The Silence

The events of Somalia had changed them both, although neither of them would admit it. Hell none of them would talk of the events that occurred; instead they drowned their emotions together, yet somewhat alone, in a dangerous vindictive cycle.

It started with the booze, a few nights a week at first, but it soon turned into a daily occurrence, and not always at night. Then came the sex, which at first was a result of too much booze, but these days sober or drunk, it didn't seem to matter.

They didn't even speak of the demons they faced alone. Her, an eating disorder where food was the enemy, and him, cutting, where each slice was a punishment for letting her go. The signs and marks were there, and they both knew of the others actions, but their silent agreement of ignorance kept them from ever speaking of it out loud.

So when she walked into his house, beer in tow, she played dumb to the blood coated knife sitting beside him on the couch, and his freshly bandaged wrists, instead taking him by the hands and leading him to the bedroom.

And when he caught in her in the bathroom, two fingers down her throat, he simply shut the door and walked away.

It was the silence that was eating them alive, slowly killing them, draining the life from their eyes, though both were too numb to notice or maybe deep down just too stubborn to admit it.

Until the day she fell over the edge. Or pushed. That's how he saw it. She'd be dangling on the edge of a breakdown for a while. Then he pulled the last straw with the whole Dana fiasco and she went tumbling. As fragile as the feather her lightweight body had become.

His bathroom floor. That's where he found her; bottle in one hand, an empty pill packet in the other. Her face as pale as the ghost she now was, eyes rolled back soulless.

Reaching for her ice cold hand, the dagger in his heart twisted ever so deep as he unraveled her fingers to discover her Star of David necklace. The one he had given her.

Emotionless, he reached for his cell phone and dialed 911, asked for an ambulance and gave his address before using the knife she had always kept hidden in her shoe, sliced both wrists length ways and laid down next to the love of his life in silence, waiting for the moment they would meet again. And as ambulance sirens faded in and out as he lost consciousness, he knew it was only moments away.