HEADS UP: I am going to write the POVs in a first person point-of-view and, don't worry, I'll still add Edward POVs to keep you updated about him during their separation. =))



What's up with the Fashion World Today?

American supermodel graces international magazine covers with her stunning photographs, courtesy of the Italian Volturi Fashion Company.

By: Alex Samson

With her innocent face and slender body, one would think Bella Swan is not one of the fiercest and most revered supermodels to date. As I sit next to her and tell her this, the twenty-three-year-old American supermodel blushes and humbly laughs it off. "Really—I am?" were her exact words.

Since I arrived right after her photo shoot, we did the interview while she was still in a Volturi original dress and a face full of smoky makeup. She was generous enough to give me time. And the interview started out like this:

A: So. How's your stay here in Italy?

B: It's been really great. Italy is really a sight to see. The people here are nice and the scenery is simply beautiful.

A: What can you say about the people from the Volturi Company?

B: The staff treats me well and we've all become one happy family in just a span of two months. I mean, every aspect of a family is meshed up in our relationship. We joke and have fun a lot. To simply put it, it's as if I'm not working at all. (Laughs)

A: Are there any disadvantages in your stay here?

B: To be honest, I get homesick a lot. And there's the factor of communication. Some people here don't know how to speak English.

A: Have you tried to learn the language?

B: (laughs) I tried. One time, when we were on a break, some of the staff members crowded around me to give me Italian lessons. I flunked. (Laughs)

A: How so?

B: they were talking so fast I couldn't understand them. (Laughs)

A: you said something about occasionally getting homesick. Anyone you particularly miss?

B: Um, I would have to say my dad. And I also miss my best friend. (Blushes)

A: Before you came here, there had been rumors of you dating Edward Cullen. What can you say about this? Can you shed some light into this matter?

B: I wouldn't be surprised if they started that rumor. We're just really close to begin with—kind of like this relationship filled with witty banters. (Laughs)

A: Are you dating the said supermodel?

B: (blushes) I am.

A: How long has it been? Did it begin before the rumors?

B: Actually, it was before the rumors started.

A: On another note, what can you say about the fact that people think of you as a supermodel with a promise?

B: I am truly flattered by that. I never expected to be referred to that way, but I'm grateful about it. People really embraced me with open arms.

A: Being instantly famous, have you gotten a bad critique about it?

B: Well, yes, of course. You just can't get rid of that.

A: What were your comments about them?

B: I mostly say thank you. Without them, I wouldn't push myself to become more than what I currently had to offer.

A: Thank you for your time, Miss Swan. And we will be waiting for your return to America.

B: Thank you, too.


What's up with the Fashion World Today?

Famous Male Supermodel Takes on Acting

By: Emma Humphrey

It is to no one's surprise that the Edward Cullen is suddenly signed up for an acting career. His manager, Cooper Watson, stated in an interview, "my client was recently offered a movie deal with Summit Entertainment and we were glad for a temporary change in atmosphere."

Of course, Edward Cullen confirmed he is not leaving the modeling world for good. "Let's just see where this is heading," he teasingly said once in an interview.

The famous supermodel has already debuted on TV in an episode of CSI New York, a show he said that Bella Swan, his rumored girlfriend, loves. "She told me once about it. I found it good as well."

With acting on his belt, there is an absolute 100% certainty that Edward Cullen's star will shine longer in front of our eyes.