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Todd Tolansky walked through down town with his head hung low. It was just one of those crappy days. Y'know, the kind of day where you wake up thinking the world's out to get you and you're proven right. That's the kind of day he'd been having. It started that morning when he had literally rolled out of bed, and cracked his head on the nightstand. After the throbbing wore off, he gathered his stuff and headed for the bathroom. It was the day he took a shower. Unfortunately Pietro had chosen today to hold himself up in there. Longer than he normally did.

Todd had banged on door shouting for him to hurry up.

"Come on Pietro! I need to shower!"

"Since when do you shower?"

"You knew this was my shower day yo!"

"Go jump in a pond!"

Todd kept banging, and even started pleading. The reward he got was an obscene gesture in his face, and the sound of the lock clicking.

Giving up on the shower he headed downstairs to get his breakfast, and found that all the cereal was gone. The Blob and human time bomb struck again. Meaning he'd have to eat houseflies again. He settled by the trash can and waited. And waited, and waited. When were there not houseflies in the kitchen? He heard Lance call that he was leaving, he knew Lance wouldn't wait. His stomach growled, and he sighed.

Of course when they got to school Duncan and his lackeys were waiting for him, fortunately he was able to dodge them in class. You'd think that meant his luck was changing right? Wrong.

Turns out the chemistry teacher was feeling very sadistic. He had given a test, which Todd had failed. Nothing new about that, but the teacher screamed his lungs out at him about his incompetence and how easy the test was. On top of that Todd could hear the other students snickering and whispering at his humiliation. It wasn't the last chewing out he got that day. But it was definitely the worst.

Once school was over he headed out to meet the others at Lance's jeep. Duncan and his goons met him on the way, no classes to run to this time.

"H-hey Duncan, that test today was murder huh?" He instantly regretted that choice of words. Duncan grabbed the front of his shirt and slammed him into the wall.

"You missed your morning beating today Tolansky." Duncan's eyes gleamed with malicious intent. "Guess you'll just have to make up for it now." He raised his fist and rammed it into Todd's stomach making him cough and gasp. The other Jocks were already laughing and cheering Duncan on. Duncan raised his fist again, this time aiming for Todd's face when a tremor ran through the ground. They all turned and there stood Lance; glaring at Duncan.

"Crap! It's another freak!"

"Let's get out of here!"

Duncan threw Todd to the ground and he and the other jocks ran away at top speeds. Lance walked over to Todd and knelt down, looking him over.

"You okay Todd?"

"Yeah, thanks. You showed up just in time yo."

They headed for the school's parking lot. When they got close to the jeep they could see that Pietro, Tabby, and Freddy were already waiting. A small pit of dread formed in Todd's gut. He really didn't think he could take Pietro's teasing or Tabby's love of blowing him up right then.

"Yo Lance, if it's cool with you I'm just gonna walk home today." He hopped away without saying anything else, leaving a somewhat confused Lance behind. He didn't see the confused and concerned looks the others were watching him with.

And that brings us back to the present, Todd still wandering around downtown at a pace that would make you think bricks were tied to his legs. It wasn't like he wasn't used to that kind of crap, but today it just felt so much worse. Particularly that 'F' he had gotten on that chemistry test. Not so much the grade itself, but the fact that it somehow meant he was an idiot. Why did no one ever consider that maybe it meant that the teacher sucked at his job?

Though if he was completely honest with himself, the grade bothered him a little too. Normally he didn't give a rats balls what grades he got. But chemistry was a subject he actually sort of liked. As Boom Boom always said who didn't love a good explosion? He may not have been a wiz at it, but he did try to understand it. And when McCoy was teaching he started to improve. Mostly because he was the one teacher who took Todd's questions seriously. But then McCoy went all were-ape and ran of with the X-geeks. After that Todd's grades started to plummet again. This was due to the fact that the guy Kelly hired to take McCoy's place was a total-.

Todd was suddenly pulled out of his thoughts when he noticed the strange store he was walking by. It had some of the weirdest things he'd ever seen in its windows. A bowl with strange symbols etched into it, medallions that seemed to glow, and a ring that looked like it had fallen straight out of those movies. He looked up and read the sign above the door:

Alchemic Artifacts.

He felt an urge to go inside, though he wasn't sure why. It wasn't exactly his kind of place, but it wasn't like he had anything better to do. Besides, he thought as a small grin formed, there might be some good things to snag…

As he opened the door a little bell rang, he froze, and waited. No one came to the stores front, so maybe they were out to lunch or something. The door shut behind him. The strong scent of herbs dominated the place. He glanced up and saw why; plants, real living plants were hanging in small pots all over the ceiling.


He walked around as quietly as possible, just in case the owner was around and hadn't heard the bell ring. He found more of what was in the window, bowls, medallions, rings. He also found a few things that he no clue what the heck they were. He stuffed a few of the medallions and a ring that had a particularly large stone into his pockets.

One of the stores walls was nothing but shelves. The shelves were full of bottles holding dried herbs, strange liquids, and books. He didn't bother with the bottles, having learned a long time ago to leave glowing liquids alone. He did scan over the books though, and one managed to grab his attention. He pulled it off the shelf and examined it. It looked really old, and the dust almost completely hid the books name. He wiped some off so he could see it, it read:

Alchemy: The art of turning lead to gold.

That piqued his curiosity. He began to flip through its pages, and it vaguely reminded him of the books Wanda read. Only not as creepy. He didn't see too much about turning lead to gold, but this book was actually pretty cool. The more he looked through it the more it looked like chemistry, but much, much cooler. He decided to take it too.

"I see that book has caught your interest."

"Gah!" He jumped at the sudden voice. Dropping the book he whirled around and saw a woman standing there. An amused smile on her face.

"Do you always sneak up on customers yo?" Todd gasped.

The woman's smile grew. "My apologies, I didn't mean to frighten you." She picked up the book. "This is an excellent book, one of the best to learn from. Did you want to buy it?"

"Uh, I don't got any money…"

"Oh my that is a problem," she looked over his face. It was like she was trying to look inside him, and that made Todd more than a little uncomfortable. After a moment she smiled again. "But, I like you. You've got a little spark in you." What did that mean? "So I'll make you a deal."

"What kind of deal?" Todd asked, finding this too suspicious.

"I'll let you take this book, if you come back and tell me how you're doing with it. Alchemy isn't for just anybody. And also…" She leaned toward him. "If you give those things you stole back."

Todd's eyes widened then narrowed. "You some kind of mind reader yo?"

The woman laughed. "No, no. I just know what's in my shop, that's all."

After Todd had given the jewelry back the woman handed him the book. She walked him toward the door saying she needed to close. As she gently pushed him out the door she said: "Oh and by the way, my name is Lillian."

Todd glanced at her. "I'm Todd."

"Well, I hope that book serves you well, Todd. And that you don't forget our deal."

"Yeah…" Todd gave her a weary look, and walked away. Not wanting to use his powers in front of this woman he still wasn't sure he should trust.

Lillian smiled again as she watched his retreating form. Of all the people to walk into her shop who knew it would be someone like him? She turned and went back inside. She should probably call the council…But what would it hurt if she kept this to herself for awhile? This was a once in a lifetime opportunity after all.

She never dreamt that she would have the chance to teach an oracle.