She didn't love Chuck, but it was nice to know someone who felt the same way she did. It was nice to feel like she wasn't the only lonely one. She didn't love him, but she wanted him to want her enough to stay with her, to make sure she wasn't alone. She wanted to belong, even if it was in Chuck's bed.

She remembers thinking, why does a person like Chuck get to have someone that loves him?

"Chuck loves me.

"Nate loves Serena.

"Dan loves Vanessa.

"But you, Jenny Humphrey?

"No one loves you."

Eric's eyes are concerned and warm. She's reminded of sunshine and happiness and love and all these things she can't remember seeing since she was a little girl. He touches her shoulder, her back, her hand. He wants to understand her, and to help her.

"No one loves you."

Not even Eric.

"Don't touch me!" Her eyes are cold and the tears flow like a floodwater.

Eric wants to understand, but no one will ever understand.

Dan's voice is hard and seething hot when he asks. "What happened?" He sees her tears and wants to destroy whatever caused them; she sees his hands clenching into fists, ready to tear destruction. He loves her. He wants to help her.

She tells him and sees his eyes grow angry and fiery, and flames licking at his insides. She sees this all in his tormented features. His fist clenches again.

"I'll kill him." He whispers this, and she thinks it wasn't ever meant for her ears.

"Tell her what happened!" His hand crushes bone.

There's a rapture in Blair's eyes that Jenny can't understand. How can anyone love Chuck, after all he's done? How can anyone feel anything for the lonely Bass boy? But this is something different; Blair's eyes are warm and distant all at once, as if she's waiting and expecting and hoping. Jenny watches the joy vanish from her eyes. Jenny watches Blair's face wrench into eternal grief.

"You didn't," she whispers, tears in her eyes.

And Jenny wants to help. Jenny wants to say sorry, she wants to fix what's wrong.

But Blair's eyes are cold now, and forgotten. She glares at her. "Go, far away from here. Off this island."

No, no, no, no. The tears are coming again.

"The problem begins and ends with Chuck," Dan argues, and Jenny doesn't know if he's right, or if he's simply protecting her. She doesn't care. She wants forgiveness.

But Blair's eyes are long gone now.

"I'll miss you."

"What will I do without my best friend?"

"Good luck."

"I love you."

(The best part is, they all mean it.)

She'd rather have her family, and Eric, and the love they feel for her, than Chuck's fake declaration of love, and Nate's wallowing state of mind. She'd rather have all this than that. Hudson awaits her.

Goodbye, Manhattan.