Title: Timeless

Pairing: R27 RebornXTsuna

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Tsuna is now 18 and Reborn is 26

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"I wish I was a camera so I could take your picture with my mind. Put it in a frame for you to see how beautiful you really are to me." Unknown

Chapter 14: Year Fourteen

Reborn peered over the crowd before him with a small grunt, uninterested in everything around him. It was another birthday party, another cursed party. He detested them deeply since all they liked to do was humiliate him and make him and others do stupid things under the influence of the massive amount of alcohol that was running around. Though he would admit that getting everyone drunk off their asses and taking blackmail was wonderful, but that was the only thing. He was twenty-six now and birthday parties were a thing of the past, they were old and not worth much to one like in the old days. Now parties were just excuses for people to get drunk and get laid.

Reborn sighed, running a hand through his black hair, and smoothed it back. It was hot inside with the number of bodies in one place and the rooms were beginning to retch with the stench of vomit and beer. He had dressed down for the occasion, not in his classic black suit, but in some jeans and a long-sleeve black top. His fedora was nowhere to be seen in its familiar place on his head, left at home for safe keeping, allowing his spiky black hair to be free and stick up like usual.

Still, it was his birthday and someone else's tomorrow. He paused at that mention and smiled to himself as he settled down onto the couch, watching as the partiers continued to go on as if there was no tomorrow. Nana remained in the kitchen, cooking her delicious meals that not even beer could beat, and Fuuta remained by her side to try and help. The raven's arms were folded across his chest and he sent out a glare to anyone that got too close to his spot, sending them scurrying away. He was in no mood to deal with idiots.

Despite the nonsense around him, the smile on his lips didn't leave him as he thought back over the year. He had finally gotten what he wanted after all these years, Tsuna. That had been his only wish each birthday and any other holiday that involved wishes. He wanted Tsuna, his now lover and he got what he desired in the end. And ever since then, life just seemed to be more…exciting. Everything changed from that day, from then on, they were lovers. Of course, they had to hide it from the rest of the world due to their work place, family, and school life on Tsuna's part. They had an eight-year age difference and Tsuna was underage, there wasn't much he could do without it being called statutory rape. Of course, he was certain he could pull a few strings here and there to get away from such charges, but he'd rather not take the risk, especially when he was still rising in the ranks of the company. And so, their relationship was kept secret from everyone, even Nana.

Despite that, the difference of just being lovers changed everything. Tsuna kept coming over more often than before and would just sleep together, nothing else, with Reborn in bed every time. The brunet had even taken over the kitchen and Reborn didn't mind at all, enjoying the chance to watch the other cook, or attempt to. It was cute to watch, especially when Tsuna would wear an apron for him.

So far, no one had found out about their relationship, though he had a funny impression that Giotto and Luce may know due their ever watchful eyes, but whatever. Reborn gave a sneer when a woman tried to come forward and flirt with him, not wanting to bother with such things today. He had better things to do after all. His eyes trailed over the place, wondering where Tsuna had disappeared to, but no matter where in the crowd he looked through, there was no brunet, or that spiky hair was recognizable among any gathering.

'Tomorrow is his birthday though. Damn, don't tell me everyone forgot again.' Getting up from his spot, he searched through the first floor of the house before making his way up the stairs. He ignored the stares that were directed his way and reached a familiar door, knocking on it first before opening. Inside, he spotted the one person he had been looking for settled on the floor, looking a little tired, and watched as the other yawned for a moment as he peered up curiously. "So this is where you were hiding. Should have expected it."

Tsuna just smiled, sitting up straighter from his position on the floor, and motioned the older man closer. Before him were scattered papers that belonged to multiple colleges and one was standing out among the rest. Reborn smirked, sitting down beside the other, and wrapped a welcoming arm around the brunet, pulling him closer.

"You've already decided?"

Tsuna nodded his head, leaning closer against Reborn, and closed his eyes, relaxing. Presents had already been given out earlier today, mixing together into a blur with everything else. It had been nothing all that noteworthy, but Tsuna had given Reborn a gift card for his favorite coffee place. "Yeah, I don't want to head out too far so this is perfect."

Reborn lifted up the brochure with his free hand, flipping through it with interest. It wasn't the same college he had gone to, but it was still known as a great University. He looked at the address and smirked. "I take it that you have every plan to move in with me, don't you?"

"Definitely. I'm your lover and anyway, someone needs to keep you company. That place is far too big for just one person."

The older man just grinned, not bothered by the idea at all. He had every intention of making Tsuna move in with him, like hell he was going to let Tsuna live anywhere else but his place. He gave a light kiss onto the forehead, feeling the brunet rub up against him happily. And anyway, he'd always felt his condo was more welcoming with Tsuna around. It would be too lonely without him, not that he would ever say that out loud. Still, to think their relationship would progress this far. Regardless, Reborn was incredibly happy with how things are currently at and didn't want anything to disturb their peace and happiness. He would literally kill anyone who dared to do so. Tsuna was his after all.

"Tsuna," Reborn called out, tightening his hold on the brunet, giving just a small enough smile for the other to see. "Do you want to do what we did all those years ago?"

Tsuna blinked, peering up curiously, and then tilted his head. "Did?"

"Do you want to skip this not-very-interesting birthday party and celebrate on our own?"

