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Sam was woken suddenly by a cry from the next bed. He was out of his bed before he fully understood what was going on. As he gathered his bearings he heard the cry again and quickly made his was to Harry's bed. Harry was violently rolling around on the bed, talking in his sleep. Sam simply watched him for a moment, before trying to wake him.

"Harry… Harry…Harry! Come on Harry; wake up. It's just a nightmare."

Sam refrained from touching Harry, having had his fair share of weapons pointed at him when he tried to wake Dean.

Sam continued calling Harry's name for a few minutes, but gave up as Harry started shouting. The only words Sam could catch didn't make much sense, but he still listened intently. He figured if he could eventually make sense of them he would be able to learn more about the young man.

When Harry suddenly woke with a shout, Sam fell from his spot on Harry's bed. He had been so absorbed in listening to Harry he had unconsciously seated him self on the edge of Harry's bed.

"Who's there? I'm armed, so you better show yourself!"

Sam stood slowly, keeping his hands in the air as a sign of peace.

"Harry, it's me. Sam. I saved you from that guy last night; remember? I brought you back here and you asked me to stay the night…"

Harry settled back onto the bed, but kept his eyes trained on Sam.

"I do remember, sorry if I startled you. I didn't think to warn you last night that I suffer from very violent nightmares."

"It's alright. You just caught me off guard. I was focused on trying to make sense of what you were mumbling.

"I was talking in my sleep?"

Harry suddenly sat up in bed again, looking extremely panicked.

"What was I saying?"

"I couldn't understand most of it, you were mumbling a lot. I caught a few words like 'No', 'Voldemort', and 'Abracadabra'. Are you a magician or something?"

Harry gave a sharp mirthless laugh.

"Definitely 'or something'. Well, thank you very much for helping me, but I'm sure you have better things to do with your day than watch over someone you barely know. So, thanks again, you can now leave without worry of me dying or guilt over leaving me alone."

As Harry talked he stood and walked to the door. He opened the door and discretely leaned on it for support.

"Kid… Harry. You were in pretty rough shape last night… I don't think you should be up and about. I don't think it's entirely safe to be alone either… I mean, you could have a concussion and you should still be in pain from last night…"

Harry gave another sharp laugh and opened the door wider.

"Thanks for the concern, Sam, was it?"

Sam crossed his arms and nodded silently.

"Well, thank you for your concern Sam, but I can handle myself. Last night I was just having an off night. Thank you for saving me, and thank you for staying the night. I really do appreciate it."

Sam moved out the door but turned around and held it open, preventing Harry from closing it.

"Don't you have any questions about what happened?"

When Harry looked him in the eye Sam saw panic flit across Harry's face, only to be quickly replaced by curiosity.

"What questions would I have? The guy was clearly crazy and I passed out by the time you rescued me. I don't wonder how you got me back here, I'm willing to admit I'm tiny, and you're a bloody half-giant."

Sam chuckled at Harry's description of him and his description of the previous night's events.

Harry let a gentle smile grace his features and continued.

"Don't get me wrong, I'm very grateful that you saved me. But I'm really okay Sammy."

"Alright. If you ever need help give me a call, okay?"

Harry nodded and mentally filed away the number as Sam gave it to him, then repeated it back to ensure he had it correct.

Satisfied, Sam nodded, gave Harry one last piercing look, then turned and walked away.

Harry began to shut the door then paused as he thought of something.

"Hey Sam?"

Sam stopped and looked back, curious.

"I'm not a kid."

Sam just stared at him incredulously for a moment before laughing.

Harry snickered and finally shut the door, smiling all the while. As soon as the door was shut he leaned against it heavily, trying to catch his breath. Once he had caught it he stumbled over to his bed and fell into a fitful sleep full of memories and nightmares.

Sam was still chuckling as he walked into his own motel room. He abruptly stopped however when he saw his brother and Castiel.

Dean was lying on his back with an arm thrown over his eyes and Castiel was sitting cross-legged and was propped against the wall at the head of the bed. Not an altogether unusual site, except for the fact that Dean's head was resting on Castiel's lap and Castiel was running his fingers through Dean's hair in a clearly comforting manner.

They had been discussing something but had abruptly stopped when Sam walked into the room. As soon as it registered that Sam was awkwardly standing in front of them, Dean was up and pulling Sam into a fierce hug. Sam hesitantly hugged him back, not sure what was going on.

"I'm glad to see you too Dean, but what happened to no chick flick moments? Is everything alright?"

Dean released Sam, punched him on the shoulder, hard, and flopped back onto the bed. He lay beside Cas, who now had his legs stretched out in front of him. Sam shot Dean a confused look before turning to Castiel for an explanation.

Castiel glanced at Dean and started running his fingers through his hair again before answering Sam's questioning look.

"Dean was worried that you decided you no longer wish to have anything to do with us because we are together now. He claimed that was your reason for your continued absence. I informed him this was not the truth, but he wary in believing me. His uncertainness was increased because you were not answering your phone."

Castiel finished his explanation with a sound similar to a growl and a hard glare directed at Sam.

Sam just stood shocked for a moment then reached for his phone. He flipped it open and immediately saw the problem.

