Tchabita A (), this is your reply.

Well, I'm sorry to hear that you've read a pathetic fanfic. Honestly speaking, I've read such fanfic too. But when I open the story, and I realized that it was too long (without paragraph), I end up pressing the back button. Um, I'm sorry I had to reply this opening, because you hadn't logged in to review. ): Um, or maybe you didn't have one.

And, uh, about the Utau being Ikuto's sister? She's not. I forgot to inform. I mean, it would be clear when you read it.. Unless you thought that Ikuto was sad because Utau died/left or anything like that. (touches woood. I wouldn't want her to die.)

And, for that grammar error, I prolly didn't check or pay attention. Heh. ): I get too carried away for the plot. So, sorry about that.

Hmm. I made Ikuto die because uh, it would show how much Ikuto loved her that he can't live without her. Plus, uh, Amu did mention that she loved him, well... I remembered writing how she thought about him before she died.

'Sides, I enjoyed writing this story, somehow. Even though it's so depressing. Well, I received some reviews saying that I'm only good at writing tragedies, or sad stories, so I'll just give it a try. Thank you for reviewing, anyhow. :D