My second 'The Batman' fic. Again, this takes place about two years after season 5. It's a Batgirl X Robin story at its core but it'll probably take some time to actually get to any romantic involvement. Anyway, this story has plenty of other teenage sidekicks to add more tension to the mix and more opportunities for humor. I like adding teenage characters but I didn't want to have this be a Teen Titans fic because the Truth or Dare idea has been used like a gazillion times over there. So here is the introduction chapter, and remember that suggestions, comments and constructive criticism are always welcome here! Please review!

"Geez, it's boring around here" Robin said as he and the other teenage sidekicks waited outside the Watchtowers meeting hall.

"Tell me about it" Speedy sighed "The grownups go to there big justice league meeting and then they tell us to wait out here, and then we don't hear from them for the next three hours!"

"What do they expect us to do in that time?" Kid Flash whined staring at the ceiling.

"We could always do some more sparring" Superboy suggested. Everyone just groaned.

"What?" he asked with a smile.

"It's never fun because you always win" Kid Flash said with a glare.

"Come on" Superboy practically begged "What if I promise to go easy on you guys this time?"

"Sorry" Robin said rolling his eyes "But I left my kryptonite ring in my other belt"

"Well then what do you suggest we do until then?" Superboy asked with a raised eyebrow.

"We should play a game of some sorts" Robin suggested.

"Like?" Superboy asked motioning for him to continue.

"Mouse trap" Speedy said.

"Huh?" The three other teens asked looking over at him.

"Mouse trap, you roll your dice you move your mice, nobody gets hurt. Unlike indoor football" he said glaring at Superboy.

"Hey I said I was sorry about that"

"Yeah, suck it up already" Kid Flash sighed.

"You try getting hit in the stomach by a football going at two hundred miles an hour, that breaks three ribs and hospitalizes you for a month…or two" Speedy grumbled.

"Monopoly?" Superboy asked.

"No, last time we played, Kid Flash went about one minuet before he started stealing paper money from the bank, although we didn't notice till about fifteen minuets later" Robin said.

"Well, one minuet more than the first time we played" Speedy grinned.

"We need something that involves guts and skill. Not luck or a sport where one of us has the physical advantage"

"Oh! Let's play truth or dare!" Batgirl suggested as she, Wonder Girl and Miss Martian walked into the room. "Wonder Girl always looses at Hide and Seek"

"Hey I'm not a master of stealth and I can't phase through walls, give me a break!" Wonder Girl glared, Batgirl just smiled and shrugged.

"Truth or Dare?" Superboy asked questioningly.

"Truth or Dare is a party game requiring a minimum of two players that is usually played by teens but is also played by children and adults. The age range is five and up, with a highly variable playing time that…" Miss Martian began.

"Whoa!" Speedy said holding up his hands "He just asked what the game was about, not the textbook definition"

"Basically it's a game where you sit in a circle and ask a person 'Truth or Dare'. If they say truth then you have to ask them a question that they will be forced to answer truthfully, if they say dare then you get to dare them to do something." Batgirl explained

"So say I could dare Wonder Girl to streak through the watchtower…" Superboy started with a grin.

"Don't even think about it!" Wonder Girl said quickly shooting daggers with her eyes at Superboy while making a mental note to never take dare from him.

"She would still have to do it" Kid Flash whispered to Superboy as the two snickered.

"Question!" Speedy said "How do we know if someone is telling the truth or not?"

"Oh I'll know" Miss Martian grinned evilly "Believe me, I'll know!"

"Sounds good to me" Robin smiled "I'm in"

"Great" Batgirl smiled, and then glanced over at the other guys knowing that the girls were definitely in.

"Sure" Kid Flash grinned. Superboy and Speedy shrugged and walked over as the group formed a circle and sat down.

Well there is the prologue. How did it go? Good, bad, horrible, okay? Sorry this was so short; the next chapter will definitely be longer :) Please review!