"Cas… Dean. My phone died, I didn't leave. Trust me; I have no problem with you guys being together."

Cas nodded once to show his acceptance of Sam's explanation. Dean pushed himself up to rest on his elbows and leveled his gaze on Sam.

"So, chick-flick moments out of the way; where the hell were you all night?" Dean sat up more and leered at Sam. "Did you take my advice and pick up a girl?"

Sam simply rolled his eyes and began packing his bag.

"No Dean, I did not pick up a girl. There was this ki… guy in trouble so I helped him out. He was attacked and I simply rescued him. Afterwards I took him back to his room and he asked me to stay the night. He seemed terrified of being alone, so I agreed. I caught a few hours of light sleep on his extra bed. After making sure he would be fine this morning I made my way back here."

Dean looked at Sam incredulously for a moment, then rolled his eyes and climbed out of bed, copying Sam and packing his own bag.

"Only you Sammy. So where did this poor helpless guy live?"

"Don't call me Sammy. Actually, he doesn't live in town here. He's staying in this motel."

At this Dean stood, folded his arms, and glared at Sam.

"Really Sammy? And you couldn't be bothered to just pop in here and let us know?"

Sam stood and faced Dean, also folding his arms.

"No Dean, I couldn't. By the time we got back here he had passed out and then he asked me not to leave. And don't call me Sammy."

The brothers spent a moment glaring at each other, then huffed in sync and went about collecting the rest of their belongings.

"Cas, could you go pick up some breakfast? We'll head out once we finish it."

Castiel nodded and walked silently out the door.

"Why didn't he just use some angel magic to get us the food?"

"Don't you remember what happened last time Sammy?"

"Don't call me Sammy. I do. Forget I asked."

The brothers fell silent as they both remembered what happened last time.

The last time Castiel had gotten them breakfast he had thought it would be a good idea to get the food from Bobby's.

By the time he reappeared at the motel he had the food, as well as numerous bullet holes in his trench coat. He also reappeared to the sight of Dean alternating between yelling into the phone and holding it as far from his ear as possible. It turned out that Bobby had called the Winchesters as soon as he was done shooting at Castiel. Since then Castiel was only allowed to retrieve breakfast the mortal way.

Castiel was back in no time and the brothers quickly ate their food. When they were done they took one last look around the room to make sure it was empty, and made their way to the Impala. Dean threw his bag in the trunk and proceeded to the driver's seat. Sam more calmly took out Dean's bag so that he could put the weapons back in the trunk's hidden compartment first. He was just putting Dean's bag back into the trunk when he heard Dean's comment, and accompanying chuckle.

"Wow, that kid looks like he had a good night."

Sam carelessly tossed his bag into the trunk and slammed it shut. He followed Dean's gaze to see if his suspicions were correct.

He realized with a sinking feeling that they were. Harry was on the other side of the parking lot, stumbling towards the highway.

Sam shook his head and lightly jogged over to Harry, ignoring the shouts from Dean and Castiel.


At the shout Harry spun around so quickly he nearly fell over. When he saw who was calling him he relaxed his defensive stance. Rolling his eyes he shot Sam a tired look.

"What can I do for you, Sammy?"

Sam easily caught up to Harry and then stood awkwardly beside him, not sure what to say.

"Erm…Where are you headed?"

"Nowhere in particular. I was just going to wander around a bit, do some sight seeing. I planned to try and hitch a ride with someone."

Sam's response came before he could even think about regretting it. Once it registered what he had offered though, he didn't regret it.

"You could come with us."

Harry just looked at him in shock before responding carefully.

"I appreciate the offer, but you've done enough for me already."

"It wouldn't be a problem. My brother and I are traveling all over the place, and there is plenty of extra room in the car. Even if it's just for a short while, I'd feel better if you traveled with us for a while…"

Harry watched Sam for any sign of this all being a trick, but when he didn't find any he sighed.

"Alright. But don't think I'm some bum or run-away or anything. When it comes to getting a place for the night and getting food, I can pay for myself."

Sam chuckled and led Harry back to the car.


Sam offered to put Harry's bag in the trunk, but the young man politely declined the offer. Sam didn't question it and simply opened the back door, gesturing Harry to climb in, both of them ignoring Dean's protests. Then he climbed in beside Harry as, for some odd reason, Castiel had decided to join them on the road for a while and was riding shot gun.

"Dean, shut up. Harry is going to be riding with us for a little while, deal with it."

Dean huffed but started the car anyway, glaring at Sam through the rearview mirror.

"Fine, but if he so much as blinks wrong, I will toss you both out of the car." He switched his angry gaze to Harry before continuing. "And you better stay out of our way when we're working. I don't need to be babysitting some kid while I'm trying to do my job."

Though Dean had muttered the last part under his breathe everyone in the car still heard him clearly. As he pulled out of the parking lot he almost didn't see the volatile glare Harry directed at him.

"I'm not a kid."

Sam laughed at the statement, having heard it quite often since meeting Harry.

"You keep saying that, so how old are you exactly?"

Harry stopped trying to burn a hole in the back of Dean's head in favor of looking at Sam.

"I'm 28."

The only sound that filled the car for the next mile was Harry's laughter in response to the brother's expressions.

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