Title: Timeless

Pairing: R27 RebornXTsuna

Rating: M for later

Summary: AU When Reborn has to go babysit a little child, he gets more than he bargains for and as the years pass, he's not seeing that little kid as a kid any more but as something else, perhaps more than he had ever wished for.

Disclaimer: don't own and if I did then the whole world would be filled with yaoi

Warning: Lots of Fluff, lots and lots of it, throughout the entire story

This has not been beta'd, her poor laptop :(

Chapter 1: Year One

"Alright, I just need you to look over my youngest son while Nana and I head out."

Tsuna blinked his large honey-colored eyes, peeking around the corner of a wall to see his father and a stranger that was standing next to each other, both talking to one another. His chubby little fingers clutched the wall he was behind, his cheeks all puffed out from the extra baby fat he still had. He looked over the person, who was shorter than his father, from a distance and tilted his head. The stranger was, however, much taller than Tsuna, and he probably only reached up to the person's thighs. The individual, only appearing in his teens, had spiky black hair that stuck up defiantly, much like Tsuna's untamable locks but upward and not everywhere, and had dark eyes.

"So I just to watch Tsunayoshi until you come back?" The stranger sighed.

"Yep! He's my adorable little son so be good to him." Iemitsu glanced around the room suddenly and then spotted the small puffy ball of brown. "Ah! There he is! Tsuna, meet your babysitter."

Tsuna didn't budge and instead ducked behind the wall, reacting with a loud squeak. Iemitsu made a cooing sound from the back of his throat and followed along, knowing that Tsuna wouldn't run too far. He reached around the corner, spotting his kid just behind, and took Tsuna's hand with ease. The child squeaked louder but didn't resist as he was pulled out into the open for the stranger to see. He ducked behind his father's legs in fear.

"Aw…Come on, Tsuna. Don't be shy. This is Reborn, he'll be watching you for the night. He won't hurt you, I promise." Iemitsu reached down to pat Tsuna's head to help comfort him.

Reborn sighed and kneeled down, smiling, though those that knew him (Iemitsu included) knew it was a fake. "Hey, there. I'm Reborn. You?"

As if sensing something, Tsuna ducked away again, and no matter how much he struggled, he couldn't get out of his father's strong grip, preventing him escaping and hiding. His eyes got wider in fear and for a moment, he looked like he was going to cry. The tiny child didn't want to be here.

"I believe he's scared of me…" Reborn would have made a 'tch' sound if he didn't hold it back in his throat. He didn't even want to be here. It was a Saturday night, he had better things to do than to watch a little kid that was eight years younger than him. But if Iemitsu asked, he had no choice. He owed the man a couple of things from the past.

"No, he's incredibly shy but he'll get used to you eventually, just give him some time." Iemitsu laughed, letting go of his son to head towards the door. Nana was already in the car, waiting him. "Alright, I'm going to go now. See you two later alright." He closed the door, leaving the two alone and in silence.

Reborn twisted to the shaking child, who stared at him with large teary eyes. "So…" Tsuna flinched at his voice, making Reborn twitch. "So, what do you want to do?"

Tsuna remained quiet and fondled with his fingers nervously.

The black-haired teen sighed again. This was getting nowhere. He looked around the room and then settled on the TV. "Do you want to watch a movie?"

The brunet blinked then nodded his head, just agreeing. He followed the older person and settled down on the couch but far away from the other. Reborn shook his head.

'This is getting ridiculous. He can't really be Iemitsu's child, can he?' The teen peered over some DVDs that had been laid out previously and then to a couple that had been scattered on top of the table. He shuffled through them, searching. There were a few good ones that he would normally watch but this was for Tsuna. What would the kid like to watch? His black eyes turned to the said boy, who was only five years old, barely in kindergarten. "Hey…"

Tsuna jumped, his honey-colored eyes wide.

Reborn ignored the reaction and lifted up a few DVDs. "Choose whatever you want to watch, anything is good with me."

Still the kid didn't move. Reborn was tempted to knock some sense into him but resisted. It wouldn't do him any good at the moment and would probably make things worse. He went through the stack again and picked up a random one. It was called 'Up!' and sighed, resigning himself to watch this. Placing it into the player, he turned on the TV and sat down to figure out the remote system.

