Experiment Terminated

A/N: An angsty bit, which I was driven to write in defiance when I received my English composition results. (Which I failed, by the way.)

Disclaimer: JP owns all.


I'm a failure.

After all those years of working against Itex, resisting capture, having our hopes dashed again and again, fighting for our lives – I've failed.

I was created to save the world. And even now, as I stare around the barren wasteland – the remainder of what used to be the Earth – I know that I am a failure.

Itex succeeded. Anne was right. Ter Bocht was right. I'm no leader. I'm just a deluded fool.

Good, but not good enough.
Strong, but not strong enough.
Smart, but not smart enough.

Not good enough to save the world.
Not good enough to save The Flock.
Not good enough to save myself.

So, after all that suffering and fighting for a world that refused to be saved – I admit it.

I, Maximum Ride, am a failure.

FYI, this is a twoshot. Which means that there IS going to be a next chapter. I've written it down already, but I've yet to type it out. Reviews are love.

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