The Wedding

"If a wedding isn't observed, is it really a wedding?" Tim asks, patiently allowing Abby to straighten his tie.

"It was a real wedding!" Tony protests, shrugging on his suit jacket. "We had witnesses and everything. Besides, you've all seen the video."

Abby pouts. "But we should have been there, Tony! We're your family and you didn't tell us and that's why you have to do it again."

Tony sighs. "I'd say I don't know how you managed to talk us into this, but I know exactly how you did it." He scowls at the perky scientist who is sporting her most innocent grin. "And don't think you'll be getting any more Caf!Pows hand delivered to your lab, missy."

"Aw, but Tony…" Abby whines.

"Ah! If we have to suffer, so do you," Tony says firmly. "Now scoot. You should be out front."

Abby pouts again, but draws him into a quick hug without smearing lipstick on him and then hurries off to take her place inside.

Tony turns as the door opens; it's Ducky, furling his dripping umbrella, closely followed by-

"Jethro," Tony breathes. This time they aren't wearing just any suit snatched out of their closet. Tony has to admit his husband looks magnificent in a morning suit. His pale blue shirt and tie bring out the color of his eyes and make his silvering hair look more than distinguished.

Tony can't wait to get him out of it.

He grins. "I was beginning to think you were going to leave me standing at the altar."

"Abby'd kill me." Jethro leans in and hugs Tony, soaking up the younger man's warmth for a moment.

"Cold ear!" Tony yelps and dances away, rubbing his cheek. He pouts. "You only love me for my body heat."

"Busted," Gibbs grins.

Behind them, the ME tuts and opens the door to the reception room. The music changes from something soothing and classical to It Had To Be You. At first, Tony thinks it's Sinatra, but then the unmistakable tones of Harry Connick Jr fill the room. He reaches for Gibbs' hand, only to find his husband reaching out for him, and together they enter the room that's filled with family and friends, all gathered here to celebrate their marriage; various federal and law enforcement agencies are represented by friends of the grooms, and outside there's a smattering of press who have somehow caught wind of the event.

The ceremony isn't actually any longer than their first wedding, but Abby cries and Tony's dad lets Ziva comfort him, despite CIRay being her official date for the day. Jackson lends Abby and handkerchief and pats her hand, while McGee pretends not to notice the significant looks his date is giving him. Ducky looks on approvingly, and Jimmy squeezes his wife's hand as the two men promise each other their hearts. Vance is stoic, although his wife has been making noises about renewing their vows ever since the invitation arrived.

All of that means nothing to the men at the center of this wedding: Gibbs and Tony are focused on each other to the exclusion of everyone else. Even though they've done this once before, they're standing here in front of the people who mean the most to them and a simple promise to love each other forever somehow feel more significant when it's witnessed by them all.

With the benefit of half a year's marriage, Tony promises to pick up his soggy towels and Gibbs promises not to finish off the coffee on a morning. Together they promise to share their lives, both work and home, and to remember that no matter how urgent the case, they won't leave the other behind.

"It's in their contracts," Vance whispers to his wife as they all clap politely and the grooms exit to the strains of Blame it on the Moonlight.

The re-married couple pause for a moment in the doorway, letting the cameras see them grinning at each other, then they make a dash for the car, leaving everyone else to fend for themselves against the press and the rain. It isn't too far to the reception, though; they're having it at a local community hall that Abby's decorated with poster-sized photos of Gibbs and Tony, taken at various crime scenes over the past ten years. Instead of flowers, there are cookie bouquets at each table, and the buffet includes a jug of coffee simply labeled 'TAR'.

People trickle in, coats and umbrellas dripping, to find Gibbs and Tony already there, coffee in hand. They've forgone the traditional receiving line, and there's no seating plan, just a notice on the door that says 'Sit where you like, eat what you want, just don't drink Gibbs' coffee!', a warning that everyone heeds. Music plays in the background; an eclectic mix that ranges from In the Hall of the Mountain King by Grieg, to the Hawaiian version of Somewhere Over The Rainbow and As Time Goes By. There's wine and beer as well as coffee and juice, and somehow Abby has her own supply of Caf!Pows, despite Tony's threat. People eat and chat and get up to dance, and through it all, Tony and Gibbs sit close together. If they sometimes look a little bemused at how accepting everyone is, how their fathers and friends are genuinely happy for them, no one calls them on it. And when they finally get up and dance together to the strains of Just The Way You Are, the catcalls and applause are heartfelt.

Even Gibbs has to admit that it's been a good day, especially when it ends with him and Tony wrapped around each other, naked and sweaty, on Tony's ridiculously soft Egyptian cotton sheets which fit Gibbs' bed perfectly. They're on the verge of sleep when Gibbs' cell phone beeps to signal a new text message.

"Here, you read it," Gibbs says, handing Tony the phone so he doesn't have to find his reading glasses.

Tony fiddles with the phone for a moment, then laughs. "Just caught the news: congratulations. I never had a chance, did I?"

"Who's it from?"

"Ms Hart," Tony says with only a touch of glee. "Want me to reply?"

"Sure," Gibbs says, shutting his eyes. "I guess the press is good for something after all."

"Yeah, it was kind of awkward when she kept throwing herself at you," Tony says, typing away on the phone. "I mean, I can see her point. You are ridiculously hot for a guy your age, but-"

Gibbs tackles him and the phone goes flying. With his husband pinned and laughing breathlessly beneath him, he growls, "What was that you were saying about my age?"

Tony wriggles and his breath hitches. "Nothing! You're only as old as the guy you feel, after all-"

Gibbs shuts him up with a long, lewd kiss and goes on to prove that he might be older, but he has enough stamina to keep Tony on edge until he's outright begging for release.

Later - much later - when they've caught their breath and cleaned up a little, Tony rests his cheek against Gibbs' shoulder. "Worth it?"

"Every minute," Gibbs says softly. He presses a kiss to his husband's forehead. "Know what the best bit is?"

Tony nods sleepily. "This time no one's pissed."

Gibbs laughs and pulls the comforter up over them. "I guess so." Together, they drift into sleep, husband and husband. It's Gibbs' fifth marriage and Tony's first, but it's definitely their last, and now everyone knows. And nobody's pissed.