Tsuna watched as the older teen pressed the buttons, trying to figure out how the thing worked, and blinked his overly large eyes. When he saw the dark eyebrows narrow, he decided to lean over. His cubby fingers reached out and pointed to a certain button on the remote from the side. Reborn looked up at that and followed the gaze to the button, pressing it. The screen flickered and the title menu appeared.

"Thanks." Reborn spoke, his eyes still looking at the kid in question.

Tsuna's lips twitched and then opened. "T-T-Tsun-na…"

The black-haired teen didn't hear the whisper and bended over. "Huh?"

"T-Tsuna…m-my n-n-n-name…"

Reborn almost grinned, finally some progress. "And how old are you, Tsuna?"

"F-Five…" The child brought up his fingers to prove it. "Y-You?"

Reborn smiled, the boy was cute when he wasn't acting so afraid. "Thirteen."

"Thirteen?" Tsuna blinked. The fear was quickly subsiding with curiosity. "How high is that? I've only gone up to ten." He spread out his hand for the numbers, trying to count.

"Ah…Here, let me count for you." Reborn went closer and tapped the thumb on Tsuna's fingers, wiggling them at the number. "One," He then wiggled the forefinger, speaking the number that went with it, and went off to the next one. "Two, three, four, five," His hand jumped to the next chubby little one. "Six, seven, eight, nine, and ten. And then we go back home." His fingers went to the thumb at the beginning. "Eleven, twelve, and then thirteen."

Tsuna stared in amazement, wondering about the other numbers on his fingers.

Reborn smiled at the expression. "Then from there, it'll be fourteen, fifteen…" He continued to count until he reached twenty. The brunet stared at the new information. Right after, he tried to count the numbers himself but ended up mixing a few of them after he reached ten. Reborn continued to help out and patted Tsuna on the head the moment he managed to get them all right. "You did it… Congratulations."

Tsuna peered up at the older person and then let out a large smile. "Thanks."

Reborn blinked at it and couldn't help but return with one of his own though smaller in size. "Now, let's watch the movie okay?" The black-haired teen reached for the remote and pressed the play button. Tsuna nodded and turned to the TV, remaining where he was at, not inching away from the other any longer. He was no longer afraid of Reborn.

Reborn sighed, glancing down at the kid that had fallen asleep mid-movie. He was on his lap, using it as a pillow and was sleeping without a care in the world. Reborn ran a hand through his hair, not sure on what to do. The movie was still playing and the parents hadn't come home yet. Not only that, he didn't even know where Tsuna's room was at. He groaned in frustration.

Tsuna, unaware, nuzzled closer to the warmth, a soft smile on his face. The other, on the other hand, couldn't help but smile back. The boy was really too cute. Placing a hand into the soft caramel-colored hair, his fingers ran through the locks, liking the silky feeling that came with it.

Tsuna made a soft sound in content.

Reborn chuckled in amusement, momentarily looking at the TV for a second then went around the room with his eyes. He leaned to the side against the side of the couch and closed his eyes. This wasn't so bad.

He should come here more often.

Iemitsu opened the front door, whispering words into his wife's, Nana's, ear. He had a large grin on his face and closed the door, locking it. They looked around the area then noticed that the TV was still on.

Nana went to the coat rack to hang up her jacket while Iemitsu went towards the couch. He peered over then smiled at the site before him.

"Nana, darling, look!" He whispered and motioned his wife to come.

The woman followed and peered at what her husband was looking at. She instantly cooed. "Aw…Aren't they adorable together?

Reborn was fast asleep, his arms resting protectively on Tsuna, who was still using the other as a pillow. Iemitsu smiled and placed an arm around Nana.

"Don't they look good together?"

"Absolutely perfect."

"I hear wedding bells, Nana."

The woman smiled and nudged her husband at the shoulder. "Oh, dear, that's too soon. Tsuna still has thirteen years left until he's eighteen or is it sixteen? But…they do look good together. I think we've found our permanent babysitter when Giotto is away."

"Yes, I think we have."

P.S. Giotto is Tsuna's older brother. He'll come in soon.

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