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CHAPTER 2: Battle at the Mansion

The vampires surrounded the mansion quickly and looked up at the residents with devilish smiles. For them this was a simple game and they were ready to go for the kill. Hime, however didn't seem concerned at all and scrutinized the intruders with her red eyes.

"State your business here!" She said loud enough so that they could hear her.

One of the nocturnal beings stepped forward, him too donning that same sadistic smile.

"Well well, isn't this fortunate. A member of the royal family! This surely makes our day! After we complete the job we may finally be granted powers beyond imagination!" His tone sounded incredibly maniacal, but no one was intimidated by this. Well, no one except Hiro that is.

The blond haired stranger took a quick look at the princess.

'Royal family huh?' was the only thought that came to his mind.

Riza on the other hand turned towards the stranger.

"Hey you sure you are not with this guys?" she asked bluntly.

"Trust me, I wouldn't need their help if I was after your head" came his rather rude reply, which seemed to anger the half-breed.

"What? Why you..." anger started to boil through her veins and she was ready to jump at him.

"Calm down Riza, this is not the moment to start a fight" interrupted the monster princess.

At that the redhead reluctantly set her anger aside for the moment. The wounded young man then sighed heavily before moving towards the end of the balcony. He then proceeded in standing on its edge.

"W-wait, what are you doing?" Though it was Hiro asking that question, everyone was curious to know the answer.

"This is my business. They started a fight with me and I'm going to be the one who tears them apart" as he said that his voice turned cold as well as determined.

"Um, I wouldn't want to intrude" chipped in the raven haired vampire girl "But I don't think fighting that many vampires alone is a wise idea, especially with a wound like that"

Everyone took a moment to look at his arm which hanged loosely to the side. Most probably, the man was now unable to move it around.

"You're right" came his response "But right now I just wanna kill this guys so badly that being wise is the last of my concerns" with that said he jumped down the balcony and landed on the wide garden.

"Alright bastards, whoever wants to have his intestines rolled around his neck first can start attacking me and for those of you who wont, I'm going to rip your eyes off! You got that?"

The malefic lot stopped grinning for a second, intimidated by their targets sudden outburst. Nonetheless, they charged at him a few second later.

The boy proceeded in avoiding all of their attacks as they tried to reach him with their claws and fangs. He demonstrated great skills as he elegantly kicked one of the monsters and then punched another one with his good arm. He also seemed proficient in acrobatics as he often attacked one of his opponents in mid-air.

Meanwhile the princess and her friends watched the battle from above.

"Hey Hime, are you sure it is alright to just leave him alone like that?" inquired Hiro.

Hime chose not to reply to her blood warrior, switching her attention to Reiri instead.

"Reiri, what kind of vampires are those?"

"Hmm from what I've seen, they are probably the lowest ranked type. The only things that difference them from a human are the claws, fangs, thirst for blood and the ability to turn into a bat. They usually rely on numbers to win a fight"

As Hime took in the information she looked back at the battlefield where the man was still fighting. The numeric superiority of the fiends was finally starting to give him some problems. Furthermore, he seemed to be more and more troubled by his arm.

"Come on! Is that the best you guys got? I find myself disappointed!" he taunted once more, just before one of the vampires slashed at his left leg making him trip.

As he looked up he saw yet another vampire ready for the killing blow. The man closed his eyes, waiting for the attack to come.

An agonizing scream echoed through the area, but what attracted the stranger's attention was that it wasn't his own. Once again, he looked up to see Hime holding a sword that pierced through his attacker's heart. Once she removed the sword, she protruded her her other hand, which was holding another sword towards the boy.

"I thought I told you this is my fight" he said as he grabbed the weapon.

"True, but this is my property, right?" as she said that they were joined by Reiri, Riza and Hiro who was holding a broom.

"True enough" said the stranger as he assumed a battle stance once again.

After that everyone jumped at the fiends, ready to get rid of them once and for all. They whole showed great adaptation to the battle field, even Hiro was being able to drive some of the blood-suckers away. The boy and Hime both slashed through the monsters' flesh with great skills, Riza broke many of their bones thanks to her incredible strength, Reiri showed some affinity with hand to hand combat, and Hiro's broom was definitely painful if it hit the right spot.

In good time, the intruders were quickly decreasing in number. Only a dozen was left. As the blue eyed boy finished beheading one of the vampires he turned around just in time to see that Hime didn't take notice of one of them, who had crept behind her and was now ready to bite her neck. His body moved on his own, not having any time to think. He quickly shoved the girl out of the way. However, he got hit instead.

The vampire's fangs didn't really pierce his flesh as much as scratched it. Nevertheless, this vampire's jaws were particularly strong, since a large part of the boy's flesh separated from his neck.

The pain was agonizing and it was hard to resist slipping into unconsciousness, but he was able to fight it back. The rest of the group angered at this and finished off the rest of the monsters quickly.

They all got near to the boy's body trying to figure out his conditions.

"Is he alright? Will he survive?..." inquired Hiro.

"Hey you still alive there?..." asked Riza to the fatally wounded boy.

"Oh my... that blood really looks delicious..." came Reiri's rather peculiar remark.

"Enough!" shouted Hime in order to make everyone quiet down.

"Get back to the mansion" she ordered

"B-but Hime we can't just let him..." the younger boy tried to argue but was once again silenced by the woman.

"I will deal with this" she said in a finalizing tone.

With that everyone understood her true intentions and looked at the boy one last time before turning away and leaving. Hime then knelt next to the boy.

"You saved my life, for that I am grateful"

"... Actually we are even now...you saved me before..."

"That is true, however you have shown to be able to protect me with great skills. It is clear that you won't survive the wound to your neck, however, I have the power to give you a second chance at life, what is your choice?"

"I...ugh... I..." But he never finished that sentence. The boy died of blood loss at the early age of eighteen.

Fortunately for him the princess of monsters had other plans for him.

"What a beautiful corpse..." she said staring down at the now dead person "You will make a fine blood warrior"

With that said she proceeded in biting her middle finger and dripping a few drops into his mouth.

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