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A/N: The setting of the story is before, during, and after POTC: AWE. In this story, the eventual OC/Jack will, and is intended, to end up as a Barbossa/OC. Enjoy.


- Chapter 1 -

Five days had passed since they started their journey to Singapore, and by the next day would make it six. Just as the night sky twinkled with millions of stars the sea reflected it with the reflection of the moon shining the most bright, as Olivia Gale stood alone by the railings of the Dutch ship that were to take them to Singapore. Choosing a ship where people speak a foreign language and where the people aboard couldn't understand you was quite a good option for them, considering the fact that they were all considered pirates already. The only ones they had to watch out for in the ship are the captain, the first mate, and the cabin boy. All three can speak both Dutch and English, but on the captain's case, that's only possible because he's half Englishman.

As she stood alone at the starboard side of the ship, her mysterious greyish eyes were set on the sea but her thoughts wondered unconsciously to the man whom they were to rescue from Davy Jones' Locker itself: Jack Sparrow. The greatest misfit of all in the face of piracy, that rum-loving Captain who had grown to have such an attachment to his precious ship, and that one man who had her heart once, and still have it until now. They were truly in love, they both love adventure and being free, but unfortunately Jack loved his freedom too much. Their relationship didn't work out well because of Jack being such a womanizer, something that she couldn't get to change. But even though, they remained good friends, although she still couldn't get over him all those years. By now she's in her mid-30's and still she couldn't and wouldn't get into a new love life.

Pirate. The last time she ever heard someone called her that way was when she cheated on a card game with three sailors at a tavern and still got out with the money alive. She never considered herself a pirate only until she got acquainted with some, such as Jack Sparrow and Anamaria. And before she knew it, she had a cutlass on one hand and a pistol on the other fighting off some navy officers just to get away and not get caught. It wasn't long before she gave up of wearing a dress for riding breeches and leather boots. And as time went on and on and she grows up in becoming a woman, she found herself unable to resist the charms of an eccentric adventurer who's only dream in the world is to be free…from everything. And she never fell for anyone again ever since.

She tugged on the sleeves of her white shirt that she wore under a faded green waistcoat, realizing how the wind had suddenly grown much colder, while she heard footsteps coming in close just from behind her. Whoever it was she couldn't tell, but it could always be those ones from the rescue crew whom she had acquainted with the past few days. And yet it wasn't long before she found out, for at the corner of her eye she saw long dark-blond hair neatly tucked behind ears and slightly being tossed with the winds, as the slender figure rested her elbows on the wooden railings. There was no doubt that it was Elizabeth Swann, that feisty young governor's daughter turned pirate. Oh indeed was she so eager to learn in the ways of a pirate under the supervision and mentorship of the black-hearted Captain Barbossa. The much older and experienced pirate had taught the lass a thing or two in escaping brigs, and their lessons were mostly on how to shoot. Out from a pistol, to a rifle, to a cannon, why he even let her use grenades. Olivia had even thought that it won't be long before Elizabeth could carry a lot of weapons just under her clothes.

"Are you thinking about him?" asked Elizabeth as she turned to Olivia.

"If you meant Jack then I say its yes," replied the brunette, glancing briefly to her companion.

Smiling, Elizabeth felt more comfortable in talking with Olivia of matters concerning Jack Sparrow, although she still couldn't get herself to share to anyone in particular about her little secret on how the said pirate really fell to the Kraken. If she couldn't share it with Will, it would be a far worst mistake to share it with Olivia, or so she thought.

"I never would have thought that Jack had a serious relationship with a woman," Elizabeth spoke again.

"Oh, it wasn't really that serious," was Olivia's reply still would not look straight to Elizabeth. "We were young. At least very young that time, I think."

"What do you think his doing there right now?" asked the blond.

"What else but trying to escape."

Elizabeth nodded, agreeing to the thought that Jack would try even if it is hopeless to escape from the Locker. But she couldn't help wonder if anyone could keep their head when in such a cursed place alone. Then again, Jack seemed to have lost his head already.

"You still care for him," she suddenly said letting her guard down just for the moment. "Isn't that the reason why you came with us on this voyage?" But in seeing the slight touch of sadness in Olivia's eyes, she regretted for a moment in ever asking.

"He is the reason," said Olivia in a lowered voice, and with few words she meant much more. She may have remained silent for the next few moments until Elizabeth spoke something that made her look up to the lass.

"I'm sorry."

As Olivia looked up, what she saw were two brown eyes as though ready to tear up right in front of her. So she said, "Don't be silly, its not like its your fault why he's in the Locker now."

Opening her mouth to speak, Elizabeth thought she was about to tell Olivia, but there was nothing inside her strong enough that could urge her to do so. When she found that she simply just couldn't, she shut her mouth close and looked away, wishing that she was anywhere else but there that time. If only she could tell, but the question is how…

Suddenly, a gentle hand was placed on her right arm as she saw a kindly face smiling at her, and said, "The night's been long, and we should be asleep."

