Loves not Subtle.

Chapter 2.

"Ok!" Tsunade yelled out, "We need to find hinata a bodyguard until this ninja is caught"

She looked out among the heads of the clans as they ran through the reports of the incident.

"The ninja said he wouldnt stop until he got her... but why? it doesnt make sense" stated Shikaku, leader of the Nara Clan.

"I agree with shikaku, its so wierd. Whats so special about hinata. Like yeah, we've had the threats for Bakugan before, but Neji was present at the time, so it cant be that." Agreed Chouza

Hiashi immediatly spoke up at the thought of there being something...Special about hinata.

"Please! That girl is no different to any of your daughters or sons. This is ridiculous, i doubt this man will even come back for her, probably just a wasted threat."

"Dont speak about your daughter that way!" Yelled Tsunade in a deep and powerful tone, "We will give Hinata some Bodyguards."

"Oh god, do Not waste our forces on her, with the battle against the land of the mist coming up, we do not need have our men look after a girl of Hyuuga name!" Hiashi was furious.

"I am hokage Hiashi, You dare defy me? If it will make you more comfortable, i will give your daughter one bodyguard, we will choose between the three that fought the man, as they would have already fought him and understand how he works, we will have a vote."

Tsunade began to pass slips of paper around to all of the members in the room. Hiashi was very pissed off, you could see it on his face. All the people looked thoughful as they read back over the incident and chose a bodyguard for hinata.

"Hina-chan... "

"Yes mother?"

"Take care of this with your life... please"

"What do you mean mother?"

"Value it... forever"

Hinata shot up from her bed, in a daze. She didnt know what her dream was about, She couldn't remember that conversation with her mother, What had she been talking about? Something to keep with me...

Hinata swung her legs over the side of her bed and into her slippers and pulled on her purple night robe, tieing it up with perfection. As she began to search she looked throughout her entire room, under her bed, in her cupboard, in all her boxes. But no luck, nothing of importance found its way to her view.

There was a knock at the door.

"Yes?" She called out politely.

"You are wanted in the Hokage's office immediatly!" Yelled her father in anger.

Hinata walked out into the hallway and saw her fathers face, he was not happy.

"Yes Father" She bowed to him and went back into her room, putting on her normal everyday ninja clothes incase it was a mission.

She began to walk out of the house when she spotted Neji sitting by a river. He had one leg bent in a right angle and his other leg hung over the edge, into the water. He was re-applying some medical cream onto the cut on his right hand arm, his bandage soaked in the water to get rid of the blood.


"Yes...Hinata-hime" he replied gracefully.

"Do you remember my mother very well?" Hinata looked downwards as she asked this question.

No one in the compound really liked to talk about the whole ordeal, it was basically banned, although there was never a spoken ban.

"Yeah, she was such a kind and caring woman, she used to give you and I presents all the time." Neji continued to rub the cream on his arm as he told Hinata about her Mother.

"P-Presents?" Hinata asked in a forgetful tone.

Neji was just about to answer her when there was a yell from the front door of the compound.

"Hinata! I told you to go to the Hokage tower, now!"

Hinata began to pant and muttered goodbye to Neji before running off to the tower.

On the other side of the village Naruto was trying to figure out what to do with his day. He had no missions, hadnt been summoned and couldnt help but feel like there was something or someone he had to see. He rubbed the sleep from his eyes and began to get dresse dinto his ninja clothes, even if all he could do all day was train.

He walked the streets of Konoha, heading towards his favourite ramen bar when he noticed someone in the training fields, lying on the ground, it was Lee.

"Oi Lee!" Naruto ran over to his side quickly, "What did you do this time?"

He had a wound on his stomach and couldnt help but grimace in pain, "The kunai bounced off the tree and hit me... i was doing stretches, i dont even know where the kunai came from!"

Naruto gently put Lee over his shoulder and stood up quickly, heading in the direction of the hospital, "You need some help..."

As he walked the streets and to the hospital, They both began to talk.

"Naruto can i ask a favor of you? my youthful companion."

"Yes Lee?"

"I need you to go to the Hokage's Office and fill in a mission for me, please... it said it was urgent." Lee pleaded with Naruto to do this for him.

"If its urgent, we have no time to waste" He made the sign for Kage bunshin and pawned Lee off onto his clone.

He watched towards the sunset as the clone ran off with Lee over his shoulders, Lee was screaming out. Naruto Chuckled and ran off to the Hokage's Office.

As he jumped upon the roof's in Konoha he noticed someone else heading the same way he was. He couldnt help but yell out to her, after their last ordeal he felt they were closer.

"Hinata!" He yelled out loudly.

At that moment Hinata had lost her footing and began to fall off the large building she was on. Naruto quickly made a kage bunshin and it jumped towards hinata, catch her before she could fall to far.

"Ay, Hinata, are you okay? sorry about that, i didnt mean to scare you."

"N-Naruto... I-Im fine... " Hinata continued to avoid his face.

"Where are you off to?"

She was suprised that he continued the conversation, he normally would just ask one thing and then go away.

"Im heading to-towards t-the Hokage t-tower," Stuttered hinata.

"Oh cool! Me too!"

Hinata's face went red as she continued to fascinate herself with the ground.

"I'll go with you" Naruto said in an enthusiastic tone.