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Malfoy was smirking in the corner of the room , he had successfully shocked everyone by the fact that Pansy was a man.

In fact everyone was too busy being freaked out to notice that it was Malfoy's turn to allocate a truth or a dare.

A lot of shit had gone down that day. Very disturbing things had happened , most of them were things that everyone wanted to forget.

"Oi!" Malfoy said to his companions , "It's my turn!"

Everyone looked at each other , wondering who would be chosen since they all had be victimized. Snape could still taste Dumbledore in his mouth. No one was particularly looking forward to Malfoy's turn. They had enough.

"I choose..." drawled Malfoy, thinking hard. But then all of sudden the lights went bright , blinding white and everyone cried out in shock , shielding their eyes.

"What's happening?" cried Harry.

"Do something Albus!" shrieked Mcgonagall. Dumbledore had absolutely no idea what to do.

And then two voices filled the air , "Hello there!"

"Who are you?" exclaimed Mcgonagall.

"Should we tell them?"

"I don't know. I think-"

"They will find out for themselves."

"Especially once we are famous for selling this video footage."

"What footage?" asked Harry , who had a sinking feeling in his stomach.

The voice laughed. "I think we should tell them."

"Yes ok , we are none other than-"

"George and-"

"Fred Weasley!"

"What!" shrieked Mcgonagall. Snape growled , Malfoy swore angrily.

"You will be pleased to know," continued the voice that was probably George , "That we will make a substantial amount of money by selling a video recording of everything that happened in this room."

"Yes , Rita will pay good money for this."

"No!" gasped Luna , for once in her life afraid , now everyone would know that she loved Hagrid! It was a catastrophe!

Everyone else was very much in shock. Except Dumbledore , he remained relatively calm , after all , he was going to be famous!

"I don't believe you! Prove it!" yelled Malfoy.

"Very well." It was Fred.

The light faded slightly and there on the wall , a small window became visible , and the faces of the twins were seen.

"Im going to kill you!" cried Harry , now fuming because everyone would see his fully naked striptease.

The twins laughed from their window ,"We haven't told you the best part yet-"

"The footage is going to premier-"

"In the Great Hall-"

"Right now!"

"Ok , I'm uploading it onto WizTube as we speak!"

Mcgonagall , Dumbledore , Malfoy , Harry , Luna and Snape watched in horror , completely defenceless as the twins uploaded the video onto the muggle computer.

"Done!" they exclaimed happily.

"You are free to leave now , just wish for a door to appear , after all you are in the room of requirement." said George.

"We best be off George , we have a movie to show."

"To the Great Hall!" announced George and he and Fred disappeared.

Right on queue , a door appeared on the wall.

"We have to get to the Great Hall and stop them!" cried Mcgonagall , racing to the door and opening it.

Even though he was naked , Snape stood up , not caring who saw his "wand" and sped after Mcgonagall. The rest followed at full pelt behind them , determined to stop the film from showing. As they approached the Great Hall they heard loud voices from inside.

"Kiss Dumbledore" , the dreamy sound of Luna filled the hall. Snape smashed his fists against the door , trying to open it.

"Oh, there is nothing like a good old kiss between two friends"

"Come on now Severus, don't keep us waiting"

The group furiously cast unlocking spells at the door , Snape still slamming with his fists. Harry was kicking the door. Luna was about to cry.

"I so wish I had my camera right now"

The students inside the hall laughed , and Mcgonagall screamed out of frustration , "IT WON'T OPEN!"

"Get on with it Snape"

"Come here , I'm not moving out from behind this infernal pot plant!"

The students gasped with anticipation.

"Everyone stand back." said Snape , pointing his wand at the door. Everyone shuffled out of the way and waited anxiously.

"Open wide Severus. Let me see your parseltongue."

"BOMBARDA!" yelled Snape. Milliseconds later the door exploded , rock and brick were flying everywhere. The door was gone , blown up. Not bothering for the dust to clear , they ran into the Great Hall , eyes wide with horror while the students inside fainted with disgust and shock.

On a large screen were Dumbledore and Snape.

They were kissing.


The twins smiled evilly to each other , yes , they were going to get good money for this.




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