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"Got beaten by that damn rat again," Kyo muttered darkly. Tohru put a bandage over a scratch on his cheek, though he didn't seem to notice. "Next time…" He clenched his fist. "Next time, I'll kill 'im!"

Tohru sighed. She wished her friends could just get along.

"Oh!" She smiled as a thought came to her. "I got this new kind of tea yesterday when I went shopping. It smelled good—want to try it with me?"

Kyo shrugged.

Tohru beamed. "I'll make it right now!"

Soon, two mugs of fresh-made tea sat on the kitchen counter, which Kyo was also leaning against. He sniffed the air as he picked up his mug.

"This…does smell good."

"Doesn't it?" Tohru blew on the hot liquid, then took a sip. "Tastes good, too."

Kyo followed suit, hesitating just a little. The instant the tea hit his tongue, he froze, an unreadable expression on his face.

"What's wrong? Do you not like it?"

Kyo blinked and swallowed. " 'S not that." He stared at the drink, then took another, larger swallow. "This—" he pointed to the tea, that expression of shock more marked on his face—"is…amazing."

He leaned in and breathed deep, the aroma pleasantly tickling his nose. He blew on the hot tea and took another sip. The corner of his lips started turning up, bringing the rest of his face into a full smile in seconds. Tohru watched him, not sure how to explain this sudden change of mood. The tea was good, but…it was just tea. Right?

"Oh my god," Kyo moaned. "Tohru! You gotta tell me where you got this!" He swigged more of the heavenly liquid. "It's so…" He got a dreamy look in his eyes. "Wow."

"Are-are you feeling okay…?"

"Better than okay!" He drained his mug, not minding the burn of the slightly too hot tea. "Whew. So good." He slouched against the counter even more. His eyes looked slightly out of focus. He traced the lip of the mug, then licked his finger. Suddenly, he looked up at Tohru. "We-got-any-more-of-this-cause-I-think-if-I-drank-enough-I-could-totally-beat-that-damn-rat-this-time!"

He seemed so happy and excited, nearly bouncing up and down… Tohru hesitated. "I don't know."

"Kyo! You seem awfully chipper."

Kyo whipped around to see Shigure standing in the doorway. "Yeah, well, guess what? Tohru bought new tea!" That wistful look came back to his eyes. "And, it's so good."

"Tea?" Shigure came over to examine the tea in Tohru's cup. He sniffed it. "Mind if I give it a try, Tohru-kun?"

"Huh? Oh, sure."

Shigure took a sip. "Hmm. What kind of tea did you say this was?"

Tohru tapped her cheek. "Umm, the lady said it was…Nepeta Cataria Tea."

"Nepeta Cataria?" Shigure set down the mug and stroked his chin thoughtfully. "Interesting name."

Kyo grabbed the discarded mug and started sipping. His eyes unfocused again, like he was gazing into paradise.

"What about what now?"

"Ah! Yuki!" Shigure grinned. "Maybe you know?"

Tohru's face lit up. Of course! Yuki loved gardens and plants, he would know. "Nepeta Cataria Tea. I like it, but Kyo—"

"Kyo's in love with it," Shigure sing-sang.

Yuki stared. His eyes traveled from Tohru, to Shigure, to Kyo, who seemed blissfully unaware of the world, eyes bright, fingers unconsciously tapping the side of the mug as he imbibed yet more tea.

"Nepeta Cataria Tea," Yuki began. He stopped. He chuckled, then started laughing outright. "That," he gasped, "is priceless. Nepeta Cataria…" He stopped laughing and caught his breath, but a smug grin was still on his face. "…is the scientific name for CATNIP."

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