** ok new story! WARNING: This story contains strong sexual content! It's going to start short, but I promise to add more soon! **

The night was hot. Sticky humidity made it almost impossible for anyone to find comfort. Byakuya could not find the rest he needed to fall asleep. "Wretched weather," he complained silently. He sat at the edge of his bed and rubbed his face with his hands. "Maybe if I go for a walk," he thought to himself. He quietly pulled on his slippers and made his way to the door. Making sure he stepped on the solid wood to avoid creaks, he tip-toed carefully down the hallway. He caught a glimpse of light up ahead and was curious to find out where it was coming from. He began to walk fast, but still ever so quietly.

He slowly came to the half opened door, and his breath grew shallow. In the bright moonlight he saw an amazing figure lying on the tatami. The light hit Rukia in a perfect setting bouncing off her skin like a silky material. Byakuya leaned up against the doorway causing the door to slide open further. The sheet she was using was strategically placed over her body revealing only bits and pieces of her skin. Her legs were partly spread but not too wide. Hands were placed in random places: one above her head just so and the other lay beside her thigh. Byakuya felt his mouth water as his eyes traveled her terrain. The sheet was so thin it outlined her body perfectly. Rukia's firm, flat stomach rose and fell with her upper body. Her breasts were so firm; they sat on her chest carefully covered by that sheet.

He caught himself beginning to walk in. "What are you doing you fool!" he thought to himself. It was such a hot night and this was unacceptable. Carefully kneeling beside her, he placed his hand on her bare thigh. Her skin was cool, and yet a bit moist from the humid air. It sent shivers up and down his spine as he traveled a little higher. Rukia wasn't wearing anything and his eyes grew large as his being was now excited. Under his breath he licked his lips; he was going to kiss her. She looked so tempting with her head so close to his knee. Her lips were slightly parted and her face was glistening a bit. "You're so beautiful," he accidentally said aloud.

Startled by his voice, Rukia fled out of her sleep and managed to pin him down. Not fully awake, she held her Zanpakutō close to his throat. She was breathing heavily and was straddling him with her bareness. Byakuya made a single gesture, and her weapon was dropped. "B-Byakuya?" she mumbled after realizing who she was sitting on. Now she was embarrassed. "Byakuya, why are you in my room? I'm not properly dressed… forgive me." she said beginning to rise up from him. He grabbed her hands and pulled her down to him. "I couldn't sleep, Rukia… I was going to walk outside until I passed your room and caught sight of this amazing vision…You're beautiful." he said in a tone that made her hair stand on the back of her neck.

She ran her hands over his bare chest. He was so strong. His muscles felt like various hills under the palms of her small hands. Byakuya wrapped her in his arms and kissed her lips. The tension seemed to raise in the room as the kissed and rubbed against each other. They managed to roll over to her tatami where he now lay on top of her. He supported himself over her with his elbows and ran his fingers through her hair. Rukia's eyes stared into his; her heart was pounding so hard he could see her pulse in her neck. He smiled, "Are you afraid, Rukia?" She nodded and turned away, "I've never been with a man, Byakuya…"

He hesitated a little. All the time she spent with Ichigo he was sure she had done something by now. "You've never made love before," he asked softly. She bit her lip and looked into his grey eyes, "I was saving myself…" Without asking he knew what she meant by that. "Why haven't you told me this before, Rukia?" "Byakuya you know very well I could never tell anyone how I feel towards you. Especially you" He slowly leaned in and licked her lips. Their tongues met in her mouth and he took in a deep breath. Her scent filled his nasal cavity, and it made him very aroused. She felt him hard and pressing against her leg. Looking down at him she shook nervously, "I'm afraid, but I want you to be the one to show me what love is like" she confessed. Byakuya smiled. She loved when he smiled because it was something that just never happened in a happy moment. He always smiled when there was trouble lurking. Rukia pulled him to her by his shoulders and kissed him again. He gently took his hand to her hip and braced her for reception.

Her eyes shut tightly as he filled her slowly. Once he was all the way in, they opened back up and she gave a soft whimper. The pain was excruciating, but so very exciting at the same time. He started to slowly move in and out and give quiet grunts. Rukia's head fell to the side but he quickly placed his free hand behind it and turned her back to him. "Look in my eyes Rukia, don't look away…" he moaned. He felt so good inside her; she wrapped her legs around him as if she was begging for more. Byakuya was normally a quiet person, but Rukia was so tight and so wet he couldn't hold it in anymore. He let out a sigh of relief followed by a groan. Rukia smiled to herself after the pain subsided, "Byakuya... harder" she commanded. He wasted no time to meet her request and pulled her hips onto his. Her body arched as he was much taller than she and he was pulling her hips up. Holding on to her he started to pound into her using the strength in his legs. Rukia cried out in ecstasy as she was getting what she wanted.

Byakuya stood up with her still on his pelvis, and continued to probe her as he walked them to the opening of her room to the outside. He pinned her against the strong frame of the doorway and started to kiss her neck. Rukia threw her head back and moaned very loudly. Byakuya was becoming closer to his climax and he could feel her wanting more. "Rukia… I'm going to turn you over… I want you to hold on to the frame and don't let go…" he breathed. Rukia did as she was told as he flipped her over holding her on him still with his hands. It was like her opening was deeper all of a sudden. She cried louder as she felt him deeper inside almost to her core. Byakuya slammed into her making her cry in lust. Her body began to tense up as she was overcome with a strong feeling. It felt like her soul was on fire and yet she loved the intensity of it. Rukia could hear him grunting and moaning as she felt him throb in her. "Oh… Shit…" he cried. Rukia turned back over and wrapped her arms around his neck and tried to muffle her cry. They both climaxed at the same time and their spiritual pressure began to shake the entire room.

Rukia fell to the floor. Her body was very weak and yet still tingled with excitement. Byakuya sat up on her tatami trying to catch his breath. Her small hand reached over to him, "That was amazing…" she panted. He looked over at her… This look in his eyes was so different from all the other times. There was a caring behind them, a loving light that pierced inside her. "I'm glad, Rukia. That's what love is… It's an amazing feeling that two people share… when they love each other." he said sweetly. Her face lit up, "Byakuya? You love me?" He lay back down beside her and took her hands in his, "Rukia… I have always loved you…" Her heart gave a soft pitter patter… "Oh Byakuya… I- I love you, too." she said with a kiss.

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