The response was a hesitant nod from the blond, as the two women went down below deck.

In the galley at morning was not where Barbossa thought he'd find himself. And since when was the last time he ever drinks coffee? Anyways, that morning Barbossa found himself drinking a good coffee in the galley of the ship. He just had a hearty breakfast and wouldn't go up to deck early as what he usually does in the everyday. But for all he knows, up on deck would be the young Turner sparring with his fiancée to teach a few more lessons with the sword. The two still have a few more minutes before he could teach the lass about shooting accurately. By next month he intended to teach young Miss Swann how to shoot a moving target at a far distance. He would really enjoy it; especially on how Elizabeth got easily frustrated at times with him when she couldn't do it right and he had to repeat what he keeps telling her.

The mere thought of seeing Miss Swann do her best and try to show him that she could do it perfectly without much help from him made Barbossa smile to himself smugly. Each time he would push her much harder to her limit, he would see that tigress in her with those brown eyes flaming with a mixture of anger, persistence, and a somewhat eagerness to learn more. What he would do to have a student like that, but he never would have thought that it would be a woman.

Speaking of woman, except for Elizabeth and Tia Dalma, they have another woman on board with them for their venture to the Locker. Olivia Gale. For more than twice he had thought of how a woman like her ever got to fall in love with a fool like Sparrow. He knows how Jack uses charisma and his charms to seduce a woman; he saw it a long time ago at Tortuga when the fool was flirting with a bunch of wenches. Oh they fall for him alright, but to actually fall? But then again, it could always be possible to anyone in particular. It happened to him once, years ago. Fell for a rich girl who was funny, adventurous, loving, a scallywag like him wouldn't have deserved such a girl to call his own. But then again, she never was…

Back to Miss Gale.

She was a little something in her own way and she does have a good body figure. There was one time when Barbossa caught her bending over to reach for something when he found his way down at the ship's hold. Whatever it was that she was trying to reach in those pile of sacks and behind those boxes of cargo, it took her too long, long enough for him to contemplate on her nice bottom. It took a lot from him to refrain himself from slapping it with his hand. When was the last time he ever did saw such a nice arse? Miss Swann? Oh yes she had a nice one too, but he never got to see it the way he did with Miss Gale. And he even got away with it without her knowing. When it came to mind that she was to take even longer there, he just thought best to leave before he ever planed on taking into action on what was on his mind that time. In which it would not be such a pretty good idea.

But it wasn't just the body; the brunette also had those two grey eyes that seemed to always hide things. There was the face, which was also a good face to look at with that slender neck of hers. There was…there was always something more to that brunette, more than she show.

Two familiar voices made Barbossa pull away from his thoughts and back to reality. Pintel and Ragetti seemed to have some argument on who's to swab down at the hold. And they continued to argue more with those buckets and mops in hand as they disappeared down on the lowest part of the ship. Eventually it made Barbossa finally deciding to go up deck and see how the love birds were doing.

Barbossa expected to hear the sounds of swords clashing when he already got to the companionway up to the deck, what he didn't expected was to see Turner standing at the mast watching over Olivia and Elizabeth who were just in the middle of their practice duel. He got just as close to Will just to stand side by side with the young blacksmith and watched as the women parried on with each blows of their swords.

"What be the meanin' of this?" Barbossa asked to Will, swaying a hand briefly to the women.

"Olivia said I was making it too easy on Elizabeth," replied Will.

"An' while ye explain that you don't, the lass thought best to parry with Olivia instead," said Barbossa, concluding for himself of how the situation came to be.

"Yes well, you know how Elizabeth is," said Will trying to make a point where Barbossa only nodded in agreement knowing well what Will meant.

The duel was over after a few moments where Elizabeth's sword froze in the air as she was about to make a blow when she found a pistol just under her chin. Her eyes then looked up incredulously to her opponent with expressions of disappointment on her face. By then, Will was having a little déjà vu with what just happened.

"You cheated," was the only thing Elizabeth could say, as Olivia smiled to her.

"When fighting with a pirate, do not expect them to fight fair in any way at all," Olivia said, holstering back her pistol and putting aside her sword.

"I learned that to be true the first time I ever did fought a pirate," said Will, as the women approached where he and Barbossa stood at the port side of the ship, just by the railings. "I meant Jack, of course."

"Really?" said Olivia. "Well, I learned handling a sword because of Jack."

With brows furrowed and eyes suddenly glowed in surprised, Barbossa spoke, "Ye learned all that from Sparrow?"

"Well not actually," Olivia explained, turning to the pirate-captain. "He wasn't much of a teacher. So I taught myself to improvise to have my own style. Although I did learned the cheating part from Jack."

"Huh!" Barbossa huffed. "Yer straight out right to say that he be not much of a teacher." He then placed his arms across his chest, lifting his chin slightly to look down on Olivia. "That I were the one who taught ye, then you could have disarmed Miss Swann within seconds."

Snapping her head to the older pirate, Elizabeth suddenly said, "I am not that easily beaten!"

