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It had been three days since the fireworks, and everything was going good, that is other than my training with Isabelle, Alec and Jace. I sighed getting up out of bed. Mom said I could live at the institute but I had to call her every day. Stretching, I stood and went to my drawers. Isabelle had completely trashed all my clothes and went out to by me more. Now my standard training outfit was a short black skirt (if you can fight in that you can fight in anything) and a tight tank top. She tried to make me wear stilettos too but that I fought even harder than the skirt.

Getting dressed I tore down the stairs, if I was late my partner (whoever it was today) was going to throw a hissy fit and punish me.

Finally I made it. Sighing i looked up to see Jace, today's training partner. That surprised me because usually he avoided training me. He said it was too hard to picture me as a target. "She makes it, with five seconds to spare."

"Let's just get this over with." I said, bracing for his first attack.

Sighing Jace shook his head and threw himself at me.