Hey! Yes, it's me again. I decided that this is going to be my last chappie. Sorry guys, but I accomplished the goal I started out to achieve in this story and now I achieved it I kind of have no direction. But if the response to the story is positive enough, I'll make that sequel. Sorry guys, but truth or dare stuff is really hard to do…well for me it is. Anyway, as always suggestions, comments and constructive criticism are always welcome!

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"Okay I dare you to...kiss someone other than your girl friend" Wonder Girl said finally. Robin groaned and Batgirl frowned. "Well go on" Wonder Girl smiled. Robin sighed and leaned across the circle and quickly touched Megan's lips with his own.

"Happy?" he huffed.

"Why'd you kiss Megan?" Wonder Girl asked inquisitively.

"Well I'm not going to kiss you cause Connor would kill me and since Barbara's my…uh well…" he began before realizing his mistake.

"I knew it!" Kid Flash smirked jumping up and pointing at Robin "I knew you and Batgirl hooked up!"

"She's not my…" Robin began. "You know what, yes, Barbara is my girl friend and I'm in love with her" he smiled looking over at Batgirl who grinned. As the two leaned towards each other Batgirl whispered

"I love you to bird boy" before the two kissed once again.

"Aww," Megan sighed "That's sweet" Kid Flash mumbled something and the rest of the group smiled.

"Um," Superboy said "Should we break them up now? It's been like forty five seconds now"

"Eh, they have to come up for air sometime" Speedy shrugged.

"Yeah, yeah, very sweet and all, now whose up next?" Kid Flash asked.

"Mine!" Megan said raising her hand before turning towards Superboy "Okay Superboy, Truth or Dare"

"Dare," he smirked.

"Alright" Megan grinned "I dare you to take the bat mobile for a joyride"

"What?" everyone in the room yelled in perfect unison.

"That's insane!" Speedy cried.

"Batman will kill you!" Kid Flash said in shock.

"Um, guys" Robin said "He can't really do that at the moment. We're in space, we took the bat rocket here"

"Okay, then I dare you to take the bat rocket for a joyride" Megan grinned.

"Just lead me to it" Superboy said turning a bit pale. The gang walked towards the hanger while Superboy mumbled something about crazy Martians.

"Okay, Connor" Robin began "You ever ride a bicycle?" trying to explain the controls.

"Dude, I can fly, why would I ever ride a bike?"

"Okay then, I'll make this as simple as I can. Brake, gas, steering wheel and that's the auto pilot. Got it?" he asked.

"Um, I guess" Superboy said nervously "Anything else?"

"Yeah, try not to crash it." Robin said hopefully. The other went to the hangar control room and listened to Superboy over the com channel. The conversation went a little something like this.

"Wow this thing has really nice turning!"

"Yeah just be careful"

"Whoa! What was that?"

"You can't just jerk it in another direction like that!"

"Then how do I make a sharp turn with this thing?"


"Because I'm going to crash!"

"Press the third red button on keyboard!"

"Which row?"

Meanwhile in the Meeting Room

"Well that about wraps that up" Superman said. "Now if…"

"Um bats…" Barry Allen said looking out one of the watchtower windows "Is that your ride?" He asked pointing towards the bat rocket which was swerving through space.

"What the heck is going on here!" Batman roared entering the hangar control room.

"Umm, Superboy decided to take the bat rocket out for a joyride?" Kid Flash said hopefully.

"Supreboy, this is Batman" Bats said into the com sounding very, very calm. (meaning he was extremely angry) "I want you to come back with my ship right now"

"Now who put him up to this? And don't even think about sneaking away Megan" he said not even looking in the general direction where Megan was trying to phase out of sight.

"Now what happened here?" Batman asked.

"And why are you holding hands with Connor?" Wonder Woman asked Donna.


"And why does Wonder Girl have a machete?" Green Arrow asked raising an eyebrow.

"And did you just touch my butt?" Batgirl grinned at Robin.

"Yes" Robin grinned back.

"And you and I are going to have a talk about woman young man" Jar Garrick said from behind Wally.

"Jay? I have uh...no idea what you're talking about!" Wally said innocently.

"I got the picture Wally" Jay said sternly.

"But you don't have a phone!" Wally cried.

"He does have an email adress though" Megan smiled "I did more than send messages during that one dare"

"Well next time you kids better find something more constructive to do" Batman sighed. "And next time I expect..." Suddenly Megan's phone rang.

"Sorry," she whispered. "No Mary I'm not a lesbian" she said quickly before hanging up.

"What do you kids do out here?"Green Arrow shouted in aggravation.

"Come on you two, we're leaving" Batman sighed to his two sidekicks while walking towards the thankfully still intact Bat Rocket.

"Dude, I dare you to hit Batman with this snowball" Kid Flash said handing one to Speedy.

"Where did you get this?" Speedy asked suspiciously.

"From the kitchen" Kid Flash said. Speedy shrugged and threw it. With nearly superhuman reflexes Batman turned and knocked the snowball out of the air.

"Okay" Batman growled "Now I dare you two to stand still while I hit you" Kid Flash and Speedy turned white looked at each other and then ran as fast as they could. Batman grabbed Donna's machete and raced after them.

Okay, okay corny ending. Sorry bout that, I had to try and find a good way to wrap it all up. Was this a good way to wrap it up? Should I make a sequal? What should I do? I'd love to hear from you so as always, suggestions, comments and constructive crticism are always welcome.