Loves an Interesting Thing.

Chapter One.


As i sat on my bed, staring out my window intently, i culdnt help but let my mind stray about. The first thing it came to was the fight with Neji.

Naruto-Kun was so supportive, i remember him yelling... no cheering/yelling. it gave me the courage to stand up to Neji and even though i may of lost and neary died, i was still noticed, and that is what was important, i wanted to be noticed, even if it only helped a little.

Thats the difference between Naruto-kun and I. He is brave, self confident, shows how much he cares to everyone.

I continued to swim around in my own thoughts as i heard a loud knock on my wooden door.

"C-coming" i muttered as i made my way towards the noise.

Slowly i opened the door and saw no one, i looked to my right and then to my left. Finally, begining to turn something blue caught my eyes. I looked towards the ground and saw a scroll with dark blue hiragana on it. It was from the Hokage, Tsunade.

Quickly i unrolled my days scheduale and read it to myself.

Dear Hyuuga Hinata

I would Like for you to report for my office at exactly 10:00 am for a new mission, on this mission. you will be accompainied by Kiba Inuzuka and Naruto Uamaki

I gasped as I read Naruto-kun's name, then continued to read the rest of the message.

Best wishes from the Godaime – Tsunade

There was only one thing running through my mind. A mission with Naruto-kun. How do i dress... what should i do... i just hoped that i would be able to get up the courage to talk to him. Hurridley i turned around and went back into my room. Packing my things and leaving for the hokage tower, i was already running late.

As I rushed to the hokage tower I noticed naruto-kun sitting in his favorite ramen stand, eating what seemed to be miso pork ramen, he glanced towards me and i looked away as a blush adorned my face and my pace fastened. When i looked back i noticed he had began to leave for the tower too, probably realising he was already late.

I came closer to the tower and spotted kiba up ahead, akamaru gently resting on his head. Kiba began to grin as he noticed me approaching, he had been acting so strange lately, i had no clue why.

"H-Hello Kiba-kun, ready to go in?" his face suddenly held a little confusion.

"Hinata, what are you doing here?" He asked, staring intently into my eyes. The amount of thought on his face intrigued me. I began to think about that, wouldn't kiba had been told that Naruto and I were going with him?

But then, with Naruto and Kiba's past record, im amazed they are even on the same team for a mission considering how horribly it went last time. Tsunade musn't of wanted to tell him knowing that Naruto or Kiba because they would most likely try to get out of the mission.

As we walked inside the tower and up the stairs towards the hallway near Tsunade's room, i contemplated how i was going to handle this entire ordeal with Naruto, i dont know if i would be able to say a word to him. At that moment he came running towards us, grinning like an idiot and waving. As he stood there i just prayed to Kami that i didnt faint.

(Naruto POV)

As i approached Hinata and Kiba all i got was a timid hello and a growl. I definatly knew i wasnt wanted, but i put on my happy grin anyway just so that Kiba knew it didnt affect me.

"Go-Good Morning Nar-Naruto-kun" Hinata stuttered towards me.

I looked at her confidently as she twidled her fingers and blushed in an slightly adorable way. I had never noticed how cute her blush was before. They both stood there looking at me like i was a complete idiot.

"Good Morning Hinata and Mutt- I mean Kiba" i said

Kiba had such killer intent coming off him after the dog comment, haha i love mocking him, he looked like he was just about to punch my face in, i knew he wouldnt though.

"So what are you two doing he-" I was cut off by Baa-chan.

"Naruto, Hinata and Kiba, Please come in now" Muttered Tsunade looking down at her paperwork.

As we walked in i watched as Hinata tripped over her feet, seeing I have awesome reflexes as soon as i saw her begin to fall i quickly caught her before she could manage to hit the ground, our faces were about a centimeter apart, I picked her up and her blush went from light pink to a dark shade of red.

"Are you ok Hinata?" I asked, care showing through my voice.

She just continued to stare at me, as if trying to make a sentence in her head, but failing miserably.

After a while, Hinatas face began to go pale again and as she blinked she realised she had been staring at me like an idiot.

"I-I-Im Fine Nar-Naruto-kun" She stuttered towards me.

"So Baa-Chan, What is the mission" i shouted at her loudly in my most enthusiastic voice just to piss Kiba off. It worked, he looked at me in a confused way and then his eyebrow began to twitch.

He then began yelling. "Im stuck with THAT! Moron!"

Granny Droped her head and sighed loudly.

"Now Kiba Settle down, Naruto is a Respectful shinobi just as you and Hinata are, show him some respect"

"Yeah Kiba show me respect! Bow to me!" I shouted at him and soon after Baa-Chan's Eyebrow began to twitch.

"You too Naruto!" With that my happy exterior dropped and i face planted into the floor as Kiba began to laugh.

Tsunade looked towards Kiba. "Look you don't have to go if you don't want to."

Kiba looked back and forth between Baa-chan and I…

"I'd rather stay in Konoha Tsunade-Sama, thankyou." Kiba walked off without waiting for a reply so that she could not change her mind.

My vision glanced towrds Hinata and she had her back slouched and had a devastated expression on her face, as if being alone with me was that bad. Why would she want to go with me anyway, im a baka.

Your Right Kid you are a baka! Shouted the Kyuubi from inside his cage.

Oh shut up damn fox! The Kyubbi then shut up. Which was a change.

Naruto - 1.

Kyubbi none!

Hey that rhymes!

When I snapped out of my fight I noticed Baa-Chan, Shizune and Hinata staring at me with worried expressions.

"Nar-Naruto-Kun are you ok?" Hinata asked as politely as she could.

"Um… Yeh why wouldn't I be?" A confused look took over my face followed by a curious one.

"it's Ju-Just you Looked Like Yo-you were having a fight with Your-Yourself"

I looked at her for a moment longer dumfounded by the statement.

"Maybe I was, anyway Baa-chan what is the Mission"


Baa-chan hit me over the head and the pain ripped into my skull, damn that old woman can hit! its ridiculous.

"As for the Mission-" she started