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Pilgrim knows the road to go
How many times we've told you so
(Burn you up, and I'll burn you down)
(Burn you up, and I'll burn you down)
No rhyme or reason
No way to make it easy 'til it's done…

When they lose you, it can bruise you
(Burn you up, and I'll burn you down)
(Burn you up, and I'll burn you down)
Break me open, I need someone to see me
(Burn you up, and I'll burn you down)
(Burn you up, and I'll burn you down)
Make me feel it, make me feel

Peter Gabriel

He knew it was easy to track him. Follow the skeletonized bodies and ravaged stores of all sorts of food on this desolate, barely-colonized moon, the tales of the skeleton-flash man with his lightning hands, and he could easily be found. He was counting on it; his escape through the Time Lock had not been kind to his coherence and ability to plot (though his grasp of reality remained intact) so he was relying on one simple thing to get him away from here.

But of the two people who could reach this place and would want to capture him, he ran into the wrong one. The Doctor would never have taken him out with a sniper shot from a tranquilizer gun.

He awoke in a cold, damp, dimly lit room, feeling utterly enervated. Lifting his head was a tremendous effort. His motions and thoughts were drugged and slow. He noticed the manacle around his left ankle, chained to the wall.

"There's a drug that stops you burning up your life force, which was the thing giving you unnatural superpowers," said the tall, dark figure standing in the far corner, his existence screaming with wrongness. "It'll take a few days of treatment for it to become permanent. As a side effect, it's made you weak and helpless, and you'll stay that way until the full treatment is done and I can stop giving you the injections."

"Does the Doctor know?"

Captain Jack Harkness stepped across the narrow space and knelt in front of the Master, who sank towards the wall in an effort to get away. "He would be entirely too nice to you, and you'd get away again, and billions would suffer for it. Me, I hate you. The only reason I won't kill you is because that would devastate the Doctor. But before I met the Doctor I was a Time Agent who specialized in torture."

The Master tried to push him away, but his arms were heavy. Jack easily grasped both wrists in one of his large hands and pinned them against the wall, above the Master's head. He was so close that their noses almost touched. "He can have you when I'm finished."

"What are you going to do?" He shut his eyes against the dizziness that was Jack, the dissonance and vertigo and cacophony that was his existence, like staring at a sun that has for some reason turned purple but is even brighter than it would have been yellow, a sun that chatters in a high screechy voice and is diseased and horrifying.

"Well, there's always giving you the toned-down version of stuff you did to me during that year – remember that? Of course I wouldn't be able to do as much because I don't think the Doctor would want me to put you through a regeneration. But I noticed of all the ways you could have hurt me, in all that time, you never physically touched me." With his free hand, Jack stroked the side of the Master's face, causing a shudder of revulsion.


Jack chuckled softly. "This was also when you temporarily undid the aging and raped the Doctor a few dozen times. So I figure what can damage you the least but traumatize you the most is…" A hand around the Master's throat to hold his head still, the other hand trapping his, the Freak, the Abomination forced his lips against the Master's. He bit his lip, causing the Master to involuntarily open his mouth a fraction, and used that opening to slither his tongue inside, probing and gloating.

After a minute or so of stoically-born agony, the Master was relieved when Jack let go of him and stood. "So, what do you think? Rather I break all your fingers?"

"You're going to do what you like anyway."

"You learn quickly." Jack produced a pair of handcuffs from his pockets as well as a ball gag and a silk necktie. He placed them on the floor out of the Master's reach. Then he began to pull off the Master's hoodie.

"Oh no no no no!" The Master fought back as best he could, but it was like boxing underwater, his movements stalled. Within five minutes he was naked to the waist with his clothes flung away from the chain's reach. Jack took his coat off and laid it beside the Master's moldy shirt, retrieved the handcuffs, and threw the Master onto the floor with more force than necessary, snapping them on briskly.

"Please…Jack…sorry…the Doctor won't like…m'sorry…"

"You made me listen to you talk for hours on end, mister, and if you think I'm up for more of that you really are crazy." A knee on the Master's back, Jack yanked his head back by the still-platinum hair and fastened on the gag.

It was easy enough to keep him on the floor while Jack pulled off his jeans and boxers, paying almost no attention to the Master's feeble struggles. He knotted the tie around the Master's neck backwards, clearly to limit his air supply, heightening the sensations of how he was being violated.

Jack used a condom and an almost-sufficient dab of lubrication from somewhere the Master couldn't see, but he gave the Master no preparation or time to adjust. Jack also bit and scratched, at one point drawing blood from his shoulder. He was being strangled in a way dangerous for a human but still quite unpleasant for a Time Lord, but what hurt was his psyche trying to escape the wrong and should-not-be that was filling him with its perversion in both mind and body.

51st century humans, particularly those with Time Agent training, had a moderate level of telepathic ability. As Jack brutally fucked him, he also had a finger to one of his temples, spilling forth memories of all the tortures the Master had visited upon the immortal. The assault was on all fronts and filled his senses with no possibility of mental distraction.

His hope of respite when Jack came was snatched away from him. Jack merely withdrew, stroke himself to hardness again, and plunged right back in.

This happened five times.

Finally Jack was putting his own clothes back on. He tossed the Master's clothes in his direction but didn't uncuff or ungag him. "I'll come back in a couple hours with your next dose," he said quietly, not sparing him a glance before exiting and slamming the door.