There was a momentary pause on the brunet's side as he thought out those words before rapidly nodding his head. He wanted nothing more than to do that. As much as he didn't mind spending his birthday with his family and friends, they always had a tendency to forget it and instead celebrate Reborn's. It was an honest mistake and they would celebrate the two together when they finally remembered. Only Reborn made sure to make an individual setting just for Tsuna, just for the two of them.

Reborn smirked at the agreement and stood up from his spot, heading towards the window at Tsuna's room. "Then let's make our escape," He opened it up, feeling a breeze slip in before turning around to face his lover, holding out his hand. "Let's go."

Tsuna stared at the outstretched with his large eyes, despite him about to turn eighteen he still had them, and slowly stood up. His feet began to move automatically and his own hand grabbed a hold of the other's, squeezing tightly. He gave a large grin at his lover and felt himself getting pulled out of his own window, onto the side roof. Reborn jumped down first, landing gracefully on the ground, and peered up at the brunet, holding out his arms. The intent was obvious, but it made the brunet feel embarrassed at having the other do such a thing. He was old enough now to do such things without the other needing to worry like that, but it was nice and…kinda sweet. Tsuna sighed, doing as he was instructed, and jumped out. He landed perfectly into Reborn's waiting arms and gave out a small laugh in amusement, swinging his legs back and forth happily. Despite his weight, the older man held him up effortlessly as if nothing was wrong.

"I think we're a little too old to be doing such things."

"We're never too old." Reborn kept a tight grip on his lover, walking with him in his arms with no trouble, and pushed the brunet up higher so that the other could lean against him. He almost shivered when Tsuna's breath brushed against his neck, those lips close to his skin. He would make sure to get some other things out of this trip, but that would be later when he had Tsuna in his arms in bed. He still had a whole night to go through before he could get there. The brunet wrapped his arms around the neck of the older man, closing his eyes momentarily, knowing it was completely safe in his grasp. Reborn would never drop him, not now, and he took a deep breath in of the strong addicting cologne the man would always wear. It was the same one he was used to after all these years, the same one he would always smell whenever they were close enough. Just being close enough to it made him relax instantly.

Reborn shifted through the backyard, heading towards the front since everyone was already inside. It was dark outside, the stars up in the sky shining brightly as they flickered repeatedly in the obscurity. The moon was waxing today, giving off a pale hue over the rest of the world, but was still good enough to leave some luminance over everything. The world was quiet, no sounds of people, of civilization, not even the crickets were chirping. It was perfect.

"What would you like to do?" Reborn whispered, leaning his head against the brown locks. He always enjoyed doing such a thing, the feeling of silk against his skin. "Want to watch a movie? Dinner?"

Tsuna hummed softly to himself, keeping himself still, not wanting to leave the grasp just yet. "I have an idea."

"I'm all ears."

"Let's order dinner to-go and instead bring it back to your apartment. We'll eat on the roof since it would be a shame to not take advantage of this wonderful night," Tsuna opened his eyes momentarily to look up into Reborn's. They were just making their way out the front of the house, entering the streets. Luckily for them, there was no one else out since it was so late into the night. It was almost ten already, the party back at the Sawada house was still going on and they would probably never realize that they were missing two people until later on. Tsuna shifted slightly in the grasp, still not bothered that his lover was carrying him around. "After that, we can lie down somewhere and stay up there or head back down. It'll be up to you on that part."

Reborn almost wanted to laugh in amusement. By the way everything was sounding, Tsuna was trying to romantic, but it seemed to be failing. "And why's that?"

"Because you'll be deciding where we'll be having sex."

There was a slight pause in Reborn's steps and Tsuna just smiled, knowing his words had gained the effect he desired. Still, the older man continued on with walking. "I believe you've been around me too long. You're getting quite cunning, there's no way you could have learned this from anyone else but me."

"I learned from the best," The brunet chuckled loudly and shifted in the grasp slightly so that he could get a better look of the other. "Reborn, guess what?"


"I don't have school tomorrow."

"And this would concern me?" Reborn knew Tsuna was thinking of something, it was too clear to him when looking into those honey-colored eyes.

"Well that means I'll be at your mercy all night long and also tomorrow, too." Leaning up, the brunet planted a small quick kiss against a cheek, laughing in delight when he felt Reborn almost skip a step.

The raven peered down at the other curiously with an eyebrow raised and only saw an innocent expression that wasn't very convincing. He chuckled darkly, thoughts on what to do tonight very clear and livid in his mind. Oh, he was going to have so much fun tonight. "You definitely learned this from me. Don't think you'll be able to walk the next few days much less leave the bedroom."

"Don't plan to," Tsuna shifted slightly, getting Reborn to put him down and reached upwards to wrap his arms around the other. He stared straight into those black eyes, a grin on his face. "I'm yours after all."

"And you better know it."

Leaning down, Reborn went for a kiss, smiling into it gently. To think after all these years, from the babysitting to the tutoring to now, he would find the perfect person, the perfect lover. He closed his eyes, enjoying the warmth against him, and pulled Tsuna closer, never wanting to let go. The un-whispered words of him saying he belonged to Tsuna were as clear as the stars in the sky; it wasn't as if they needed to be spoken when it was too understandable. Reborn chuckled, momentarily pulling their lips apart for a breath before going back in. There was no way he was going to let the other go, never.

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