwhile, the queen was still deeply engaged in her monologue.

"He plays pranks on the servants, runs out on lessons….Oh, sometimes I just don't know how to control that boy! I don't even know where he gets half the things he sets up! I wonder if I should be letting him play with that foolish boy Demyx! He's perfectly sweet, but I hardly believe he is a good influence on my son!

Lucas laughed softly, earning a slight glare from his old friend.

"If he truly is your son, Ella, I'd say influence has nothing to do with it..."

The queen ignored his comment, looking back at Roxas's cradle wistfully.

"Oh, if only my sweet Maxwell were still alive today, he'd give the boy a good talking to! He'd be a picture perfect child, just like your sweet little Roxas there!"

"Give him time," the king replied, smiling ruefully. To which boy he referred, he did not say.

There was a small pause before the plump woman's green eyes widened in fear. "What if Axel refuses to be king? He's such an impulsive child; he hardly ever listens to a word I say!"

King Lucas sighed, going to her side and placing a firm hand on her shoulder. There was no teasing this time; only genuine care.

"He's still just a boy, Ella. I'm sure that he'll grow tired of it in time...Now hush, you'll wake the baby."

The queen blinked up at him before looking over to the cradle, then back at him. Lucas started slightly when he saw a strangely familiar smile dawning on her face, and her eyes glinted a little even in the low light of the fire.

"You're probably right, Lucas. You always know what to do." She stood up so that she was level with the old king, looking him right in the eyes. "But I think I have a wonderful plan that might just solve both our problems."

Lucas blinked back at her, feeling more and more uneasy. That look meant she had to be up to something; it was the one she always got when she was planning something big...and most likely dangerous. Still, her plans were usually entertaining, and he hadn't taken part in anything of hers since they were small children. Surely this one would be more mature than the rest?

"And what problems would those be, Ella?"

The smile widened further. "Why, the problems of our sons turning into little trouble-makers...and the fact that Roxas could very easily be snatched up and taken away from you, of course!"

Lucas sighed. Would it hurt to indulge her, now that she looked so excited and dead-set on her purpose?

"What exactly do you have in mind?"

Ella's green eyes flashed triumphantly. "Here's my brilliant idea. What say that we betroth our children to one another? That way, my Axel is sure to settle down, at least once he's married, and we can make it known that Roxas is betrothed. Any hopes of using him will be dashed when they find out he's already been promised to another!" The queen smiled dreamily, sounded entirely too giddy. Like a young maid swooning in romantic fantasies.

The old king didn't exactly share in her enthusiasm. Instead, he looked slightly alarmed.

"But Ella, Roxas and Axel are both boys. Don't you think that might be viewed as a little odd? And what's more, who are we to force them together before they've even met one another?" It was true that the king himself had been betrothed at a young age, and while he had grown to love his queen as both a friend and lover over time, he was not particularly fond with that age-old custom.

"Oh, posh!" Queen Ella replied, dismissing his fears with the wave of her hand. "Same sex marriages are quite common in the outer kingdoms these days, Lucas. Love knows no boundaries, you know! And further, if two rulers make a good example of such a marriage to the people then they can pave the way for acceptance and tolerance for all couples! Don't you think so?"

Lucas blinked, uncomfortable that her focus was completely on him. The king thought about it for a minute, nodding a little as she continued.

"We wouldn't be forcing them together either! I would never wish that on anyone! No, my proposal is that we bring them together every summer and have them spend quality time together. Get to know each other…." She smiled evilly, relishing in the genius of her plan. "They are sure to fall in love that way, and then it wouldn't be forcing them!"

King Lucas laughed nervously. "Different ways to look at it, I suppose..."

But he remained silent for a minute, considering all that she'd said. If it did work out, he found that there were several positive outcomes. If it didn't, the engagement could easily be broken off with no harm done. He and Ella had a very strong bond of friendship; there would be no hostilities between them should their children decide it wasn't working out...

"And, if we married them, it would join our kingdoms together in a stronger alliance." Lucas agreed with her there. Raza and Kisyria were fairly large kingdoms. With such a firm, political bond as marriage holding the two kingdoms together, few would dare to threaten or oppose them. At least, not over something trivial…

"That actually doesn't sound unreasonable. We can work out the details later, but this is definitely something to consider..."

Ella beamed excitedly, clapping. "Now you're getting it!"

Both froze a moment later when a small whimper was heard. Roxas stirred from his sleep in seconds, crying loudly.

"Oh, sweetheart! It's alright!" The old queen ran to his side and gently lifted him into her arms, cooing softly. Lucas sighed. It would take a near miracle to put his son back to sleep again.

"Mind his head, Ella."

"I'm sorry, little one. It's all right; I promise I won't be so loud anymore. Don't cry now." She rocked him slowly as she spoke, speaking softly and lovingly as he began to settle down. When the baby was finally quiet, except for small occasional sniffles, Ella hummed a soft tune and ran a hand through his few, tiny blond curls. Roxas watched her curiously, reaching up to tug at a soft red curl dangling from her neck playfully, and watching it spring back into place, he gave a soft little coo. The queen held him closer, glancing down a little sadly. It was truly a shame his mother wouldn't be there to see her son grow.

Soon Roxas's little eyelids began to droop, and he yawned softly, seemingly now transfixed by the dim, glowing light. It wasn't long before he was fast asleep again, much to their relief.

Lucas looked at Ella gratefully as she lowered Roxas back into his bed, still humming softly to him.

"Thank you, Ella. He's a cute boy, but when he wakes up he's usually impossible to quiet down again."

The queen smiled back, petting the boy's soft, blond hair one last time as she pulled away. "Call it a mother's touch...But your welcome."

They then decided it would be better to continue their brainstorming somewhere else. Once they were both outside and closed the door quietly behind them, Ella took the old king's hand and smiled.

"So, what do you think?"

He smiled back, feeling an old feeling of childish interest and excitement bubbling up in his blood. This was bound to be a complete spectacle.

"What do we have to lose?"

The queen squealed with delight, and Lucas continued. "I promise to bring Roxas to visit on the 5th of June. We can bring them together every year, alternating between the two kingdoms as we see fit. Hopefully we won't have to wait long to see results."

"Good. Oh, now this is my idea of fun!"