"Am I to understand," said Olivia, as her timing was just right before Elizabeth could ever thought of challenging Barbossa to a practice duel, "that if you were the one who taught me, I could have done better?"

"Ye could have done yer best!" said Barbossa firmly. When he saw how Olivia might have looked that time, he asked, "Ye thought that I be boastin'?"

"Well I wasn't really saying anything," Olivia tried to say, thinking that she may have offended the pirate without her knowing how. But Barbossa suddenly drew out his sword as he stepped aside to go on the middle of the deck, with his eyes fixed on her.

"On deck, with me," he ordered to her.

Will didn't like where things were going, and caught Barbossa by the arm saying, "There's no need for you to do this. Its ridiculous."

"But I be enjoyin' it," Barbossa simply replied, as Will let go of his hold on the older pirate, sighing as he shook his head.

"You don't have to go through this with him," said Elizabeth to Olivia, knowing that Barbossa wouldn't take it easy on anyone whether it be in a practice duel or the real thing, regardless of the gender of his opponent.

But Olivia simply smiled at her saying, "Don't worry, I'll enjoy this." She then approached the waiting Barbossa and asked, "Alright captain, who attacks first?"

Without warning, Barbossa went after her and slash a great blow from his sword, which Olivia luckily blocked with her own weapon. Her sword hand trembled on how strong the impact was and how Barbossa was trying to push her back with their swords locked in an 'X'.

"Lesson number one, missy," said Barbossa peering between the blades. "Ye don't ask yer opponent who attacks first." He pushed away Olivia strong enough for her to loose balance and slammed to the wooden floor on her bottom.

As she saw the pirate coming after her again, she quickly stood up and block what seemed to be another strong blow. "You could have at least warned me!" she said angrily.

"That be lesson number two," hissed back Barbossa, as he successfully unlock their swords again and finally they were parrying. "Yer opponent wouldn't care if you be ready or not!"

A sway from Olivia's cutlass has made the blade of her weapon cut a small portion from the ostrich plum above Barbossa's hat. As the small feather slowly swayed in front of him, Barbossa remembered the last time the feathers on his hat was cut. In which, it only made him want to end the duel more earlier. When he saw Olivia bringing her cutlass down on him, he moved in closer in an instant and caught her arm by the hand. With her weapon held out behind causing her to unable to use it on him, Barbossa pinned Olivia to the mast so hard that her back being slammed to the wood was loud enough for both Will and Elizabeth to hear from where they stood just a few feet from the two that were parrying. He then placed his blade right under the brunette's chin and breathed out his last lesson to her.

"An' this be lesson number three: do not ever get cornered."

The moment those greyish eyes looked straight at him, he saw one side of Olivia that he didn't saw before. It was either a side of her that shows when she is in trouble, or when she is just beginning to heat up, as she said, "It seems I have lesson number four."

Confused on what she meant, Barbossa felt a light sting on his chest and looked down on it. What he saw was Olivia's left hand holding a dagger where the tip of the dagger's blade had managed to bore to the flesh of his chest, as a small line of blood came out. Ahh yes, when was the last time he ever felt pain? No matter how strong or weak.

He smiled subtly to the woman he just cornered and waited for her to tell him what lesson number four was, although he may already have an idea what it was.

"Lesson number four: just because you cornered your opponent, doesn't mean you can let your guard down…Captain."

Pulling away, Barbossa brushed off the blood from his chest and sheathed back his sword. If that were Elizabeth back there that he cornered, she could have hit him on the groin with her knee. But in Olivia's case, she was more prepared with other weapons, such as a dagger in particular. The hit on the groin was a good idea, but just killing your opponent and be done with it could be a better one. Last time he remembered that he found a dagger at his chest was when he was still cursed and the dinner knife's blade had made it half way through, there was more blood then and it was Elizabeth that time. That was when a thought came in mind: what is it with women and daggers?

"Improvise, is it, Miss Gale?" he asked, looking up to her where she had sheathed her cutlass and had her dagger hidden somewhere.

"No, just luck," she replied, her expressions were serious. "If that were real, you could have just killed me before I could even have thought of pulling out my backup."

"Ye call yer dagger a backup?" said Barbossa raising a brow.

"It works as a backup for me," replied Olivia, the once serious expression was lost in her words.

"Well now that you two are done with your lessons," said Will as the two approached, "please step aside because Elizabeth and I aren't finish yet."

Everything else went to normal, or at least as normal as they could get, as each person minded to go on to their own businesses. But as Barbossa was about to turn and go down once more, Gibbs came out from below and said, "Sir, are you going down?"

Stepping aside for Gibbs to join him above, Barbossa replied, "Aye, if ye were not down there blockin' me way."

"My apologies," apologized Gibbs, as he leaned over to Barbossa. "But the first mate jus' had a word with me and said that the Captain would like to have a word with yah."

Pulling back his head and looking to Gibbs, the pirate-captain smelled something might be amiss.

"With me?"