Love's An Interesting Thing

Chapter 4; More fighting?


I had quickly put a tent up and dragged naruto inside of it, I sat next to him legs crossed and placed a sleeping bag over him, he needed it more then me.

I couldnt help but look at his chiselled chest as it went up and down. My eyes travelled towards his right collarbone, there was a scar. It was from his fight with Kiba-kun. Kiba had used his special move with akamaru to take naruto-kun down, he didnt realise how much Naruto could take though.

My vision then moved to his face, his lips were slight purple due to his current state and because it was so cold. A smile adorned his face as if he was dreaming of something happy, and the last thing i looked at where his eyes, they may of been closed but i could still remember the vibrant ocean blue of them, they were so intense that he could dazel anyone with no effort... only if the village didnt hate him so much.

But what puzzles me the most is why he fought so hard for my safety, I never thought Naruto-kun felt for me like that…..though he did vow to protect his precious people…… the people who befriended him…so I guess I am included…as I shut my eye's closed for a second I saw a picture of Naruto-kun and his trademark smile …I just wished that he felt more for me then friendship.

Though I guess I will never be good enough for Naruto-kun…he is strong…kind…brave…Caring… and Loving, Naruto-kun has the biggest heart out of anyone I have ever known… I could never be his equal.


I looked up into the bleachers seeing all of my friends up their, staring down at me wondering if i was good enough to take on Neji, but knowing that i wasnt. I couldnt stand their judgemental eyes. i turned my vision towards my oponnent.

I watched Neji tighten his arm bands and fear began to wash over me in no time at all. I new that given the opportunity he would kill me within a second. He glared daggers into me and i could almost feel them pierce my skin.

"Give up Hinata-san…You will never be able to defeat me and you know it, a failure will always be a failure"

I heard a cracking sound come from the balcony and my vision glanced from Neji up towards the sound. There i saw Naruto-kun, gripping the bar so tightly, almost cracking it from the sound of it.

"As soon as a failure states that they will change, they are doomed to be a failure forever, face it, you are not destined to lead our clan…you are too nice and too caring to even be a shinobi…you are a failure"

I looked at him and knew he was right, I was a failure to myself, my clan, my father and Naruto-kun….what could Naruto ever see in a weakling such as myself… I stood there for what seemed to be a few minutes as I heard someone scream from the balcony.

"Come on Hinata, don't let him get away with that, show him what you can do, kick his arse Hinata!"

As Naruto-kuns's words repeated in my head over and over I thought back to all the times he had never given up….all the times he had been treated like trash and continued on through his life… all the times people laughed at him and he shrugged it away…. All the times he was rejected and he…he kept coming back.

I did a few hand signs and yelled out, "Byakugan!"


As tears, highlighted under the night light, strolled down my pale cheek, a smile began to curve on my lips as I quietly whispered to the boy that ly asleep inside his dreams.

"Th-thank-you Naruto-kun…you gave me strength when I needed it most"

Naruto suddenly stirred in his sleep as if he consciously heard what I had said, he still had that smile on his face, his eye's were still closed although the blanket had come half off of him….I picked it up and pulled it back up and over his chest. Don't worry Naruto-kun…we will be there soon.

With that I heard the Wind cry a long sound which sent a shudder down my spine, I heard some footsteps coming towards us… Quickly I activated my Byakugan to see three more sound Nin coming this way, Their faces full with anger.

I crawled over to the over side of the tent and grapped the kunai pouch that i had dispatched earlier then began to head outside, preparing for an attack.

I stepped out into the cold air, placing my feet on the wet grass softly. I scanned around the area and saw nothing. I sighed and gathered they didnt notice us and had continued on. Before i could do anything a sound-nin appeared infront of me and sent his arm towards me, almost in slow motion. I watched as it got closer and closer to me, but i couldnt seem to move. I was sent across the opening. I heard a small crack and it was obvious that one of my bones were broken.

I slowly and painfully was able to get up off the ground, i was surrouned. The first one came for me, the second slightly behind him. i dodged the first one and sent my palm into the next ones chest where his heart was, i sent chakra through my palm and he dropped to the ground hand clamped over his heart. I turned and another ninja hit my face hard and i felt to the ground behind me.

When I fell on the ground I slid at least 6 metres away from the ninjas, as I was sliding I used my hands to flip myself over onto my feet.

Another nin came at me, this one with brown hair and a mask covering the bottom of his face, similar to Hatake Kakashi, as I dodged blow after blow I suddenly dropped to the ground in order to kick his feet from underneath him, though he jumped and dodged my attack doing at least 3 summersaults in the air landing a good three feet away from me.

He still came back for more and as he reached me, arm at the ready i shoved my palm into the side of his body. Before i knew it i was surrounded by fog. I couldnt see anything around me, and especially not the foot coming towards my back. I went flying and hit a tree, when i fell to the ground i couldnt help but let out a grunt of pain. I looked over to the tent that Naruto was in, i have to do this for Naruto-kun!

He ran for me, probably planning to finish what he had started, but before he got there i felt something stab into my back. I fell to the ground un moving, watching the scene before me.

"Hahaha… this Bitch is going to die in pain and agony and there is nothing too stops us" He bragged to his friend before he reached down and gripped my head.

"So, Slow and painful or quick and painless? oh wait, you have no choice." I spat at his face, the red saliva dripped down his chin.

"You Barstards aren't going to touch me" I whispered whilst staring at him intently.

I felt something cold hit my face, he had slapped me. Suddenly a voice came from behind them

"Don't lay a finger on her!" the voice was fierce.