On a warm spring day, Albus Dumbledore was taking a stroll around the castle. He was thinking about whatever a 160-something person thinks about , that is , when he would have his next cup of tea. That and Voldemort , yes Voldemort had been getting on his nerves lately. Just before Dumbledore could debate whether he should have a lemon drop or an acid pop , he tripped over his long silver beard , hit his head on the ground and everything went black.

Luna Lovegood was skipping around the castle , humming something that sounded like "Weasley is our King". Suddenly she stopped skipping and looked around curiously. She could have sworn that she had heard some nargles. They were cunning creatures. She heard a noise and looked directly above her. The last thing she saw was Peeves dropping a very heavy dungbomb on her head , before she was knocked out and fell to the ground.

Proffessor McGonagall was playing the bagpipes in her room. This was her favorite early morning activity. She just loved blowing those pipes . It was jolly good fun. She also loved to wear a kilt , just to get into the whole Scottish spirit of things. McGonagall was getting into some serious head banging , blowing these pipes as hard as she could , til she was red in the face , sweat dropping down her forehead. She blew those pipes so hard that she ran out of oxygen and fainted , falling to the floor of her room.

Draco Malfoy was in the Slytherin common room , writing some poetry. He had many feelings. Some days he woke up and wished Luna would notice him , but Luna didn't notice him or anything for that matter. Draco sighed. He was 96.7% sure he was in love with her. If Pansy knew this she would probably punch him in the face. And as if he had just predicted the future, Draco turned around and the last thing he saw was Pansy looking furious before punching him in the face and knocking him out.

Severus Snape woke up in a strange bed. He looked beside him and found that Proffessor Sprout was sleeping next to him. He looked at the floor and saw his black robes lying there , before he discovered that he was naked. What the fuck was going on? Why did his head hurt so much? Severus Snape was about to have a panic attack , trying to scramble out of bed so fast he fell on the ground , hit his head and was knocked out.

Harry Potter , the boy who lived , the chosen one , the saviour of wizard kind , really needed to pee. Tiredly he swung his legs off his bed and walked to the bathroom. He was day dreaming about last night's encounter with Cho , that he tripped over his robes and fell down the flight of stairs , smashing his head on the floor before everything went black.

Six very confused wizards and witches woke up in a room . One was naked , one was wearing a kilt , one needed to pee , one had been punched by a girl , one had a very sore beard and one smelt very bad. What fuck were they all doing here?


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